Harvey the Horrible Hits Houston

and Dickinson, home of the Universal Living Rosary Association

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Appeal by FrIvan

Here are a few pictures taken, August 28th 2017, from inside of our building.

Mailing and Shipping Side

This is what remains of all of our publications and munitions for the missions.  (Side-A)

Water was so high that boxes and crates floated devotionals into debris.

Shipping, stuffing and mailing side

An elevated picture of damage to the Stuffing, Labeling and Shipping side of the "Rose Garden". (Side-B)

All of our 2017 calendars and much of our stock of latest and previous issues of

"Dedicated Decades" are there in front of you.


Straight on view of Shipping side


A straight on view from the entrance to the Stuffing, Labeling and Shipping side. (Side-B)


Here are a few pictures taken, August 30th 2017, from Side-A of our building.

Smiling in the face of disasterWestDoorLookingIn4


 The devil has certainly delt a powerful blow to our Queen's resources. 

But our Blessed Mother is unmatched in turning evil into good.  One by one, Decade by Decade,

with your help, we shall march forward towards the Triumph of her Immaculate Heart.!

Keep us in your humble prayers.