Dryton Gabriel Chipeta
P.O. Box 51207
Lusaka 10101

Monday, June 1, 2009

Dear Patti,

I am writing to acknowledge the receipt of delivery of the box dispatched May 28th. Received Monday June 1st 2009 at about 15.45 hrs (CAT).

Thank you ever so much indeed for the supply. Yes, the beautiful books received too! Wooh! They are beautiful.

St Joseph's titles, these booklets are wonderful too, beautiful indeed. Thank you. The beautiful Hail Mary portraits; these are just beautiful.

Thank you for everything received.

May Our Lord keep blessing our apostolate!

God bless!

Please pray for me.

Central Africa

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing from St. Bonaventure College Lusaka-Zambia (Rivortoto Friary). May God bless you for bringing His souls to Him through our Mother Mary, especially for those who have given their lives to St. Philomena. I have been a member of living Rosary for about ten years now; I real acknowledge the presence of our Mother Mary in my life, in my religious life and pastoral life. Thank You for your work.

I am asking if you can send me the Rosary of St. Philomena, the small one of 13beads. Thank You for the articles that I receive through the coordinator here in Zambia - Mr. Gabriel. Some of these articles I shared with my members in Tanzania when I went for my holiday.

May our Dear Mother strengthen you always!

I remain yours in Mary and St. Philomena

Br. Claud Aristides Msoffe
St. Bonaventure College


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