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Thursday, July 16, 2009

My dear ULRA,

Greetings of Peace and Joy from Myanmar!

I am very happy to acknowledge the Holy Rosaries you sent us recently. We appreciate your thoughtfulness, concern, prayers and kind assistance. I always distribute the Rosaries to the people around us. I also encourage them to include the donors and makers of the Rosaries in their prayers.

I was enrolled in the Living Rosary on 8th December 1998 and, from that time on, I say my daily Decade, Rosary No. 4038, pondering on the Mystery, Crowning with Thorns. That Mystery is very proper to my life because I had a stroke in 2004, kidney transplant in 2006, diabetes in 2007 and cataract in my eyes in 2008. Although I have a series of physical ailments in my life, with the grace of God and Our Blessed Mother’s help, I can endure my daily sufferings.

Please pray for our people and for peace in the world.

Let us be united in our Blessed Mother for the conversion of sinners.

With love and prayerful thanks,

Fr. Raphael Kyaw San

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Fr. Raphael Kyaw San, Myanmar
I have received the list of new members from Phekone Diocese. They are very happy to receive the Rosaries, MMs, cord and oil of St. Philomena and other materials. The Association of St. Ann is very active in apostolic works. They pray the Rosary in every home in the evening during May. They visit the sick and give them encouragement to bear their cross daily. They have written to me saying that they will pray for you and your benefactors and will never forget your generosity.

You are always in our prayers

Sr. Teresa Musa and new members

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Sr. Teresa Musa and new members, Myanmar, Asia
Tuesday, May 19, 2009
Dear Patti Melvin,

How are you? Hope, you are well as I am here. I have just come back from the Capital City, Yangon which is more than (300) miles away from Loikaw, our Capital Town in Kayah State. I was sent to attend the Course of Linguistics Introduction for Translation. We were all together six to attend the Course, three priests, and three laymen. Unfortunately, I was the only senior one and could not attend the Course up to the end due to my poor health (high blood pressure).

Our professors were O.J from Canada, J.W from United State, and Michiyo from Japan. It was wonderful for me to know that three of them could talk and explain everything in Burmese. From the Course, I have learnt many things and I hope to translate more Religious Literatures into our own mother tongue. So far, I have finished some translations such as Prayers, Hymns, Catechisms and the Fourth Gospels into our local dialect.

Regards to the new enrolment of the Living Rosary, I will discuss with the new comers of the Seminarians and the Legion of Mary. The old Seminarians and Legion of Mary who were already enlisted their names in the Rosary Association; I believe they are faithful to their assigned decades as I do. It is said that many of their Rosaries became old, rustic, broken and lost. So, please do remember all of us whenever you send out some Religious Articles and Pious Objects.

Dear Patti Melvin, what about the Motor Cycle or Van Car we proposed for the pastoral activities? It is really very unpleasant or rather it feels me bad to ask you again and again about this project. But, what can I do? It is indeed sine non qua for me as I have mentioned in the former letter. I have been praying and now am praying for this particular need for my pastoral work. Please let me know either the positive or negative answer so that I may be able to approach other agency if I can.

Thanking you and praying for you.

Fr. Paul Maphroi
Myanmar (Burma)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Dear Patti,

I am very happy for the prompt reply. You can send as many as you like. I have some students in Thailand and they can bring or send them back the rosaries and other holy articles. I come to know about you from Bishop A. Than. He shares me a few rosaries received from you.

You see, I have many Catholics in my small diocese. There are 20 per cent of 200,000 populations and each time I make my pastoral tour each is eager to get something from me. I pity them if I have nothing. They are very devoted to our Lady.

Children also need medals. They are very proud to show of!

Will be waiting for the parcels of rosaries.

+ Sotero Phamo
Bishop of Loikaw
Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena in Myanmar.
Divine Redeemer's Convent, Keng Tang.
New Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena in Myanmar.

Catechism Class Children being taught about Saint Philomena, The Rosary and the ULRA.
Catechism Class Children being taught about Saint Philomena, The Rosary and the ULRA.
Catechism Class Children being taught about Saint Philomena, The Rosary and the ULRA.

Catechism Class Children being taught about Saint Philomena, The Rosary and the ULRA.
Catechism Class Children being taught about Saint Philomena, The Rosary and the ULRA.
Fr. Achille Htun Shwr with Sr. Teresa Musa, Myanmar.

Sr Teresa Musa with disabled, Myanmar.
Sr Alfonsa Agnese and New ULERA members of Sein Taung Ya Villagers.
Sr. Alfonsa Agnese and new members Divine Redeemer Convent, Keng Tang.

Sr Teresa Musa with Universal Living Rosary Association members.
Sr Alfonsa and new members of Nan Vo.

Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena members, Myanmar.
Sisters of Providence Novices, ULRA members, Myanmar.
Sr. Teresa Musa with Seminarians, Myanmar.

Fr. Martino Si Han, Thailand - Proscession of Our Lady to new chapel and new Groto in Kyait Li Village on December 27, 2007



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