Latest Missionary News From Around the World, April 2016

Tuesday, April 26, 2016
Dear Mrs. Melvin,

I am Sister Agnes Protas Massawe from Sisters of Charity of St. Charles Borromeo, Singida – Tanzania, East Africa. I am so much devoted to St. Philomena because after having a sickness, I have prayed and asked St. Philomena to totally cure me. This is what I always asked her and she prayed for me to the Lord. In order to spread this good news to others especially the needy, I kindly ask for the holy oil and cords and any other spiritual material which will be of help to them.

Thank you very much for answering my e-mail. I can briefly give my story about my sickness and how I got my healing. It was last year 2015 in August that I had great pain in my left lower abdomen and my left hip. Unfortunately, I was in Germany for a language course. After two months, I went to the Gynecologist as I was still in Germany.

After the investigations, the doctor revealed that I had ovarian cyst in the left ovary. The doctor planned the operation and I had it in December 2015. The biopsy was taken to the pathology department for further investigation. After two weeks of the operation, the result of the pathology revealed that the cyst cells had already developed in to cancer cells.

The doctor planned the second operation in January 2016 in order to look at the right ovary before starting the cancer therapy (medicine).

At this time, I was really shocked to hear that I will undergo second operation and that I had cancer but because I trust the Lord through the prayers of St. Philomena. I prayed to her to ask for help according the Will of God. Really she helped me with the operation. The MIRACLE of St. Philomena is that the cancer cells are gone!

In this operation, the doctors did not see or find any sign of cancer cells. It was amazing to hear the news. This is when I realized that St. Philomena is a wonderful, miracle-worker Saint. I will never stop praying to her. This is a great event in my life through the prayers of St. Philomena; nevertheless there are many other small things which St. Philomena has helped me. I thank God for this miracle He has granted me this year 2016.

This is the first time I have communicated with you. I am not yet a member of Living Rosary. I got a small book from my friend, from where I could get your e-mail address.

Thank you very much for your consideration. I wish you a blessed Apostolate with the help of St. Philomena! God bless you!

Yours Sincerely,

Sister Agnes – TANZANIA

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Dear Director, Mrs. Patti Melvin,

Our Preaching team continues with their trips every weekend. They are doing a very good job in spreading the devotion of the ULRA. The two groups arrived from their weekend trip just this morning. Rev. George Kwadwo and Ohemeng who traveled to far away Goaso Diocese took pictures of the new members of the Hugging Memorial Junior High School at Goaso, and members of the St. Peter's Catholic Church at Bonkwaso and the St. Anthony's Catholic Church at Tuagyankrom. Rev. Clement and team also traveled to the St. Anthony's Parish, Ejisu in the Konongo-Mampong Diocese and things were very successful. They have submitted lists of many new members for our next registration. Many more lists are arriving, daily, for registration. Anthony continues to supervise the work from home, offering up his suffering for its success. Thank you. May God bless you!

Yours in Christ,

Patricia – GHANA

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Tuesday, April 19, 2016
Dear Patty,

Remember, several times I had told you when you depart from this world and arrive into the Presence of the Lord, you will find out how many people you helped with your religious material. Well, sometimes our Merciful Lord lets us know some fruits of our work to encourage us to continue doing this work.

You sent me some books, The Stations of the Cross that I distributed in 3 Churches. One of those was at St. Philip Neri. There, I gave this book to a lady. I saw her come into the church once in a while. I offered her the book after the Mass at 11:15 on the First Sunday of Lent. I spoke to her about The Stations of The Cross and the great help that brings to our souls to do it especially during Lent. She took it and went home. Then, I saw her the next day at the 12 noon Mass and she was doing the Stations of the Cross. It made me very happy. To make a long story short, I saw her doing it daily.

Two weeks before the Holy Week, I offered the book, Reign with Christ. She took it and told me very emotionally, "Luisa, you have no idea how much you helped me with the 'The Station of The Cross' book. I am meditating on it every day." It touched me very deeply and brought me closer to the Lord.

She continued, "I went to pray very close to the Tabernacle. I wasn't doing this for a long time. I was breaking away from my faith because I have had many problems (she recently lost her husband). Now, I can tell you my faith is very strong. I trust more the Lord and I feel that I need to pray more and I feel good doing it now."

For a long time she had been looking for a 2 bedroom apartment. Her brother is very sick. He is confined to his bed and needs help. She had been spending a lot of time and money on applications in looking for it, without any success. One day, when she was praying to the Lord close to the Tabernacle, it came to her head so clearly to go to visit her brother. She said that was Divine inspiration. She felt it and went to visit him and, among his mail, she found an application for a two bedroom apartment. She completed the form, sent it out and he got the apartment.

She is now attending Mass and receiving Communion daily. She said that she is a different person. She is evangelizing to her daughters, son and her sister. She wants to bring them closer to the Lord (I don't remember if she is evangelizing to her brother). She asked me to send by mail every new book. She will be moving in May to Syracuse with her brother.

She got the 2 bedroom apartment and the rent is not too high. She feels full of faith and wants to help her brother more than ever. She said that the great faith that she is feeling and experiencing is beautiful. She has a new life, a new vision and is focusing to be a better Christian. She told me all of that very emotionally. She loves the book, 'The Stations of The Cross' and she treasures it.

I am very happy for her. I told her that it is the Lord that works in amazing ways and He wants her very close to Him. He is the only one that she can thank for that beautiful conversion and to you for that book. I hope that I didn't bore you. But, I needed to tell you that beautiful testimony and conversion through the great book, 'The Stations of The Cross'

Now, I let you know one of the fruits of your work. God wanted you to know about it.


Lee – GA, USA

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Tuesday, April 12, 2016
Subject: Visit to Sibi, Mach and Quetta

Dear Mrs. Melvin,

Thank God, I reached Sibi on April 9th at 1 p.m. When I ordered my train ticket, I requested to be given the lower or middle berth as it is difficult for me to go to upper berth. But when I got in the train on the 8th at 7 p.m., I found my reservation was for upper berth. Then, there was a Muslim family who said to me, “Go to your berth and stay.” It was very difficult for me but I had to, and during night I came down twice and then went up. It was the worst train journey of about 18 hours.

Fr. Amir had sent Bro. Shahzad to pick me up from the station. At night, there was a new problem of countless mosquitoes. They attacked like an army of troops. Due to this, the first night, I could not sleep till 5 a.m. The next day, Father gave me the mosquito killer spray but it did not work properly and still there were mosquitoes.

Can you remember, you had once asked me to contact the bank about purchasing a car on instalments and I had applied for it to the Bank Al-Habib. An officer called me and they are willing to give me a car. I had this conversation on April 8, the day I was to travel and there was no time to ask you for permission, so I told him about my travel and asked him to contact me on 17th upon my return from Quetta.

Now, please give me your advice: should I contact him or not? They will need a down payment (he will give detail about the amount) and then a monthly instalment for three or four years according to our agreement.

Travel without a proper vehicle is very difficult due to constant back ache. There is an annular tear at L3L4 and canal stenosis. The spinal doctor recommends rest and surgery. I cannot rest so long as there are souls to reach with Our Lady’s Living Rosary. Please pray for me. God bless you!

Lee – GA, USA

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On 6th March, I left for Peshawar to reach there early in the morning. Mr. Tariq, the principal, picked me up from the bus stop. I visited St. Thomas School and St. John’s School. I explained about the Living Rosary and the purpose of the Daily Decade. The students and teachers were enrolled. They were very happy to receive the devotional items and be a part of the Living Rosary Family.

After lunch, Catechist Gul Sher took me to Bishop Hatinga Colony. We visited the surrounding Christian homes to spread the Living Rosary message and then enrolled new members.

Fr. Farhan had invited me to visit different areas of Multan. On 13th, I attended the morning Mass at Most Holy Redeemer Cathedral. Fr. Yousaf Sohan gave me time to explain the purpose of the Living Rosary and, with the help of Sr. Firdous and Sr. Sofia, I enrolled new members and gave them the Decade Cards, Rosaries, Medals, booklets and other devotional items.

On the 14th, I visited the Dominican Middle School and Saeed colony where the people gathered in the church to hear about the Living Rosary mission. I was invited by Fr. Naveed, OP, Dominican Formation House, to have a meeting with the Seminarians, On 15th, Fr. Farhan took me to Good Shepherd School, Gulraiz Town where I was invited by Sr. Nasira, the principal. Father started the session with a prayer and Sr. Nasira welcomed both of us.

At all the places, new members were enrolled and Decade cards, Sacramentals, booklets, holy pictures and printed materials in English and Urdu were distributed. Fr. Farhan was very thankful to the Living Rosary for my visits and he gave a ‘Thank You’ letter also.

I also visited many places in Karachi but, due to some health concerns and laptop technical problems, I could not send you the pictures. I will send you the photos at the earliest. In the evening, I left for Faisalabad. Thank you for your prayers and support!


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Tuesday, April 5, 2016
Dear Patti,

I hope that you and everyone there at the ULRA are doing fine. It has been a few months since I have written, so I wanted to get this mail to you. I was released from prison on 16th February after serving three years. You can imagine my surprise when I was told, I had to report to Laurens County Jail on charges from 2013 that I thought had been taken care of in November 2014.

I am sitting here in jail now for one full month and have not been told anything except they will get me into court whenever they can. It seems to me that the letters I have sent out are being destroyed. I have written to 5 contacts that regularly and in a timely way always answered my mail, and have had no reply from any of them. The request forms I write to the officers about my mail are unanswered. I have not seen or talked to a lawyer or court official since being returned to jail. I am asking you and everyone at the Living Rosary to keep me in your prayers. May the Lord continue to have His Will done in all the aspects of my life.

I continue to pray my Decade and I pray also the whole Rosary each day. I have no Rosary, no chaplain, no prayer book, nothing! There are no religious services available here. If you reach me, please send me spiritual reading materials and the Dedicated Decades. God continues to bless me daily and I am thankful for all that I experience each day, even sitting here in this jail because I know that I am never alone. Our Lord Jesus Christ is with me every step of the way and Our Holy Mother Mary protects and directs me, as I seek her Son, Our King, in every situation. I also realize there are those in the world who are in a much worse situation than the one I am in here.

Whether free in society or locked up, I will remain loyal and faithful to Our Lord and Our Holy Mother, Mary.

Your brother in Jesus, Mary and Joseph,

Lee – GA, USA

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With invitation of the Parish Priests, the Living Rosary retreats were held at the following Parishes:

(1) Sts. Peter & Paul Church, Japthikarani - Fr. Devanesan;

(2) Infant Jesus Church, Palayamkottai - Fr. Visuvasa Arockiya Raj

(3) St. Antony’s Church, Vandavasi - Fr. Antony OMI

(4) St. Teresa of Infant Jesus, Pallikonda - Fr. Bernard Velankanni

(5) St. Bernard Church, Ammaguda - Fr. Samala Michael

(6) Holy Spirit Church, Thiruvalankadu - Fr. John Louis.

After the ceremonial blessing of the Brown Scapulars, about 300 members were invested with Our Lady’s Garment of Grace. A total of 280 new members were enrolled in the Living Rosary. Ave Maria!

Dhanaraj and Ruban
Chennai, South India

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