Past Missionary News From Around the World, October 2008

Friday, October 31, 2008

Dear Patti,

I am writing to you in an unsettled state-of-mind.

First I thank you for the boxes; I have dispatched them well to the diocese of Beni-Butembo. The situation in the Congo is volatile. I am told that BBC and Al Jezzira TVs are showing the carnage in Goma Congo, the whole stretch of the region is on unexploded fire. Nkunda and his ruthless rebels supported by military hardware from Rwanda are in full scale war.

Patti .......allow me to hold my manly tears! What I have here is indescribable, I nearly finished half of the MM box here with fleeing people, oh Mama, I have got a satellite call that Pierre arrived safely in the jungles where Francis is, they cant access the internet as was the case some time back, they are under a thicket forest that has, as I write, been penetrated by the two warring parties.

I tell you a catastrophe is in the making. Good that all the sacramental items we sent them is over now many people are praying to Our Lady. The main problem is the Holy Oil of Saint Philomena, we sent is so little.

Many are in need of these, but the influx of refuges with demands for MM is also.
I say this with heavy heart and fear of hopelessness! In your eyes I might appear mad, but this is what I am requesting before I leave the western side of Uganda, this is the time we need to be so close. I am requesting you to get me an urgent sponsor to send me a box of Saint Philomena holy oils and another of MM, about 20,000, to send to these people who are crying inside, I have managed to establish another contact from here where I am. See these people on the BBC News Reports to see for yourself, if possible. What I want to do is to return to the other bunagana and send these things. The wounded are in dire need of the oils.

Who is in position, any one? Patti I am shaking and I can’t write well, let any one helps these souls. Let me go to settle I will return to you when ok. Sorry for mistakes in writing

Emmanuel Kitandwe
Kampala, Uganda

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Dear Patti,

Hello! Praise God! October 25, 2008, was our advance culmination in the whole diocese "Halad Kang Maria" (Offering to Mary) in the month of October whole parishes and sub parishes attended the affair.

This time I was able to give more than two thousand new members with whom the participants were most of them were high school students in the third year and fourth year high school. They were organized as catholic charismatic youth movements.

Living Rosary & St. Philomena were become famous through out our diocese. Rev. Fr. Jerry Atil, a parish priest of sub parish of Buluangan requesting me about eight hundred Rosary beads, Rev. Fr. Johnny Lagdamen our spiritual chaplain of St. Philomena devotion, a parochial vicar also requesting me again another eight hundred Rosary beads to spread this Living Rosary & St. Philomena devotion to one of our sub parish in Sipaway Island as a token in his mass celebration and culmination activity as October the month of the Rosary. Then in other parishes in our diocese requesting me some more of Rosary beads for their parishioner.

Seems everybody got involved and joined the Living Rosary & St. Philomena devotion.

The Bureau of Jail Management and Penology in Cadiz City Jail Admin/ OPNS Portia J. Gerarado joined and enrolled her inmate consisting of 125 people at the same time the National Police Officers and members also joined the Living Rosary. More and more members are coming and to be forwarded in the ULRA. Their heart lighted up a fire.

How I wish and prayed fervently that the Holy Spirit and St. Philomena devotion well spread through out our diocese. May God bless Us All!!

Carmelita G. Baric
San Carlos City
Negros Occidental
Dear Mother Patti

Thanks for your prayers!

The launching finally took place last Monday at the Girls College. Everthing worked well on our favor. The sister and teachers of the College gave their support and in fact, one of the staff had enrolled before and that made my entrance into the College very easy since Canadians are not very easy to convince.
I took photos. Enrolment is on-going.

I received a report from one of our promoters in South West of Cameroon of a homosexual who was healed through the cord and Oil of St. Philomena. He was dismissed out of Seminary because of this act. And he never wanted to reveal this to anyone until he was again involved in the same act with a small boy. It was only then that he revealed and confessed and promised never to involve in this habit any more. He is constantly using the Oil and always with his cord. He is promoting the group now more than ever.

I have a huge number of lists with me and these will be sent this coming week. You shall see through the lists that I need more English and French boxes. And thank you for your letters of August and September. The letters were encouraging to me.

I will inform you when the padded envelope arrives.

Thank you mother,

Paul E. EKpe
St. Joseph's Anglophone Parish

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

St Peter Claver Roman Catholic Parish
Central Africa
Wednesday, 29th October, 2008

Dear Madam,

Re: acknowledgement of the package received

I write to expressly thank you, and appreciate your gift of Rosaries, holy oils, pictures, scapulars and other religious items I have just received. Thank you very much. I have distributed them all to various devout Christians, not only my Parish, but in the neighboring Parish as well. However, here Christians are so many, thousands. Many sick people benefited from the holy oils as well. Meanwhile Fr. Alfred Nsope is in Uganda for holidays, and will only return on 10th November. The airlift box you sent me through him, has therefore, not yet reached me. Please, kindly send me 1000 rosaries, 1000 scapulars, 1000 medals, 15 bottles of holy oils, and 50 Pieta books at your earliest convenience. They are in great demand here. I have more than once asked you too to help me with some Mass stipends. I really need them to help me with my various pastoral endeavors here. Kindest regards. Ave Maria

Yours Sincerely,

f. remigius lazarus Kasawa, DP.
DP. = Diocesan Priest
Thanks thanks the spirit of our Foundress Ven Pauline Jaricot is with you! Viva! You are wonderful!

I am just thinking the same way with you! Since my congregation have accepted my work in Kenya and have given me a chance to promote the Rosary everywhere in Kenya, I have to get an office and a small chapel where I can always pray, a small land for a room for storing our boxes and library, and an office, we can establish like Anthony in Kumasi Ghana, it will be wonderful mum! I have that vision for what a long time but no financial help!

Now mum you are thinking!!! Bravo! Machokos people up till now no thanks, and the big problem is that the bishop wants the money!

It is far inside the village, no post office no e-mail, I better look for a small land near town here in Nairobi where we can call our place near a parish and it will be wonderful mum! I want to give my life for this devotion!!! Forward ever!!!! Viva!!!

Let us see how we can move forward!! Thanks for thinking like me about Machokos! Bravo!!!

Ave Maria

Fr Patrick Mary Filomena

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Books translated into Urdu

Saint Philomena
Patti dear,

I am still around. I have two weeks left, but I am already living in retreat as a preparation. I am so excited I tell you. It will be the first time I make such a long retreat so I am wondering how I will feel like. Thank you for the latest box you send. There were eight bottles of Saint Philomena Holy Oil. They made me very happy since the others were getting finished. Many people are showing up at my place. They now know where I am. So they come in dozens asking for Saint Philomena Holy Oil. I tell you people are sick. I also discovered that the evil spirits are working very hard here. So Saint Philomena is working hard, She has no time to rest.

I thank you for the message of prayers. I am going to pray so much that heaven is going to come down.

Patti let me say I will write a very long letter before I go. I have just posted the names today. But I forgot the letter on my table. I have to write it here then.

Let us hope that there will be raining soon. Now the sky is still clear.

Yours in Mary Immaculata.
Sister Clara Rapholo s.c.i.m.
Dear Mrs. Patti

The Sacred Masses will be arranged tomorrow morning and I will send you the note of Sacred Masses for the election tomorrow morning. I received the letter from Patricia and now when I arrange the Sacred Masses then I send them immediately to you.

Dearest Mrs. Patti Yesterday I visited the bishop of Kolomiya diocese. It is very huge and very populated diocese. The bishop told me that He is very happy with the work of Living Rosary and he was asking Living Rosary to work more and spread the devotion more and more at the territory of his diocese. I was called to come to diocese and to inform the bishop Nivkolas about our work and achievement. Today I came back.

Please forgive me for the silent but I am working very hard and preparing to send you more pictures and testimonies. The notes of Sacred Masses are on the way to you.

Now our web master is making some improvements in the design of the web page within two days the web page will work again.

I am looking forward to hear from you and May God bless you.

With the prayers and respect father Ivan Kolodiy

Father Ivan Kolodiy

Monday, October 27, 2008

Dearest Patti

The Nr.1 and Nr.2 envelopes are in the way to you.

Here is also the list of departed souls:


Another envelope will come.

Thank you for your hard work for souls. The priests and believers in Transilvania are praying for you and your wonderful ULTA team. One in prayer with you for honoring St. Philomena and for the greater glory of Our Lord.


Saturday, October 25, 2008

Dear Patti,

Praise God and hail to our Blessed Mother whom we promote through the Universal Living Rosary Association.

I received already the 19 lbs. box of religious articles, namely: list, luminous rosaries, set of decade cards and Rosary guides.

I read the guidelines and hopefully i could send you the list in a soon time when i could fill them up.

Thank you very much and I’m so glad to receive more rosaries and other devotional articles so that more in the nearby Barangay or places will be awakened to know the devotion to our Blessed Mother and to the saints particularly St. Philomena and Ven. Pauline Jaricot.

God bless us and more power to you. And may our Blessed Mother and St. Philomena always intercede for you and for more devotees.

Sincerely yours,

Sister Josephine Fernandez, O.P.
Dominican School
Dagupan City
Dear Patti,

I have just got your airlift of 900 rosaries and 900 medals, plus 100 vials of St. Philomena’s Holy Oil. Thank you indeed so much. There were also bundles of membership cards. I actually now have a good stock of membership cards to last 6 months. I suggest, next airlift you add us more rosaries instead of cards.

There was a very nasty motor accident recently in Eastern Uganda...a bus and trailer affair. One surviving girl related. When we setting off, the bus driver asked passengers what type of music they wanted him to play them...this girl promptly replied church music. The chorus from other passengers was emphatic no. Do you want to make this bus a church? She resorted to praying her Rosary with closed eyes. How the accident happened she couldn’t tell. But 30 people were already dead......and she...not a scratch......power of the holy Rosary.

Any vehicle is a boat capable of capsizing any minute. Our campaign here prays your Rosary continuously especially when moving.

May the lord rest their souls in peace.

Lawrence Esiangu
Living Rosary Centre
K U M I (U) East Africa

Friday, October 24, 2008

Greetings to you and the family also to all your staffs. Hope all are in good health, all are in our prayers.

Thank you for the help that makes possible ULRA new members of the Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena. I put all their complete names and addresses in the labels will be sent together with 2nd October list for registration I mailed today.

Please only send these new members on the labels, forms, cards, Rosary numbers and guide so they can get started.

As all Forex sacramentals were already given to all our promoters and members for October.

Please send me more Rosaries because there are still thousand of list of members without Rosary but I told them as we are not machine to wait until the time I will receive again from our missionary center.

All our Forex must be on my custody for safe keeping and protection of the sacred materials as I work to no one but to you only. I will be responsible to give to all who need it under the Archdiocese of Cebu. Thank you.

Please send more Rosary as members are waiting I will start giving them for the first week of November. God Bless us all. Peace.

Respectfully yours,

Brother Arthur Villas
ULRA Promoter
Finally I am getting to the end of my medical examinations and I had the Colonoscopy done last Tuesday and the doctor found two polyps in the colon which may have eventually cause cancer of the colon so he removed them, I thank the Good Lord that they were discovered in time.

Once my profound gratitude to you for all that you have done since I arrived the U.S.
I lack words to express my gratitude to you so tomorrow which is Saturday I will offer Holy MASS FOR YOU and your 94 year old Sr. Emerentia whom you doing so much to care for her. May the Good Lord reward you a hundred fold.

With prayerful best wishes and God bless the great work you do for the spread of his Kingdom.


Fr. Joseph Ayeah
United States
Dearest mother Patti

Thanks to God, today they arrived the 3 boxes safely, I will open them now and see them, because my promoters needs them so much and I. Yes I will try to type the names of all the new members of the Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena myself and send them to you the next time, I am very happy the boxes of all the devotional items, holy cards, rosaries, etc, they are now with us.

Please dearest mother Patti, continue sending to us the boxes, I include photos (see below), and I prepare them. I keep you so much in my prayers with your dear mom, family, team, dear benefactors especially Dr.Thomas and family.

I send you my love.

Suffering Heart and Immaculate of Mary, pray for us.

Your little son, slave of the suffering and Immaculate Heart of Mary,

John Kayrouz
Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena in Lebanon.
Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena in Lebanon.
Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena in Lebanon.
Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena in Lebanon.
Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena in Lebanon.
Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena in Lebanon.
Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena in Lebanon.
Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena in Lebanon.
Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena in Lebanon.
Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena in Lebanon.
Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena in Lebanon.
Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena in Lebanon.
Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena in Lebanon.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Dear Patti,

Please bless a team of 2,000 names of new devotees that are cruising their way by air to you. Receive particularly a group from Western Kenya brought by our Promoter. Mary Ruth Mabonga and a short list from up Mt Elgon. With them is my ardent prayer that Our Blessed Mother together with Her Loving Daughter St Philomena will equip you with necessary tools to arm them for Militia Immaculata.

May God Bless you always.

Lawrence Esiangu
Living Rosary Centre
K U M I (U) East Africa

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Peace be with you. I write to congratulate you on the wonderful job carried out on our website. I had the opportunity of logging in this morning after my retreat and I must tell you Patty it is great. May God bless you Patti for this wonderful initiative.

Attached to this mail is a list of thirty members that were recently registered. Take care and keep on remembering me in your prayers. Ave!!!

Daniel Igono

Please click here to see the complete list of new members from Peru

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Greetings with lots of praise to our God.

This is to inform you that Pray for us and thanks be to God for immediately we begun the Saint Filomena Novena for God to hear our cries and requests, one of the members who had refused to confess the truth that she had committed abortion, called me as a group leader and shared with me and after which we arranged to meet the Priest.

Secondly, Caro whose husband refused not to wed and not to pay for dowry, through the prayers of this lovely saint the husband has paid for dowry and ready to be prepared for a wedding Caro says I am to thank you and the entire family of the Living Rosary for prayers.

Please, I am now in another new corner serving the Lord. Please, we don’t have a structure but we sit down no chairs any benches but the members here love the word of God. Pray for us that we may get funds to raise the church for the love of the Lord. I request for the pictures of the way of the cross, please, they will be more useful for us here.

I can now move a longer distance to reach many Christians for the spread of the Living Rosary after receiving a gift of a bicycle from Gail McSweeney, who visited the deaf poor Orphan children, whom I serve and stay with. They are looking forward for Christmas chocolate gifts from any well wisher. They too now know how to recite the Rosary.

God be with you.

Br. Chrispinus Masika Wachiye,
Faith Deaf Orphanage Education Centre
Bungoma - Kenya,
East Africa
Cheer Madam Patti,

Oui, thank you we don’t know how to do it, Pierre is here after 4month, we were worried but you have done it, thanks for so much the two boxes, do you know, we now in trouble because of the many desperate souls that are working and come out asking not to be forgotten on the medals and rosaries and oil, You know, Pierre arrive four hours ago and everyone wait to receive mother Mary protection. We don’t know what to do in supply of the things.

What we have see worry is that the oils are not enough, so many wounded by bullet and rape and panga. Pray for us we are also pray you.

We so happy and cant write much today, rebels are also taking the medals by force!

Goma, Congo

Monday, October 20, 2008

Dear Patti,
This is an urgent communication, I am here in Kasese where I arrived at 8.00 a.m. we moved through the night in a faulty pickup. I am sharing what I have just worked out and the experience I have got that involves some Congolese who have come to know me from the Universal Living Rosary Association (ULRA) t-shirt I am wearing. I am going to Kasanga, i.e. about 50kms form here and the place is 8kms from Mpondwe (another Congolese past).

The material I have is for the genuine people I will find in Kasese and Mbarara. However, I am urgently requesting you to send to:

George William Ssenyonga
Kampala, Uganda

TWO boxes of MM and some blessed St. Philomena oil, I am going to send them inside in another vast Congolese diocese, Butembo in the vast Ituri where fighting is also going on.

I have miraculously made the contact with the people there via radio, no better than in Goma! These are the people that once wrote to you! They include a nun and a priest. Currently they are also under hiding. The Hema tribe fighting alongside Uganda government support! Men are castrated, girls are raped if not killed in the region 99% Catholic running, and they have been seeking for the oils and MM.

A girl shared with me she escaped the fighting but her sister never survived, she was raped and later bayoneted in the private parts. A certain catechist that has the holy oil of St. Philomena gave her, she used it and she miraculously healed. So if you are in position to diocese urgent requests, tell me.

For extreme urgency, send the boxes today, I will alert Mr. George William, he will immediately put them on the bus to Bwera and I will get them. N.B For the funds you better western Union them because my bank's branch is far from where I am.

Good idea to help the se people?

I am not putting you at gun point, you can decide. But if there is any one who can help and sponsor, let us use one stone and hit two birds!
Pray for the Congolese!

Emmanuel Kitandwe
Kampala, Ugandahroi
+Ave Maria

My dear Patti:

God Bless you and make feel His great Love. I am so sorry for the delay on writing you. But I had a lot of problems and cowardly I tried to solve them before spread the devotion.

I am a poor man who can’t preach with his own example. But I am so sorry.

You know, I have a pain in my back, and the doctor said me that it’s a nervous contracture. It pains when I am get excited or anxious. And I had a little depression for all the matters...My donkey Casimiro died on 6th Sept. the same day that my grandpa died, but a year later. My spiritual life was broken, because I tried to pray, but I was not able to do this. So I thought about God...Perhaps God is angry with me... But God, in a great act of Love, helped me in difficult moments.

He is teaching me with a hammer. He is knocking me with a great power but not for hurt me. He wants I become a good slave and a good Christian. Now I know.

In the other hand, I never left the devotion at all. I founded a brotherhood here in Madrid. Its name is POOR BROTHERS OF SAINT PHILOMENA. It’s a help foundation for the people who need some help (homeless, drug addicts, alcoholic people, etc) and we are spreading St. Philomena’s devotion. But we need more time...we are now just starting here.

You know that you are my spiritual mother. A good example of courage and love. I am so proud because I am a member of the Living Rosary Family.

Oh, in the other hand, I will start the Deacon’s studies next year. Now I am helping in my parish.

It’s all at the moment. Thank you very much for your patience and all your love. You’re humbly son in Lord:

Dearest Mrs. Patti

I would like to inform you that I will arrange the Gregorian Sacred Masses for all our Benefactors and our members. This will be my pleasure and I would like to assist you in every possible way. Dearest Mrs. Patti I will send you the pictures and report on Wednesday because our computer was broken today and we need to fix it and then i will be able to send you these pictures. Also this Sunday we open new missionary center of Living Rosary in the city Khorostkyv which has 10,000 citizens and we sent them the sacramentals, prayer books and newspapers. Tomorrow morning I send you the new newspapers and all the published materials which we published in Ukraine. Also I prepared the testimonies and some sharing news about the life in Ukraine and reposed members when i fix the computer on Wednesday then i will send you immediately.

I am looking forward to hear from you and May God bless you and protect you with the prayers and respect father Ivan Kolodiy.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Million thanks for the another two packages, one arrived from the ordinary P.O. in Myanmar and another one arrived through the address of Father Mark Phebyah in Thailand which contained more Holy Rosaries, Scapulars, Medals and Mass Stipend of (20) EURO. May I assure you to fulfill all the intentions of the donors.

Father Matteo Boi also has received four packages from you today through the same address of Father Mark Phebyah. Through this address everything inside the packages is completed. So, let us always use through this address whenever you would send us anything, though it may take more time in order to reach us.

At the present moment, we are in our Annual Retreat and we are praying for you as well as for all our members of the Living Rosary Association. Let me stop here. Hope to write you soon again.

Thanking you again and praying for you.

Good luck and good health and God bless!

Yours gratefully in the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Fr. Paul Maphroi

Friday, October 17, 2008



A friend from my parish gave me a copy of the summer 2008 issue of "Dedicated Decades" and I was thrilled to see sound Catholic doctrine in the articles. This publication is sorely needed and may God bless you richly for your labors.

I will be sending in paperwork to join the ULRA and would like to spread this devotion to others. How would I obtain handouts or extra copies of the "Dedicated Decades" magazine?

Yours in Jesus and Mary,

Helen VanKeulen

"Let us fight and fear nothing. Remember that the enemies of GOD will vanish and the Church will prevail. Tell everybody that though we suffer, we will never be defeated."
Blessed Pope Pius IX, speaking to the Youth Group of Catholic Action

Thursday, October 16, 2008

I want to congratulate you for the new website. Really it is a marvelous work done. I have not gone through all of the pages yet but it shows that some hard work has been done.

Have you sent me an airlift in the previous days (5 or 6 days)? I was waiting for it. Tomorrow, I am going to leave for Rahim Yar Khan and then to Sukkur and Karachi. I will return back on 23rd. I will again leave for Boora and Vehari from 24th to 27th. I therefore needed many things.

I am sorry; I could not send you the pictures. Now I have collected all the pictures of previous three months and hope to send you tomorrow.

Please remember to send the CD's I requested in my previous mails.

Once Again To You,
Your Team,
Your Family
All The Benefactors
Who Helped For This Site.

OK, Good Bye and God Bless You,

Yours in Christ and Holy Mother,

Father Afzaal Anwar Khokhar
Thanks Patti for your message;

Congratulations for the attractive and very interesting web site.

In unity of prayers:

Helou Emmanuel
Assistant to the Consul General
Dear and Loving Sr.Patti,

I visited in entirety your new website. It is totally completely of our Mission.

Excellently done. I am attempting one for India needs.

We thank God for all those who helped you in this masterpiece.

I await your Message for All India Conference. From Pak 5 (Afzaal, one priest, one nun and two lay ladies) are attending. Hope Mr. Marques Silva too will participate. Maria Rose, Delhi participation not confirmed because of her health condition,

With love and prayers

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

To The Universal Living Rosary Association
Dearest Mrs. Patti I send you the new members for September (see attached document). Please forgive me for the delay. It took some time to recheck and receive all the new members’ lists for September.

Dear Mrs. Patti the Sacred Masses are arranged and i send you on Monday all the notes to you via most mail.

Your web site is absolutely gorgeous. Wow. It is so impressive and the best web site. I am very impressed with the work which you are doing. You are great source of inspiration for me.

Please let me know how are you doing?

With the prayers and respect father Ivan Kolodiy

Father Ivan Kolodiy
79008 Ukraine

Click here to see the document with the new members >>>
Dear Patti,

A very good day to you. I wish to acknowledge with immense gratitude the receipt of your parcel containing your letter of 13th June 2008 from my friend Fr Jude Orakwe. I am very sorry I could not do this earlier thank now. I have been on sick bed since last July, and Fr Jude was away for summer holiday at Germany. Your letter was so consoling. It was as if you knew what I was passing through at Gemeli (Catholic University Teaching Hospital of the Sacred Heart, Rome) Thank you so much for such comforting words and for your prayers. I am feeling the impact of your prayers now.

Thanks too for the parcels you sent and for all the items inside. I am very much appreciative of them all. I joyfully say my PRESENTATION DECADE everyday.

I pray God to continue to bless you and this wonderful apostolate of your. Please do pray for me and all who were involved in that accident. Am yet to recover fully. The pain has drastically reduced. God his faithful! Be assured of a particular remembrance in my Masses. May God bless and confirm your good works for humanity.

Fr John Andem

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

To The Universal Living Rosary Association

Greetings of Peace and Love!!!!!!!

The first time I heard the name St. Philomena was in our church here in Danao City. When I sat at the back portion waiting for the holy mass to start. I heard about the name of St. Philomena uttered by the two ladies sitting at the back of me. Then, it just that. After how many weeks had passed, I was preparing foods for lunch. I went out for a while to buy something. On my way home, I saw a picture of a very beautiful woman place inside the store. Until I got to the little store, I stand there and keep on staring the picture. Suddenly, the owner of the store asked me what I am looking for.

Till she noticed, my eyes keep staring the picture. She smiled and told me it was St. Philomena. She handed me and let me borrow the Dedicated Decades magazine (spring 2008). I was very happy, then. I read the DD from cover to cover and it was really amazing. You inspired me a lot where problems are arising.

I don’t know where to go... I’m the eldest in the family. My father had a stroke last Sept. 1, 2007. The doctors found out that there was a blood clot in his brain that made him paralyzed. We don’t even have the money to buy his medication up to this time. We just give him herbal plants that can be found in our surrounding. As with my mother, she also has a medication monthly. It costs a lot. The name is Seretide Diskus 250. I am jobless and I don’t know where to go. But praised God Jesus Christ!!!!!! He gave me the chance to read the DD. Please enroll me in the Living Rosary. I wish to hear more about St. Philomena, too. She’s truly a wonder worker!!!! Please send me the Holy cord, miraculuos medals, Holy oil, scapulars, and crucifixes, for the future of the family. Also I need a copy on how to say the novena prayer of St. Philomena. I am waiting for your goodness. May God bless you, all.

Yours, in Jesus and Mary forever and ever, Amen.
Rachel C. Durano
Danao City Cebu
Dearest Mother Patti,

It's a wonderful new website of the Living Rosary, I will take my time to read it all and

understand it good, I am very happy to this website, I prepare all the lists and the photos

also ,but I wait the arriving of any box to take the new photos. I pray you are good with

your dear mom, team, I pray always to Dr. Thomas and his family, and to all our dear

benefactors, to all your effort and sacrifices for all the missions in all the world and here.

I send you with my sister all our poor prayers, love, and gratitude.

Ave Maria.

Your little son,
Slave of the Immaculata,
John Kayrouz

Monday, October 13, 2008

Dear Patti,

God bless! I already received the letter of Teresita Aller. She told me all about it. So no second thought I sent right away my donations in the amount of one thousand five hundred pesos (P1, 500) for the St. Philomena cord & oil; etc. as my initial deposit through LBC. I will just send a monthly donation of one thousand more or less through LBC to Teresita Aller.

By the way we print a St. Philomena t-shirts as our identity that we promoting the "Living Rosary" and the devotion of St. Philomena elsewhere. Is it okay?

Our Parish rector, our parish vicar is very happy about the St. Philomena T-shirt. They were very happy to wear it especially when they go to different chapels in our mountain chapels to celebrate masses there. Another more thankful heart from our parish rector & vicars for they really love to use the altar things as they celebrated masses. They were very thankful.

Our bishop, Rev. Bishop Jose Advincula Jr. was surprised and very happy upon seeing using the sets of ciborium as he celebrated the mass as he ordained our new priest Rev. Father Froilan Tamayo.

Year 2008, were a graceful year for everyone in the diocese, for the old and new priest and for every priest were benefited of the vestment, sacramentals and other altar things. They also say that their prayers and masses were offered to the director of the living Rosary no other than our very own Patti Melvin & family.

Carmelita G. Baric
V. Gustilo St.
San Carlos City
Negros Occidental
6127, Philippines
Hi Patti

Thank you so very much for the wonderful box of sacramentals and reading materials, which I received in the post on Friday, 10th Oct, and fetched the box on Saturday, 11th Oct, from post office. The box was all in tact. And the letter which you sent as well with the weight record is the same on the box. All is fine. Thank you so much. It's a real pleasure and joy to receive these wonderful sacramentals, which in turn are given to those who are seeking God, and grateful to receive these free sacramentals and to pray daily their dedicated decade and Rosary prayer. I must now send you the (60) sixty names of the new members a.s.a.p. Keep well and God bless you and all the helpers of The Universal Living Rosary of St. Philomena and all the members around the world. God Bless all. Your kindness and generosity are most appreciated. Keeping you in my prayers.

Best regards
Jennifer in Botswana

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Dearest Mrs. Patti I want to announce very important and joyful news. The first of all I would like to inform you that the Living Rosary is launched in Spain. Almost 200 new members are enrolled in Spain. All of them were joined the Living Rosary the last weekend. We have two local leaders in Spain. The next week I am going to receive their enrollment names and some pictures which I will send to you. The Local leaders are Mrs. Nataliya Nakonechna and Olha.

Also I want to inform that The Living Rosary was launched in Portugal. There are some Ukrainian migrants who launched the Living Rosary in Portugal. The local leader name is Nadiya Umanska. She lives in Fatima Spain. There are some Ukrainian local communities at the base of which the people receive our newspapers and pray the Dedicated Decades. All the members of LR are from Ukraine.

Dear Mrs. Patti I send you the samples of the Tritium Sacred Mass card. The cards are remade and please give your suggestions and approve it

I am looking forward to hear from you and May God bless you dearest Mrs. Patti
With the prayers and respect father Ivan Kolodiy.

Father Ivan Kolodiy
Post Office Box - 841
Lviv - 8
79008 Ukraine

Please click here to view Father Kolodiy’s Tritium Mass Card

Friday, October 10, 2008

Dear Director Patti,

Thank you so much for your mail, we thank and glorify God that everything is now going on successfully.

On the other hand, thank you for leading me to your restored website which so wonderful and fascinating, Congratulations!

Since the operation I had not visited the site, so I have found marvelous pages and other services.

May GOD continue to bless you and your activities save individual soul!

My heartiest and warmest wishes and salutations to you and all. Yours sincerely.

Dearest Patti,

I heartily thank you very much for the box of sacramentals you sent on 30th September 2008. I have just received it. Thank you very much also for the shirt with the logo of our lovely Saint Philomena at the back of the shirt, and the globe surrounded by a holy Rosary in the front of it. I will wear it every time I go spreading Living Rosary. Tomorrow morning I will attend the morning Holy Mass, and then I will have our priest bless the shirt with the picture of our lovely Saint Philomena you sent at the church.

I also enroll a group of those who want to join Living Rosary, and now I am typing their names and their daily Decades in their membership cards, and I will send them to you tomorrow afternoon. And concerning some of the prayers texts translated from English into Indonesian will be sent to you the day after tomorrow by post office. I will include some of the photos too.

Concerning my health: I thank our Saint Philomena for her powerful intercession, I gain my health again, and I have no more problems driving the motorcycle myself. I and family pray Rosary together daily, and the members of Living Rosary are also very happy to recite their Decades daily. You and family, and all Staffs, all benefactors are in our prayers.

Few days ago I went to my friends places and I introduced Living Rosary to them. After I introduced them about Saint Philomena, holy Oil, and the Cords, and how to use them, how to pray the Chaplet, they decided to join us. And they asked me to introduce this to more young people in some Parishes. They told me that they would help me spread Living Rosary in their Parishes.

Dearest Patti, Three nights ago there was a man (he is also the member of Living Rosary and he and his wife often come to my house) came to my house to my house, and we talked a lot about Living Rosary. He told me that there will be many people in his region want to join Living Rosary and I plan to go with him to his hometown where he was born and to some other places there to spread Living Rosary. If you think it possible, could you help us send me three thousand Rosaries, and three thousand MM. I will be very thankful if you can find the ways to have these sacramentals and send them to me. I pray and hope that you can help me with some fund too as I am really in great difficulty. I thank you very very much for this.

I think that is all for now and it is 9 o'clock at night time, and I must go home now. All the best to you and family, to your dear mother, to The Slater’s, all Staffs, and all benefactors of ULRA from me and family and the members of living Rosary. Our prayers are with you! Our Blessed Virgin Mary and our lovely Saint Philomena protect us.

Our union in prayers,

Melikior Kari and family,
Oebufu, Kupang, Timor, NTT,

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Fr. Ivan Kolodiy
79008 Ukraine
Fr. Ivan Kolodiy, Ukraine
Fr. Ivan Kolodiy, Ukraine
Fr. Ivan Kolodiy, Ukraine
Fr. Ivan Kolodiy, Ukraine
Fr. Ivan Kolodiy, Ukraine
Fr. Ivan Kolodiy, Ukraine
Fr. Ivan Kolodiy, Ukraine
Fr. Ivan Kolodiy, Ukraine

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

It is my humble pleasure to inform you that some lists went off this morning. Hope they arrive safe.

I will inform you when the padded envelope arrives.

A promoter was operated upon and to the surprise of everyone including the Doctor she was able to walk around the next day, thanks to the Oil and cord of St. Philomena. She asked that I pass on this testimony to you.

Another promoter came to our Missionary Center to say and to thank St. Philomena because according to him, since he became a member of the ULRA, his life has really changed. He got married. Again, at the same time his wife gave birth to a healthy baby boy, also, he bought a new car. All things he is thanking St. Philomena. He is involved in enrollment. He supported our work with the sum of $9:00.

This morning I went to the General Hospital Yaounde to pray for one of our members who has cancer of the spine cord. I took the Chaplain of the Hospital to give him Communion and to hear his confession.

The sisters testified that last Saturday that I went to pray with them that he has greatly improved, thanks to the Oil and cord that I applied on him that day.

Thanks very much Mother for your support and prayers.

Ave Maria!

Paul E. EKpe
St. Joseph's Anglophone Parish
Yaounde- Cameroon
They call these darling children the "Lilies of Our Lady". Each one has received a luminous <a href=Rosary and a Miraculous Medal. Our country is going through a war crisis. Another round of war is threatening. We are confident that Our Immaculate Mother will shield us through the weapons of peace you have provided for our children and us. Thank you a million times over!" />
They call these darling children the "Lilies of Our Lady". Each one has received a luminous Rosary and a Miraculous Medal. Our country is going through a war crisis. Another round of war is threatening. We are confident that Our Immaculate Mother will shield us through the weapons of peace you have provided for our children and us. Thank you a million times over!

Theresia, Asmara, AFRICA
 am in trouble with my people who want Dedicated Rosaries. They beg me every day and I promise to enroll them but, at the moment, I have nothing, no cards and no Rosaries. Please help me!
I am in trouble with my people who want Dedicated Rosaries. They beg me every day and I promise to enroll them but, at the moment, I have nothing, no cards and no Rosaries. Please help me!

Sr. Mary Jane Zuma, ASHWOOD
May God bless your work, your family and friends and all that you touch and do!
May God bless your work, your family and friends and all that you touch and do!

Carmen Polder, GERMANY

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Fr. Patrick is the ULRA leader for Kenya. He had visited France and he visited Pauline's home in Lyon.
Fr. Patrick is the ULRA leader for Kenya. He had visited France and he visited Pauline's home in Lyon.

Monday, October 6, 2008

How are you nowadays, thank you for coming to the Month of Mother Mary. We in Sudan, have so many expectations ;especially of the day of the FEAST OF THE HOLY Rosary that you shared that you will be launching a NEW website fort the missionary work amongst the un privileged ! Surly I beg to advise you to put as many photos from Sudan as possible! So that people see the dire situation we are living in at the expense of the Arab Islamists who are persecuting to Islamise and exterminate the indigenous Africans from Sudan.

Through Emmanuel, you are our lifeline!

We shall remember you tomorrow most especially.

We need Emma
Taban John
Dear Director Patti Melvin,

I shared everything I learned about ULRA and St Philomena. I feel so good when I saw all the sisters were reading the stories, and everything that you have sent after our community activity. We are inspired to know more about the life of Blessed Pauline Jaricot and St. Philomena (to be sincere, we do not know so much about them). Our superior had already made a research in the internet on this matter. Thanks to ULRA

I was able to form four Rosary groups that will start praying the assigned decades tomorrow Oct. 7, 2008, the feast of the Holy Rosary. I will also send the form filled up tomorrow, by mail. May our Lord will send and inspired you with more enthusiasm and more donors. I really thank God for you...I already shared the oil to the sick...I will start to wear the cord tomorrow. I will really help to spread the devotion of the Universal Living Rosary and to St. Philomena. I wish I can have time to visit St. Filomena Barangay High School, Madredijos, Alegria Cebu Philippines, the place of my father to share her story to the students

I think St. Philomena would really like to be known and to protect me by revealing her great love to God. Inspiring!

I was so happy to see the name of my professor in Rome, Fr. Redemptus Valabek in one of your leaflets.

With love and prayers,

Sr. Maria Corazon A. Lendio
Daughters of Virgin Mary Immaculate
Mindanao Ave., Ayala Alabang Vill., Muntinlupa City
1780 Philippines

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Dear Patti,

Thank you very, very much for that gift...I can now go for my eyes...and the money also helped me transport our dear promoter, Faith Mabonga, back to Western Kenya. She did come with a fat list of new devotees...literally swept my thin stock of sacramentals pray you will send me more especially for month of Mary and her Rosary...our weapon. She went also with St. Philomena T-shirt you had sent me earlier...The extra bits of special sacramentals do a good job of making the Living Rosary known and loved.

Now, you must definitely hear this dear Patti....St. Philomena Oil helped deliver the fourth set of twins to William family. The husband works with security where his services are demanded 24 hours. His wife, Rose has so far delivered twins now four times. Doctors were advising them to be near main hospital...That spelt MONEY and the wife was more worried about whom to leave with other young she would not tell husband when labor pains start. However both put their trust in St. Philomena. The D-day arrived with husband moving to duty and wife peacefully resting.

When pains started, she was getting ready to move to dispensary nearby. But no, baby came out just when she was at doorway and she had to hold it back to bed. News spread fast and husband panicked looking for transport....Second baby was hard on coming but when mom applied St. Philomena Oil baby boy joined his sister firstborn of two.

Couple is most grateful to you for showing them St. Philomena...The new twins are going to be baptized Mary and Joseph...GLORY TO GOD IN HIS SAINTS

Lawrence Esiangu
Living Rosary Centre
K U M I (U) East Africa
May the peace of the Lord be with you all at the Centre!!!!

Ave Maria! The UPS box arrived safely with all the lovely heavenly gifts.

October is the month for encouraging Catholic families to pray the Holy Rosary here. Our network of helpers here is active in registering and taking gifts to our new members. I thank you very much for St. Philomena's Oil and Gift Packs. The demand is high here for the Healing Oil and I am going out distributing them to the sick and giving them to the nuns in my Parish to do the same. We are so happy to also receive the gifts of these banners of St. Philomena and Venerable Pauline Marie Jaricot pictures. They are lovely and I am taking one of St. Philomena to present to Sacred Heart Primary School were most of the students joined the Living Rosary. They love St. Philomena, and 23, student, staff and teachers are helpers who are bringing in new members every month. Thank you for the beautiful T shirts. Thank you for the 2 sets of the Station of the Cross, I will be giving one set to my Parish new Church building.

I keep a sample of new information and most of them go to our helpers to distribute and promote the ULRA work in the communities were they live and work.

Once again

Thank you very much!!!!!

May God bless you all!!!!!!!

Sabina Fuluvii
National Capital District
Papua New Guinea

Friday, October 3, 2008

Dear Sr. Patti,

It is with lot of happiness I write to you today 4th Oct. I was ordained a Deacon by the Archbishop. Thank you for your prayers and of all the members. Especial thanks to our little princess. Ordination to Priesthood will be on 20th Dec. Pray and mine will be for you all. I will send some photos and other new lists.

Brother Andrew.

Bro. A. Uthayadas
Sri Lanka

NOTE: Brother Andrew is soon to be ordained. He a representative for the Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena in Sri Lanka.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Dear Mother Patti,

Glad that you are back to work after the hurricane Ike. I also thank God that our Universal Center did not suffer any loss of equipment or damage. And that you now have power after two weeks without it, to get to work.

In fact, I was already imagining what had happened to the Center when I learnt that Texas was affected with the Hurricane, and that the storm eye passed right over your center.

I received today 2 boxes with French 15s and Scapulars, Oil and cord, 7 posters, (2 Immaculate Heart of Mary, 2 Pauline Marie Jaricot, 2 St. Philomena and 1 St. Michael the Archangel), Dedicated Decades and leaflets and novenas, registration and pamphlets. The posters are very beautiful.

The English like the French 15s and novenas are very helpful hence enrollment for the Month of October devotion is going to be highly promoted. They are helpful because our School project is going to begin this Month too.

I am very pleased to report that many parents testified that St. Philomena through the oil and cord helped their children pass their end of the year examinations.

The issue of bad dreams I reported to you previously, many were also delivered from such devilish attacks.

Once again, I’m so happy that the Center is back to service after the Hurricane occurrence.

More so, I’m highly delighted that Rev. Sr. Mary Laurence of Liberia received her box and that she is interested to spread the devotion. I have written to her to see her Bishop so as to work in collaboration with the Church.

Lists will be off this coming week. And I hope you got the previous ones I sent.

Ave Maria!

Paul E.Ekpe
St. Joseph's Anglophone Parish

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Philippines - City of San Fernando, La Union

I am back in my work and I am healed. Thank you so much Madam Patti and your staff for sharing me the secrets of Jesus through Mama Mary, St. Joseph and Saint Filomena. With the strength I have I believe I can continue our mission. Thank you so much for sharing me the blessings to my sister Elizabeth "Maestra Lanying" Bello. We are now partners in the mission for apostleship.

We would like to give you initial report we did last week and still on going this whole month of October.

October is Rosary Month. In observance for this very significant church calendar. The ULRA members of DMMMSU Laboratory High School and some college students will conduct a daily recitation of the Holy Rosary and the Chaplet of Saint Filomena for the whole month this October.

We had our distribution of rosaries last week and the blessings of the rosaries were done in DMMMSU Mid La Union Campus. This campus has almost 5,000 to 6,000 students but not all were given rosaries yet.

My sister, Elizabeth "Maestra Lanying" Bello of Saint Louis College will conduct the big event tomorrow, October 2, 2008. They are busy preparing the activity which will include the distribution of rosaries to the faculty and college students (nursing, engineering, education, commerce, architecture, and hotel and restaurant students). It has a population of 2,500 plus.

The students were so happy when they were putting up the religious articles and all the religious reading materials for the exhibits tomorrow. We will send you all the documentation.

Our DMMMSU Chaplain, SVD priest got three hundred rosaries for the people in the Mountain Province particularly Apayao and Ifugao. I was touched when Father Chaplain shared me a beautiful testimony of the power of Rosary. To make the story short this group of people was attached by insurgents (NPA) and the group of people was gathered in one place but when the insurgents started to shoot them with their guns, a huge cloud came down to cover the people and so they were then saved and protected and the insurgents couldn't believe what happened. This testimony was shared by our Father Chaplain for which reason he asked some rosaries for his parishioners there because they believe of the power and the miraculous secret of praying together the Rosary.

Madam, we need more rosaries and crucifix if you have. Our rosaries are not enough for our community and barrio immersion and extension programs. We have also designed a catechetical lessons- teaching how to pray the rosaries and making the sign of the cross properly. This is integrated in our community extension program.

Our community here in the City of San Fernando, La Union needs more rosaries. Even the different schools here would like to have rosaries so please give us more.

Hope that our request will be considered soonest.

This is all for our ULRA - all for Jesus the Lord through Mama Mary and Saint Joseph and Saint Filomena and all the saints.

Ave Maria!

Let us continue praying for one another always!

I believe I am now a cancer survivor...thank you so much!

Our love and prayers,
Ma. Cleofe F. Bello and
Elizabeth "Maestra Lanying" Bello
Happy feast of St. Therese!

Dear, Patti

Thanks for your replay, I am fine and all members are keeping you in our prayer. This time we have many new members who wanted to be come our Living Rosary group. Specially the most of them are Philipino Communities those who are living in Jerusalem. Please if you send them form of list and Rosary we will be grateful. You are always in our heart.
May God bless you ...

Dear, Patti, I wish you a Happy feast ...of our Little St. Theresa of Lisieux.

Br. Fikremariam Philipos
Monastery of Ratisbonne
9172 Jerusalem/ Israel
Greetings from Liberia!

I believe sincerely that under Mother Mary's mantle, God wants this devotion to spread in Liberia!

Between communications from you and our local post office over these many weeks, I was finally able to get the package today!!! Is this a coincidence on the first day of the month dedicated to the Holy Rosary?

Please keep me in your special prayers, that I may be the best instrument I can be in spreading this devoton for God's glory ad honor of our Beloved Mother Mary.

Blessings aways

Sister Mary Laurene













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