Past Missionary News From Around the World, November 2009

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Dear Mother Patti,

Thank you so much for all.

Our School enrollment is continuing. Now, I have about 500 ne member names in the Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena (ULRA) ready for posting but I will send it when I might have enrolled 2 other School that submitted lists of their students.

One of the School teachers, who requested that I visit her little Parish, reported that her mother who is in her 60s and who had been sick for the past 2 years, used the Oil of St. Philomena, can walk now without her walking-stick. She is now fully involved in the enrollment both in her school and in your Parish.

I'm very sure mom, that in the next few years from now the ULRA...will gain ground in all Catholic and public schools in Cameroon.

I think I will need some Enrollment numbers.

I hope you were able see the recently attached photos from one of the oldest Catholic Schools in Yaounde if not in Cameroon.

Hope James of Liberia been able to send lists!

Ave Maria!!!

Paul E.Ekpe
St. Joseph's Anglophone Parish
Dear Mrs. Melvin,

Last month on 26th I was invited by Rev. Fr. Joseph to Adha Parish, Sialkot. I went there accompanied by Mrs. Parveen and Miss Angela from Jhelum. School children presented very nice tablues during Coronation ceremony. I explained about the aim of Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena (ULRA) and Daily Decade and then after Holy Mass Rosaries, Medals, Scapulars, leaflets were distributed after entering the names for Universal Rosary Family. On this occasion Mr. Stephen's name was announced as the promoter for Sialkot.

After Mass we went to the student’s hostel and gave Rosaries to students also.

OK, Good Bye and God Bless You,

Yours in Christ and Holy Mother,

Afzaal Anwar Khokhar

Friday, November 27, 2009

Dear Patti, and the Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena,

We cannot thank you enough for your beautiful ministry, we appreciate it very much.

Thank you for the precious spiritual information, we treasure it and share it others. We are happy to pray the assigned decade what is so special to us. It is a joy to spread this Living Rosary to others and everything we do the for glory of God.

Have a Most Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving!

May the Holy Family bless you abundantly for all the wonderful works you do.

Peace, love and prayers, Maria and Laszlo Boros
United States

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Dearest Patti,

Receive many greetings from Beagle Bay mission - Australia. I haven’t heard from you for quite a long time. I trust that you are fine. I am doing fine and I really thank God for his blessings upon me and the people I am serving here. I am extremely happy to express my deepest sentiments of joy and gratitude towards your generous assistance to me and the Parishioners in our spiritual lives. I thank you very sincerely and whole heartedly for your magnanimous help.

NB. Please mum, I need your help. I will be going home (Tanzania) next month for my annual leave for two months. I am delighted to inform you that my home parish is alive and vigorous blessed with strong and dedicated parish priests and courageous and committed lay people. I intend to introduce The Living Rosary of St Philomena to them and start a prayer group of St Philomena Association immediately when I arrive home. We have more that 4500 parishioners and I hope to get at least 900 people who will be interested to St Philomena. So, could you please send me some Sacramentals so that I will be able to fulfill this dream as soon as possible.

I do promise you a very special share in my prayers for all your intentions and for the members. Thank you very much in advance.

United in prayer,
Fr. Daniel Kilala

East Africa

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dear Patti,

God Bless you....we shall end Novena to the Miraculous Medal on 29th Novena...we were using manuscript translation of the MM....Intend to send to you for printing together with the processed forms for new devotees. Please send me Sacramentals especially Holy Oil and the rosaries, medals.

Here is a quick one....A Protestant mother had a malignant breast which took her around all the known doctors in Uganda, to no avail...She told one Catholic priest her plight..."So you have tried all doctors?....Now come and try catholic dr...Come" and the Rev Fr (our member) merely made a cross on the affected breast, told her to come back after a month...But she didn’t even take 2 weeks and she returned cured and demanded to be accepted to the Catholic Faith.....THANK YOU St are true to your reputation

Our brethren departed....Aropet Sebastian, Okwi Vincent (Dr), Oparo Robert, Omoding Simon Peter, Ongole Serafino....... (r.i.p.)

Lawrence Esiangu
Living Rosary Centre
East Africa

Friday, November 20, 2009

Dear Mrs. Melvin,

I have very very difficulty arranged all these in MS Word. Copies of newsletter will reach to you very soon.

Yours in Christ and Holy Mother,

Afzaal Anwar Khokhar

Click here to download and read the newsletter >>>

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Dear Mummy Patti Melvin,

Greetings from Nigeria and thanks for the last consignment received. I have distributed to one of the promoters and she is doing great work. Thanks for the oil included, three containers. I will post some of the registered members so far, about 90 of them.

With prayerful wishes,

Dear Patti,

As today I was visiting and distributing the newly received items (from you), I noted that as Christmas approaches, most Centers are demanding more items.

Two Centers are in two weeks' time visiting each other, and are already craving for more. I am happy the items are being used accordingly and many Christians are joining St Philomena. I hope by that time I shall have received some so I distribute to those I have not given today. I appreciate your work and I/we all pray for your tireless efforts. May the good Lord keep you safe. We love you! Ave Maria!

Rev. Fr Remigius Lazarus KASAWA, DP
Nzama Catholic Parish
C. Africa

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Dear Mrs. Patti,

Thank you very much for your care and support. Now some words about the deadly H1N1 flu. Yes there are some cases of the deadly H1N1 flu are found in Ukraine. Already 300 people died some of the dead from H1N1 flu but most of the people died from unknown sickness which burns the lungs completely.

They say that it is pneumonia which is very aggressive and contaminated and in the first couple days our Ukrainian doctors didn’t know how to provide medical care for the sick people but now they learned how to overcome this unknown sickness using very new method which includes oxygen therapy and many of the sick people got healed.

Few days ago it was terrible panic in Ukraine. All the drug stores are empty, the people bought all the remedies from the flu and other infections but today the situation is getting better. Now a lot of people eat a lot of garlic, onion, lemons and other products which make the immune system stronger.

The pregnant woman and small children died the first and the doctors and nurses who have contact with them died as well.

From Monday I was calling every local leader of Living Rosary here in Ukraine and I was asking about the health conditions and situation and they told me that everybody is o.k. We have the one miracle which took place with one of the member who was healed from this infection and she wrote the testimony. I forgot to tell you this H1N1 flu kills the person within three days. It is very strange but doctors say that the virus has been modified. I know about one member of Living Rosary her child got the H1N1 flu and we are praying very hard about the healing of this child - Dmytro.

Also There are many cases of the regular flu which is present in Ukraine therefore there are three kinds of the flu which are present in Ukraine but the government worked.

Oh May God bless us and protect us

I thank you very much for your care and support and I am looking forward to hear from you as soon as it is possible.

With the prayers and respect father Ivan Kolodiy

Father Ivan Kolodiy
Dearest Patti,

Greetings of peace from the Philippines!

I received the package of rosaries, medals, reading materials or reports and stampitas you sent via air and thru the post office.

I am so glad to hand and distribute to the people especially to the students and teachers.

Many are profiting the religious articles you are sending here and are very grateful because of the pains caused by the typhoons we experienced in our country.

Thank you so much, may God continuously reward your generosity and more power to the Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena (ULRA).

Gratefully in Jesus,

Sr. Josephine Fernandez, O.P.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Letter from Sr. Alfonsa Agnese >>>
Dear Patti:

I am sending you some pictures from the expo charisma in our parish, all the Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena (ULRA) group of the parish were very happy in this occasion.

A lot of people know more about saint Filomena and we enrolled them as new ULRA members.

God bless you ever.

Maria Kiku Udagawa


Monday, November 16, 2009

Dear Mrs. Melvin,

Here are some of the pictures of Karachi I visited in the last month from 27th to 31st. I went to three schools:
1. Good Shepherd School
2. Mariam Junior School
3. Mariam High School and two churches:
1. St. Paul Church
2. Lourdes Church
There I explained about ULRA and Daily Decade and then with the help of Mr. Nasir and Mr. Qamar our new promoters for Karachi Rosaries, Scapulars, leaflets and Medals were distributed to children and in the Church.

OK, Good Bye and God Bless You,

Yours in Christ and Holy Mother,

Afzaal Anwar Khokhar

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hi mum I have about 3,000 members in the Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena! My promoters are doing well! I sent them to various places! I will go with them by December! I will post them with beautiful photos on Friday! I am now going to St. Philomena group nduma I have to say mass for them just now!

Viva mum

Ave Maria

Fr. Patrick Mary Filomena
Dear Mother Patti,

Warm greetings from all of us here!

Hope all the lists I sent arrived.

This morning, about 69 lists of 2070 names went off this morning. The lists consist mostly of School enrollment. Others came from an out - station parish that I was invited by one of the female teachers of one of the Schools that I visited. This School is been controlled by Pallutin Fathers here in Yaounde.

I have just attached 2 photos from the out-station Parish. The officiating Priest, Rev. Fr. Patrick encouraged the congregation to make sure that they are enrolled. He himself was enrolled. His Decade is the Nativity. Also, since he is an assisting Priest, he promised to explain the Living Rosary to the Parish Priest of St. Joseph's Francophone Parish here in Emana, Yaounde. He invited me to come to the main Parish to attend all 2 French Masses. In a Week or so I shall be going to the Parish to explain the Living Rosary to the Parishioners. What moved the Priest more was a lovely Rosary and a table Crucifix that I gave him.

A report I received this morning states that more than 50 people at the out-station Parish have given their names for enrollment. That means that I might likely be going back to the parish this coming Sunday to continue the enrollment there.

On the other hand, School enrollment is still on-going. A comprehensive report shall be sent to the Archdiocesan secretary of Education at the end of this Semester, likely by the second Week of December, 2009. Mom, be sure I shall send you the report especially how many Crucifixes that were given away to these Schools. The School directors shall be delighted if their School could feature in the up-coming Dedicated Decade.

Hope the list arrives safely .Please, see the attached photos below!

Ave.................... Maria!

Paul E.Ekpe
St. Joseph's Anglophone Parish

Monday, November 9, 2009

Dear Friends in the Immaculate,

I write to acknowledge and appreciate the 'package' you sent me, and which I got this morning. I am so much happy with all the leaflets, Rosary and explanatory notes you sent. Thanks so much.

I am glad to join the Living Rosary family, especialy as I have relied so much on Our Blessed Mother, both during my seminary training and in my years as a priest, and she has never disappointed me. Thanks again for the Rosary, scapular and the other materials.

I so much appreciate and I pray the good Lord to keep blessing you and your apostolate.

May Our Mother Mary continue to keep us close to her Heart. Once more, I am very very grateful.

Yours in HER love,

Fr. C. Norbert Atta
C/o Parrocchia di Santo Spirito,
Dear Mrs. Melvin,

Here are some pictures of the statues we got prepared here. These pictures were misplaced and I thought I have sent you. All of our children are busy in packing the statues.

Yours in Christ and Holy Mother,

Afzaal Anwar Khokhar
Dear Mother Patti,

Today, about 400 Rosaries and Miraculous Medals and French material were delivered at a Catholic School. One thing interesting in this School was that all class teachers; men and women enrolled. Again about 15 Crucifixes also were given away to about 10 classes where there are no Crucifixes. The School director was delighted and he warmly gave me access to explain to the people (teachers and pupils) why the Dedicated Decade?

I shall be sending lists of names this coming Week. Some also came from our promoters, those who work with our centre and that are loyal to our center.

Meanwhile, some photos I took today are hereby attached for possible inclusive in our December, 2009, Dedicated Decade.

More and more schools are inviting me. One of the female teachers remarked this morning "there is no catholic Group in the history of the Archdiocese of Yaounde which had been able to reach out people as the Living Rosary, I pray God to give you people the strength and grace to continue this vitreous work to the end" she concluded.

Paul E.Ekpe
St. Joseph's Anglophone Parish

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Dear Patti,

I am very grateful for the materials you sent. With these, I have planned to share with the Christians here about the LR, the intentions, goal/aim and the spiritual benefits, as we strive in the quest for peace, love and truth. It is for this reason that I offered Mass for the intentions of the ULRA on 31 October, and on All Souls Day (2 November), I remembered especially Bertha Hunt (RIP). For my part, it is a blessing to join this army of prayers that together, we may claim the world for Christ, and that at the end the Glory of God will be manifested. May St. Philomena continue to inspire and motivate our dedication and devotion the Holy Eucharist and the Blessed Mother.

Yours in Christ,

Fr. Malambo Mbulo CSSp.
Holy Ghost Parish
Dear Madam Patty Melvin,

May Jesus Christ be Praised,

I am Bryan C. Gomez and I’m from Iligan City, Philippines. I once wrote before and I have received many sacramental, ands books from your goodness. Many benefited for all you have given to us. Many youth and children have already worn their miraculous medals and scapulars faithfully and say the rosaries daily. We have already sent the names of the enrollees and hope you will receive it by next month. I am very sorry that I have sent the names so late.

We have already spread the devotion to our great Saint Philomena in our parish. Many people have been inspired through her wonderful works. We have received a testimonial of a woman who is fighting a breast cancer. And now, through the intercession of Saint Philomena, she was healed. We will send to you a proof of the miracle she has received in my next letter. Many youth and children in our parish have return to the sacraments. Many are benefited by the many books you have sent through Sr. Ma. Jocelyn Maglangit, MSOLTC.

I would like to ask for your help if you can send me Sacramentals like rosaries, scapulars, medals and especially Holy oil and cord of our Dear Saint. Send us also books, if you have about Mary and books on Catechisms and also pamphlets. We really need it for our evangelization among our parishioners.
Hoping for your positive response on our request. May God bless you and Mary keeps you.

Ad Jesum et Mariam,

Bryan C. Gomez, OCDS
Corpus Christi Parish Church
Iligan City
Dear Mrs. Melvin,

Finally, here is a picture of the key chains I have got prepared. Initially, I have prepared 1000 pieces. There is very good response and people like these. I hope you will also appreciate my effort.

Yours in Christ and Holy Mother,

Afzaal Anwar Khokhar

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Dear Mrs. Melvin,

These are the pictures of Sargodha Institute of Technology, Sargodha where St. Philomena's Feast was celebrated last month. It was late due to lack of time. They wanted me to participate and I was not available. St. Philomena's Rosary group was also created by students. Rosaries along with Decade Cards, Scapulars, and Cords were given them. In the end there was cake cutting ceremony.

I am also thankful for the funds. I will send you the newsletter within two to three days. I will also send some new lists also.

Please send airlifts also. I have no Rosaries. I need some Cords also.

OK, Good Bye and God Bless You,

Yours in Christ and Holy Mother,

Afzaal Anwar Khokhar
Dear Mrs. Melvin,

Last month, I visited Lahore. These are the pictures of my visit. Due to use of mobile phone camera, the quality is a bit low. Last two pictures show the Rosary Group. Today, I will send some other pictures also.

Yours in Christ and Holy Mother,

Afzaal Anwar Khokhar
Dear Mrs. Melvin,

Here are some pictures of my last visit to Karachi. These pictures were in somebody's camera and I have received now. Once again I went to Karachi on 27th. From there I went to Larkana and returned back yesterday. I will send you the pictures later.

Yours in Christ and Holy Mother,

Afzaal Anwar Khokhar

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Dearest Director Patti,

May God be glorified in everything we do...

I am really touched and inspired to find the forex box you sent to the convent. The joy of receiving such wonderful religious articles soothed my tiredness from a long trip. I really love the t-shirt and its label "PRAY THE Rosary" with a beautiful picture of the little princess. I wanted to wear it but it's too big for me. I wish to give it to someone who love to pray the Rosary. I will also share the books to my parish priest in Cebu.

I just arrive from the hometown of my father in Alegria, Cebu. I was really surprised to learn that the "Lendio family" (my family name) built a chapel long time ago having St. Philomena as the patron Saint. I don't think it's a coincidence. I rather say, we are blessed! Amazing! I allready reserved Rosaries for them and I hope to give each of their families a poster of the little princes whom, I felt wanted to touch and be part of our lives.

Thank you so much for everything. I know my words are enough to express my gratitude but as long as I can, I will also try to live the mission that the Church entrusted to you.

May God bless us all.

Ave Maria, piena di grazia...

Sr. Maria Corazon Lendio
Daughters of Virgin Mary Immaculate
Muntinlupa City

Dear ones,

God bless the person who sent me this link. I just prayed the Rosary with people around the world.

This is surely a gift from Our Lady herself.

God's blessings

Vimala Padmaraj
San Thome

Monday, November 2, 2009

How are you? I hope keeping well, happy feast day, may all the saints of heaven pray for you all and intercede for our sanctification and be in communion with all the saints.

I want to let you know that last week I received a big box with booklets, prints, rosaries, scapulars, medals and holy oil, thanks a lot for your letter; it was very gracefully for me. All are save, no problem, it was very blessed because last week we had in the parish "Santisimo Redentor" an expo charism, one group of the Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena (ULRA) of this parish presented one stand, it was very visited, we have a lot of new members now, we present a DVD prepared for a friends, they are very enthusiast, I will send you soon a copy of the DVD and all the pictures we took there with the young girls and boys who know saint Filomena history, we prepared a lot of flowers crowns like saint Filomena used and we gave to the little girls, they was very kind. The parish priest gave us a certificate of presence in the expo charism.

We are going forward with courage like you told us Patti; our prayers go with you all too, amen

Maria Kiku Udagawa
South America
Ave Maria!

Mother Patti,

I will pray for a very special manner the souls of the departed members of ULRA since from the time of Ven. Pauline Jaricot and the souls of our departed priests in our decade and masses including the souls of our benefactors and friends. I will light 15 candles in honor of the 15 mysteries of our Lady, the honor of the Saints and the souls in purgatory. May the precious blood of Jesus wash our sins and free the souls in purgatory with the help of Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary, the Queen of all the saints and St. Joseph. Mother please May I request for membership cards, 1 coupon of Rosary # and New American Bible (Family Edition) for catholic schools and parishes. The last Bible you sent was given by me to Bp. Jacinto Jose, Bishop of the Diocese of Urdaneta for his Cathedral.

Let us unite our prayers and decades together for the honor of the saints and for the suffering poor souls in purgatory. It is starting to rain hard again; I do not know how people will visit their dead in this kind of weather. Please pray for us!

Thank you very much...I am waiting mother for your wired help.

Servant of the Immaculata,

Jerome Vidal Dizon
Dagupan City













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