Fr. Remigius L. Kasawa, DP
St. Kizito Minor Seminary
P.O. Box 47
Tuesday, June 2, 2009
Dear Patti,

As I am having more Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena (ULRA) Missionary Centers in almost all corners of Malawi, and in my own Parish, many demand these religious items. We greatly need MORE 1 Decade Rosaries for our daily recitations. As I told you earlier, these holy oils of Saint Philomena have a powerful curative effect on the users.

Every morning after Masses, people ask me for these things. Kindly, please, send them as much as you can, in the next boxes. Now, with these huge registrations of new ULRA members, I need MORE and CONSTANT boxes, as I will have to be sharing them out in the whole country. May the Good Lord always bless your holy efforts.

Ave Maria!

Rev. Fr Remigius L. KASAWA, DP
St. Peter Claver Catholic Parish
Friday, May 22, 2009
Dear Patti,

I am so zealous and eager to know your reaction/response to my suggestion to visit and encourage Philomena devotees, and distribute to them, some of the contents of the boxes you sent. As I told you, I did distribute, and I do often have Meetings and communal recitations of the Rosary (Decades), and share/explain/translate the literature about the Rosary, Our Lady and St Philomena with Groups in my Parish. This, I do only with Christians near me. Those people you referred to me live very far away, and keep ringing and writing me to visit and encourage them, just as I do with others. They are right. They also need a share of all these religious items. To drive, visit, and distribute to all these, I would require on fuel, at least 130,000 local Malawi Kwacha (an equivalent of US $1,000) only. If this is not possible, is there any other best way I could do to help and satisfy these people's zeal for our Devotion? Please, advise. Because I cannot reach them out, they feel isolated, deserted and like sheep without a shepherd. I am ready to execute whatever you advise me to do. Otherwise all is going on so well. Greetings and Ave Maria!

Rev. Fr Remigius L. KASAWA, DP
St. Peter Claver Catholic Parish
Wednesday, May 13, 2009
Dear Patti,

Thank you very much for the airlift box I just received last Saturday, May 9th,2009.Most grateful and happy am I for the two green chasubles and stoles, altar cloth, crucifixes, very beautiful various Rosaries, books, pictures, etc etc. May God bless you always! Of late I sent you a number of new lists. Last Sunday, I took photos, at Mass, showing how I distributed the contents of the box. I will reserve some for some of those distant members. Keep good and good bye! Ave Maria!

Rev. Fr Remigius Lazarus KASAWA, DP
St Peter Claver Catholic Parish
C. Africa
Tuesday, April 28, 2009
Dear Patti,

During this coming month of May, being the month of Our Lady, I plan to visit and introduce myself to some members of St Philomena, like Mrs. Clara Mphande at St Paul's Parish (500Km), Mr. Barnett at Chiringa Parish (250Km), Mr. Felix Chigaru at St Vincent Sub-Parish (200Km) and Mr. Martin Chekani at St. Theresa Parish, Tsangano (about 100Km). I intend to encourage the praying of the Rosary, and encourage its dedication and devotion to St Philomena. We should know each other so we truly can do same things in unity and order. I want to see what they do, and how devoted the members are. Where necessary, I want to help and advise them too. What is your idea? Please, advise me. For this to be possible I will need a little more money for travel. Should it be possible with you to send more Mass Stipends, I am ready and willing to share it by celebrating Masses for these Intentions. I need to show my efforts and dedication as I lead these faithful people of God in and outside my Parish. They all look to me for advice and encouragement. I am happy to sacrifice my efforts/Stipends for the benefit of all and for my own benefit (salvation) as well. Please, kindly advise accordingly. Ave Maria!

Rev. Fr. Remigius Lazarus KASAWA, DP
St Peter Claver Catholic Parish
C. Africa
Wednesday, April 15, 2009
Dear Patti

First and foremost receive my warm and tender greetings from Malawi the warm heart of Africa. Secondly I would like to thank you for the wonderful gifts of Sacramental and an enclosed note of $20 which will assist the orphans the less privileged. These gifts were not within my expectations really. These precious gifts will really enhance deepen our spiritual life within each and every member of the Living Rosary. Realizing that Sacramentals play a vital role in an individual’s way of living, therefore it is my hope, feeling and belief that many people are going to be saved and have an eternal life for as long as we regard and believe that a DECADE is the most precious gift of Life from God.

For instance, long time ago I was indeed far much behind in my Christian way of life. But these days am always overjoyed because my affinity towards Jesus Christ is so strong and keeps on growing day in day out. I have really improved my relationship with my God.

I believe with Sacramentals and other literatures will assist Africa, Malawi and my district Mzimba to come closer to our Almighty through Prayers thereby escalating our way of living through Rosary. A Gift box has just come at the right time when we are within the Lenten season. I distributed some of these precious gifts to many during our Way of the Cross which was attended by thousands of people including non Catholics. We covered a distance of 8km.

Lastly help me pray for every member of my community and the orphanage to understand the essence or the Rosary. Our Lord Jesus Christ always protects us from dangers and will always lead us into salvation. I have also written Fr. Kasawa and am just waiting for his response. Patti how can I contribute to some publication?

Clara Mphande
Wednesday, January 14, 2009
Hi Patti,

Many thanks for the Rosaries you sent to me. Please be assured that they have been given to the people of whom the request was made. Thanks for putting me on your permanent mailing list.

I personally very much trust the power of our Mother of the Church in our lives, it is for this reason that I wish to be in love with Her and Her Son our Lord.

Please note that they are still many people who wish to have the Rosaries, the numbers grow each time I go for pastoral work. If you could consider these people so much the better, they all appreciate greatly.

Be assured of my prayers all the time. May God Bless all the generous benefactors and all people of good will.

I am humbly looking forward to hearing from you.

In Jesus and Mary.

Ignatius Mvula
St Peter's Major Seminary
Central Africa
Thursday, January 8, 2009
Dear Patti,

Greetings of peace and love to you from Balaka, Malawi in the worthy name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

Thank you for your kind donation of the Devotional Items dated October the 22nd, 2008.

We are deeply grateful for all that you make possible for our members. With firm faith and hope it’s my prayer that as we start this New Year, we go forward.

Yours in Christ,

Kaluba Mweshi
Martin Chekanili and some pupils enrolled in the Universal Living Rosary of Saint Philomena in Tsangano.
Universal Living Rosary of Saint Philomena group at the school called Tsangano in Ntcheu district, Malawi.
Mulanse Secondary School Boys and Girls
Catechist Lawrence Kaliati Phiri Sunthanma Catholic Church
Father Lorent Dziko, Holy Angels (Matumbi) Parish, Dedza, Malawi.
Altar boys Njedza Church
These are some of the people with benefited from the items sent from the Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena in Dickinson, Texas, United Stats


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