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Dear Apostle of the Immaculate Heart of Mary,

We write to extend our deepest gratitude for your generous support of our missionary efforts in the world, your prayers and your great apostleship. You have remembered the suffering souls in distant lands and you are daily remembered in our poor prayers and a Mass bouquet is being offered for you in Ukraine and in the Holy Land during the month of December. God love you!

The beautiful season of Advent is upon us. What a special time of hope, anticipation and preparation! It is a time to throw off chains that bind us to earth and give ourselves without reserve to labor for that which never perishes. All those who are born into supernatural life - every baptized soul - stirs with its first pulsations, but so few attain any degree of spiritual strength. We must advance in wisdom, age and grace before man and God, that our spiritual life may be forceful, true and energetic. We have at our disposal the means of this dynamic growth.

The Sacrament of Penance, the dignity and divine effects of which are so little understood and appreciated, is given to us in order to destroy sin in the soul, increase grace and pour out upon us the Precious Blood of Christ. By this Sacrament, the tiny spark of divine charity hidden beneath the ashes of self-love is expanded into an inferno of grace which warms not only our soul but the souls around us. The happiness and the glory of God become our ardent desire. We pray, sacrifice, love and make acts of reparation that God may be glorified. Each deliberate act of love becomes a precious gift that we may wrap in the gold of humility and present to Our Divine Infant King.

If only the charity that glows in our soul would find its expression in acts of love for our suffering brothers, grace would flourish, strength would increase, and we would achieve vigorous supernatural life, true sanctity. The weak things of the world God hath chosen that He may confound the strong. I am one, and I cannot do everything, but I can do something, so let me not hesitate to do it TODAY. By serving the sick and suffering of the world, we prepare for the Sweet Infant King, a soft crib in our heart and enfold Him in the warmth of our love!

Hail and Blessed be the Hour and the Moment in which the Son of God was born of the Most Pure Virgin Mary, at Midnight in Bethlehem in piercing cold! In that Hour, vouchsafe O My God to hear my prayer and grant my petition through the merits of Our Savior Jesus Christ and of His Most Holy Mother. Amen.!
Patti Melvin
Patti Melvin, ULRA Director

Please pray for me as I will pray for you all the days of my life!

Sad News from Congo

The Invisible War
"Perhaps we’ve heard so little about them because the crimes are so unspeakable, the evil so profound.
For years now, in the Democratic Republic of Congo, marauding bands of soldiers and militias have been waging a war of rape and destruction against women. This sustained campaign of mind-bending atrocities, mostly in the eastern part of the country, has been one of the strategic tools in a wider war that has continued, with varying
degrees of intensity, since the 1990s. Millions have been killed."
From the New York Times

Dear Patti,

I have sad news from Congo. Francis’ sisters were raped and shot. Sofia, the older girl, died. Christine, the younger girl, was saved because she had the Miraculous Medal around her neck. It is so dangerous to pass from here to the border as the rebels are killing, stealing, raping and doing all satanic works. We don’t know whether Pierre will survive because he was shot in the stomach. There is so much suffering in East Congo and we need the holy oil of St. Philomena.

The suffering people are helpless. I am willing to take the risk if our benefactors can help with the travel expenses and Sacramentals. You have always been there for these poor souls, please do help them now.

EMMA – Slave of the Immaculata

November 29, 2009
From the forests of Goma, Congo where heavy fighting continues …

We apologize for taking so long without writing, but there has been the heaviest fighting in our area and we have been on the run. There is more suffering than anything reported in the media. That is why we value the ULRA because you are nearest to us. You sacrifice your energy, time and life to save us, otherwise there is no other to do this.

I want to share more fully about the arrival of the boxes you sent, but forgive my poor English. First, I want to extend the appreciation of all the poor suffering souls in the war zones here, who live only one second at a time. We are in constant prayer for you, for the care you take of us. You, benefactors, are our parents because you care about us. We have no way to thank you for protecting us with the powerful Miraculous Medals and the holy oils. We are still alive because of your care. It is the gift of your Medals made available by Emmanuel, who steals through dangerous security lines at the risk of his own life, which protects us from death. Emma is a hero to us!

Emma told us he would travel on 22nd November night and asked us to be prepared. Emma was able to cross through the dangerous line of rebels who forcefully demanded money from him. He managed to meet Janvier who was known to him from their meeting in Uganda. He gave him the $400.00 and the two very big boxes of Sacramentals. Each of the boxes was two in one with double the Sacramentals as before. God is good because a soldier helped Emma at the border to guarantee more security. The soldier was struck by the simplicity and great courage of our Emma. They had to jump over the dead bodies of girls who were raped and murdered the day before. Emma gave medals to the gun swinging soldiers that can kill instantly at the slightest wrong move or if you fail to produce the money they demand. Government soldiers and rebels all treat us the same. Every day, they kill many of us.

The same day, Janvier flew back in the direction of Goma, a miracle happened. The plane landed not in Goma but in the jungle airfield near to where we were hiding in the forest. They were bringing logistics to MUNUC soldiers of the UN. Janvier unloaded the boxes and came to meet us. Oh, he had over 50,000 Medals and 37 large bottles of the holy oil of St. Philomena. Everyone started to cry for them. The news of their arrival circulated like lightening. Everyone has heard of the protection and healing they give us. Pierre had been shot in the abdomen and his wound was septic. We pray he will recover now. He is weak but getting better. The smell from his stomach stopped immediately when we applied the oil. Everyone has wounds. The fate of my sisters is the fate of many women here in Congo where rape of both the young and the old is used as a weapon of war. The holy oil is valued like gold because it is so effective in relieving suffering. Eastern Congo is the worst place to live as guns, knives and machetes claim many lives every day. It is very good news that the Miraculous Medals protect us from the witchcraft of the Mai-Mai. They are brutal rebels that fight with witchcraft and systematically and savagely kill their victims.

We cannot say how much we thank you for your care, and for sending Emma to us. Today, we heard that in the West province of Kasai, over 100 are dead. Our Lady helps us through the Miraculous Medals to get rid of the nightmares by our children who have seen their mother, father, sisters and brothers tortured and killed.

Mama Patti and all our dear Family of the ULRA please remember us in your prayers and continue to help us. We need yet more protection, more prayers and more Sacramentals.

Your brother in Christ, Francis

E-Mail from George of Sudan:

We thank you for the note and we read it well. How it saddened us! You have suggested sending spiritual materials to us through the Religious from Kenya. Here in Sudan, there are great problems with this plan. This, I must tell you in plain truth. We appreciate that you love us but, if you send someone from Kenya, the devotion will die. Why have you decided to do this, is Emma dead? I am sharing this from experience.

We heard about the ULRA long before Emma came to us. Those from Kenya were talking about it. But, they had no single quality to match Emmanuel who comes deep into the villages, where the danger lies. Many Religious from Kenya come but their interest is in the money. They take photos, exploit our suffering and sell what they bring: the Rosaries, Medals and Scapulars. Mother, why do you want to kill this wonderful work you started for us? Others break down the devotions, but this is not the case with Emma. He gives us everything, free of charge, and he spends time with us to teach, encourage and give us an example. The talks he delivers to us are from the heart, with biblical backing and they pertain to all the challenges and sufferings we undergo each day. Emma understands us, and we listen to him.

I feel like crying because we are back to war. The problems in Sudan are different from other countries. Emma and the ULRA are an encouragement to us all. At times, he adjusts his talks completely to relate to the behaviors of our predominate uncivilized people and he changes them! Why is this? He takes time with us when he comes for 3 months. He is patient. Imagine, we are a people who have grown up in a generation that has known only war, killing, drunkenness and torture! Mother, be mother to us all, not just of those in Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya! We want to return to the Decade, leave Emma with us. We are ready to cut ourselves and spill our blood to express to you how deep is our longing of this request to have Emma return. We want Emma, he is doing things like a farmer ... He tills the soil and plants the seed!

George - SUDAN

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My God, make use of me ... that through me, others may be healed!

CHRISTMAS GREETING from Fr. Ivan, Representative – ULRA, UKRAINE

May your Holy Christmas Season be filled with deepest Joy and Peace!
O Divine Infant Jesus, bless and protect us, and obtain for us
Thine Own Heart’s Love for the Immaculate!

Dear Benefactors of the Living Rosary,

We thank you for your love, support and understanding of the vital mission of the Living Rosary in the world. Without you, this mission would not be possible.

I and all the grateful priests of Ukraine will offer for you and your family THIRTY days of Sacred Masses during the Christmas Season. May the Divine Infant shower upon you His most abundant blessings!

Who can ever dream of the love of God the Father and the Son? It is a procession of Uncreated Fire, the out-rolling of an Uncreated Ocean, beyond Themselves yet within the Bosom of the Godhead. It is the soundless thunder of eternal bliss, or rather a Divine Person, co-equal to the Father and the Son. The Holy Ghost is produced by the Love of the Father and the Son. Each Person of the Blessed Trinity has two loves - His love for the other Two and the two loves of each for the Three Persons, which is simply a boundless world of life, of wisdom, and of jubilation. God chose His Mother, a mother suitable to that tremendous mystery of the Hypostatic Union. She was the gate by which the Creator entered into His own creation. The joys that God has prepared for those He loves are absolutely inconceivable to the mind of man!

As we witness the brilliant star of Bethlehem, let us awake and go to the crib of Our Infant Savior that, with Mary Our Mother, we may adore Him!

Fr. Ivan Kolodij


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