Sightings - La Salette, France

The following series of slide shows were sent to us with descriptions written by Henry Bludau Link Out. These were taken on his pilgrimages to Ars Link Out, La Salette Link Out, Loreto Link Out, Lyon Link Out, Mugnano Link Out, Paris Link Out and Rome Link Out.

La Salette, France

La Salette was the destination of the French National Pilgrimages, begun after the invasion of the Germans and communist riots in Paris in 1870s as a national act of reparation by faithful Catholics for all the harm committed by France against the Church and the person of the Pope since 1790 until that day. The organizer is said to have been inspired to the idea of a national pilgrimage while on a pilgrimage to Ars and kneeling at the foot of the altar of St. Philomena there. The destination of these pilgrimages was LaSalette. Here there are bronze statues of Our Lady depicting the apparition on the actual sites it occurred on. Inside the basilica itself is a very beautiful statue of Our Lady above the main altar.

Down the hill from the basilica, upon a high pedestal, is a large bronze statue of St. Philomena, her hand pointing out the way to the apparitions site itself. It is dedicated in honor of the 25th anniversary of the French National Pilgrimage in 1897.

Inside the basilica itself is another gift of the pilgrimage from Paris in 1895 -- a stained-glass window. From bottom to top it depicts: The Cure praying at St. Philomena's altar in his church at Ars; the French National Pilgrimage in procession at LaSalette; and the martyrdom of St. Philomena herself. Her monogram is at the top of the window.




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