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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Honorable Madam Patti,

Greetings and praised be Jesus Christ.

I am very very happy to inform you that the parcel which you sent me on 3rd June this year has reached me. I had told you that I had not got it. Just today I got it. It was forgotten in the post office. I am so very happy and grateful to you and to God and to St. Philomena.

It is with great joy that I want to tell you that the Holy Rosary is widely being prayed at several locations in the refugee camp. Thanks so much for the materials in Ugandan, Ruwandese, Burundi languages. We also would like to have some materials in French for the Congolese.

I had asked two persons to send you some money. To one U.S. $110 and to another U.S. $55.00 so that you can send me more rosaries and pictures and materials.

With every good wishes and prayers and thanks to God

Fr. Luke

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Dear Devotees of St. Philomena,

Greetings to you from me Fr. Luke or Sajan, the Parish priest of Holy Cross Parish at Refugee Camp, Kakuma, in the Diocese of Lodwar, Kenya. This is the Turkana Land.

This was a camp mainly for the Southern Sudan Refugees and it still has Sudanese, Ruwandese, Burundians, Ethiopians, Eritreans, Ugandans, and Somalis and so on. We have a Parish with 4 Substations. The Refugees are very eager about their Christian faith. Actually I am going in an hour’s time to baptize about 70 at Christ the King Substation.

Looking for rosaries for the refugees, I came across Samuel Bosco Omondi at Don Bosco Nairobi and he gave me over 130 rosaries. Thank you so much for your great help. We appreciate very much and pray for you.

I have other than today’s 70 to be baptized over 200 young children learning prayers and are to be baptized in the month of July. They have learned all the basic Christian prayers and the prayers of the Holy Mass and even the mysteries of the Holy Rosary. I would like to give them also rosaries along with their mothers and other members of the family. This is just from the children of Christ the King substation.

We would appreciate very much if you could help us with as many rosaries as possible and also Bibles. We prefer to have Catholic Bibles in English language, at the least the joint edition by the Catholics and Christian groups, since they will go back to South Sudan and spread the Catholic faith there. If you cannot give us the whole Bible at least if you can give us some New Testaments, that would be great.

For the moment if you could send us at the earliest some more rosaries and as we continue our communication, we can see how to cooperate in the work of evangelization among the refugees from the various nationalities.

Wish you all a very happy Feast of the Pentecost.

May the Spirit guide and lead us in HIS work.

Yours in St. John Bosco
Fr. Luke

Fr. Luke Mulayinkal sdb (Sajan)
Don Bosco V.T.C.,
Holy Cross Catholic Church, Refugee Camp,

Friday, May 29, 2009

Oh sorry mum!

Condolence for Liza! May her soul rest in peace! I will offer masses for the repose of Liza! May she rest in peace oh god have mercy on her! Eternal rest oh lord may her gentle soul rest in perfect peace!

Thanks in advance for the boxes! I want to send Fr. Tim, the priest staying with me to Busia...they said it is about 1000 km from Nairobi... I will go to Buru Buru parish near Nairobi while Fr. Tim will go to Busia, he is from the place and I will give him materials and next time I will go with him! For such a journey I have to prepare, service the car, change the tires etc! I will make long journeys with serious preparations!

Today I sent 4 different promoters, Modesto, Jacqueline, Bosco and Emily to different places and with materials and already they returned today about 3000 names!

Forward ever!

Ave Maria

Fr. Patrick Mary Filomena

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thanks mum!

Yes mum I am ready for all! We cannot give up! Forward ever!

I have two invitations from 4th June! One in Nairobi and the other in Busia!

Busia is far after kisumu! Two days journey! The parish priest is waiting for me! I will leave on Friday 5th June with my car so to arrive midnight the same day! With my car I will go faster! So I may need more Sacramentals! A priest who knows the place will travel with ne! He likes St. Philomena! He is asking for her shirts! He is going to take a new mission in desert areas of Kenya called Isiolo Diocese...I will go also with him by end of next is our new mission to be open soon!!!

We shall keep in touch!

Viva Patti

Ave Maria

Fr. Patrick Mary Filomena
Monday, April 20, 2009
Thanks mum! I am just back from the mission! Very far! About 500 km from Nairobi, in far village called Nyabodo in Kisumu Diocese, I drove my car to and fro, and it was wonderful but hectic!!!

We said three masses!

Many secondary and primary schools were enrolled and some sisters and priests were interested and I explained to them about St. Philomena, Ven. Pauline Jaricot and Immaculata with the three big banners!

Some places where the car cannot reach I trekked with rain boat in the mud areas! The parish priest Fr. Clement welcomed me and gave me opportunity to say masses and explain the devotion to the Christians!

I will send about 4,000 names with photos by Thursday this week!

I gave them the scapulars, they were happy because already they are used to scapulars! Invested the legionaries and talked to them!!

I will write more let me go and have rest now after driving for 10 hours!!

Viva Patti

Ave Maria

Fr. Patrick Mary Filomena
Thursday, April 9, 2009
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Tuesday, April 7, 2009
Mum I am sending you a splash page on Machakos Church bravo. Click here to see >>>

Fr Patrick Mary Filomena

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bravo mum!!! Wonderful!!

Yesterday the two big boxes arrived in peace! Inside were wonderful things, the small bag for my ULRA mission! I was so happy mum that I celebrated a special thanksgiving mass for you! I prayed for you in a special well! I am using it already!! Viva Patti! What will I do for you???? Any way God Bless you and give you many many more years!

Other sacraments were rosaries many white rosaries, books of total consecration and Rosaria Hai booklets, novena to St. Philomena many, cards for registrations, forms and holy pictures of our lady especially Immacualata! Shirts of St. Philomena, many other devotional booklets, and scapulars many, medals and big bottles of St. Philomena oil and St. Philomena's and Ven Pauline Jaricot photos and booklets, holy pictures, crosses, and so on! Big bravo mum!! Viva viva!!!!

We appreciate all and we pray for you and hoping that the good lord will give you long life and good health! We trust in god and our lady and St. Philomena and Ven Pauline Jaricot! Well done mum more grease to your elbow!

Now am still preparing for the Tanzania trip with prayers and novena!

Today is my feast day - St. Patrick of Ireland pray that I will be like him!

There is another group I will go to give seminar about the Universal Living Rosary Association of St. Philomena (ULRA) soon!

Forward ever and backward never!


Ave Maria

Fr. Patrick Mary Filomena
Wednesday, February 18, 2009
Thanks mum! Bravo! The big boxes arrived and inside were rosaries, cards, medals, cassettes, beautiful small holy pictures of Our Lady with the prayer of memoriam...Remember Oh Virgin Mary...prayer of st Bernard!

Big photos of Our Lady of Fatima, of St Philomena, Immaculata, booklets, newsletters, calendar and so on! Also this evening I got from the post a small box heavy but not yet opened!

We thank you mum for all these gifts! We appreciate all your efforts!

Yesterday we celebrated the Feast of Servite Fathers the Seven Holy Servants of Mary! They abandoned all to go and serve Our Lady at the mountain! Wonderful and model for us to today! To give all including our life to god through Mary!

For Tanzania we still need more materials! Money for Tanzania will depend on how many places you want me to visit!

You give me what is reasonable! You write them to inform them I am coming and give me the places and persons you want me to visit...serious ones!!

I trust you mum! Viva Patti

Ave Maria

Fr. Patrick Mary Filomena
Superior of the Claretian Order
ULRA Representative for the Missionary Center in Kenya
Saturday, January 24, 2009
Thanks mum!

The five boxes of rosaries, diamond rosaries, and pure white arrived yesterday! I am so grateful and I appreciate all your gifts to us! Inside the boxes were rosaries, medals, big photos of our lady and Saint Philomena, Saint Philomena novena booklets, other booklets, etc! Bravo!!

May god continue to bless you! Up Patti! Bravo!!!

Ave Maria

Fr Patrick Mary Filomena
Superior of the Claretian Order
ULRA Representative for the Missionary Center in Kenya
Tuesday, January 13, 2009
Mum, many letters for seminars and demand for rosaries as you can see from the letters!

We need more rosaries for Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena who are dedicated to their decade 2009 action!

Viva Patti

Ave Maria

Fr. Patrick Mary Filomena

Please click here to read the two letters

Monday, January 12, 2009

Dear Patti,

Greetings. I hope the Death anniversary of the Venerable Pauline Mary Jaricot was done well, us here we had a day of Fasting and prayer for her canonization.

Please, people out here are in need of material support and they have thirsty hearts for the word of the Lord.

I reached in a village where by a priest visits the centre for mass once in three months. I cried, why? This was because they welcomed me and demanded a prayer service of which I did for them. They denied me not to leave the place until the following day. I anointed them with the Holy oil of Saint Philomena. In the morning all was, I had a nice sleep....I had a good night....I enjoyed the prayers....I am strong to work. This is because they had been fighting with the people who wanted to grab their land. And so they have no even a catechist in the community. I am praying that, I may one day go up their and be their for six months. If this can bring back the hearts of our people to God, I think it can please, you too, as an apostle of Christ. Let us discuss this later.

More next time.

I might send you a Fax for their needs and my story about the Journey. I got some pictures for it.

God bless.

Ave Maria,

Chrispinus W.
Bungoma, Kenya
East Africa
Bravo mum! I will be sending you about 5,000 new members names next Monday! I am working on them!

I have started seriously ULRA mission this New Year! Many demands! Next Saturday I will be in St. Benedict parish for seminar on leadership, I will say mass and talk to them and enroll them, I got the letter of invitation from the new parish priest now, and I will go with my car!

A priest asked me for 1,000 rosaries from john Bosco, and a promoter from Eldoret called Ruth enrolled 1,000 but no rosaries yet!!

So mum I need about 5,000 rosaries to start the year in a big way! This year is the year of Rosary and decade and action for me!! Bravo!! Forward ever backward never!!! Happy new year again!! A year of grace for you!!


Ave Maria

Fr Patrick Mary Filomena
Friday, January 9, 2009
Dear Director,

Thanks for the two boxes that you send to me. I have received them and I found a nice bag that will help me and Sister Bibiana to carry the sacramentals to the sick in hospitals and villages.

Thanks too for the stole, it looks nice. I have received the cards and the red rosaries that are nice to the legions and the group of the Catholic Women Association of Kenya (CWAK).

I have traveled around the Mt. Elgon areas. I took some pictures but am not in the pictures for the areas are remote and nobody knows how to operate the camera (I hired the camera for Ksh. 2,000.00 for one day). People are in fear of a stranger following the internal conflict that has left many death and many internally displaced people (IDPs). Pray for these brothers and sisters of ours who are still a live.

I would like to remind you that you, wrote to me telling me that you had enclosed some Euro in the box I know not which box particularly. This will help me to mail to you the 255 new member to the Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena (ULRA) names that I have touched in Dec/Jan season.

I thank you again for the nice encouraging and directing letters that you do send me.

God Bless you all.
We are praying for you too.

Br. Chrispinus Masika Wachiye,
Faith Deaf Orphanage Education Centre
E. Africa


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