Past Missionary News From Around the World, April 2009

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Dearest Patti,

Warmest Greetings from Kumasi - Ghana.

I am glad to inform you that your Airlift of April 27th was received today, April 30th at 1:00pm per UPS Express service with great joy. Thank you very much for the many Rosaries, Miraculous Medals, Decade Cards, Large Holy Pictures, Holy Oil and Cords.

May God richly bless and reward you for all these precious Items you do send us as well as your great support, encouragement and prayers.

We have made so many Trips and many names of new members are coming in every now and then, for enrolment.

Patti, today I have finished with the Translation for the Twi Booklet you sent. Also some few errors have been corrected and it is now ready for mailing by Air. I have also enclosed the CD for the Twi font you want for Patricia for the Wonderful work she is doing. Our prayers are with you always. Kindly keep up!!!

May the Risen Lord bless and keep you always. Peace be to you, Patti.
Yours in Jesus and Mary
Anthony Foster Oduro

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Dear Mrs. Patti,

The airlift reached me safe. In the next please do send pictures of Ven. Foundress. I am planning work in a wider manner in order to introduce her to many. Please pray for me. I remember almost in every Holy Mass that I celebrate the universal family of the Living Rosary. We are planning to hold the 2nd promoters' meeting on 6th of July and we will organize into a group of executives thus even in my absence the association will grow. By the way I have found several historical data to support the existence of Living Rosary here even back in the time of Ven. Pauline as there were French missionaries in the island also later started by Dominicans too. Will march for the Triumph!!!

Yours in Iesu et Maria,
Father Andrew
Sri Lanka
Hi Patti

I just received the package you sent. It couldn’t have come at a better time, thanks and God Bless you.

I got one request can you ask some of the priests you communicate with to consecrate the USA to the Immaculate heart of Mary? I recall after I had prayed and prayed for peace in Northern Uganda, with no results I started requesting all the priests I knew to consecrate Northern Uganda to the immaculate heart of Mary. I believe some (or even just one) of them did because within that year the abducted girls from a boarding school were returned after so many years in captivity. God of course doesn’t come back to tell us how he answered our prayers it could have been some other prayers but it's worth trying. If it worked for Russia it can work for America. I see the smoke of satan all over; don’t we need the mother to put out the fire?

Thank you once again for the Sacramentals and prayer cards

Dearest Mother and director Mrs. Patti,

Thanks to God and Our Lady, the work here is very good, I met the promoter Jean Rahme and others, all is Ok with them, they will work with me only, and if you or someone another desire to send to them supplies materials especially to Saint Philomena, they begged me to stay work with them, they said that is only the wrong of Father Michael, who is old. I told them that our goal is the triumph of The Immaculate Heart of Mary through Her Rosary and the decade prayer. I would like to ask you dear mamma about the digital camera, I need it so much, it cost here 250 American dollars, I don't know if someone can help me in this camera. I will begin to type the lists of new members of the Living Rosary (15 persons), I have so much numbers (hundreds) but I would like firstly if they can receive also the Scapular Brown, but we need so much priests to give this scapular with their own hands, because we cannot give we the lay persons to them the scapular Brown ourselves. I send you my love, prayers and gratitude.

Ave Maria.

Your little son,

Slave of the Immaculata: john kayrouz

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Dear Dir. Patti Melvin,

We, the members of the Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena (ULRA) here in San Carlos City Negros Occidental, Philippines would like to share the grate happiness we feel.

Attached to this e-mail is our picture taken recently. We are very happy to welcome ULRA in our community.

I would also like to let you know that the other members and I are inviting more people to join the ULRA.

Together with my name below is my complete mailing address and other contact details.

May God Bless us all always

Yours in the hearts of Jesus and Mary,
Mrs. Maljurie B. Agbay
San Carlos City
Mrs. Maljurie B. Agbay, San Carlos City, Philippines
Dear Patti,

During this coming month of May, being the month of Our Lady, I plan to visit and introduce myself to some members of St Philomena, like Mrs. Clara Mphande at St Paul's Parish (500Km), Mr. Barnett at Chiringa Parish (250Km), Mr. Felix Chigaru at St Vincent Sub-Parish (200Km) and Mr. Martin Chekani at St. Theresa Parish, Tsangano (about 100Km). I intend to encourage the praying of the Rosary, and encourage its dedication and devotion to St Philomena. We should know each other so we truly can do same things in unity and order. I want to see what they do, and how devoted the members are. Where necessary, I want to help and advise them too. What is your idea? Please, advise me. For this to be possible I will need a little more money for travel. Should it be possible with you to send more Mass Stipends, I am ready and willing to share it by celebrating Masses for these Intentions. I need to show my efforts and dedication as I lead these faithful people of God in and outside my Parish. They all look to me for advice and encouragement. I am happy to sacrifice my efforts/Stipends for the benefit of all and for my own benefit (salvation) as well. Please, kindly advise accordingly. Ave Maria!

Rev. Fr. Remigius Lazarus KASAWA, DP
St Peter Claver Catholic Parish
C. Africa

Monday, April 27, 2009

Dear Mother Patti,

I received 2 boxes via UPS. And small box via the post.

One with Chasubles, Stoles and Chalice including Rosaries, Saint Philomena Oil and cord, brochure, Medals and posters.

The other one came with 8 Crucifixes, posters, Rosaries, brochures, Stations of the Cross, Dedicated Decades magazines, pamphlets, leaflets etc.....

Thanks for sending the boxes. Enrollment started in the school I told you. I have got some lists with me to send but I will have to wait until I might have completed the school enrollment so as to send more lists.

Again, our promoter in Bata in Guinea Equatorial told me that he already sent some lists in three different occasions. And that he will be traveling to Malabo for some Apostolate. Hope that is true. If so I'm very delighted.

Also, I went to collect the reply to the report I submitted at the Archdiocesan Secretariat of Education, I was told to come back on Friday because they are making their reply in both English and French language respectively. I'm will likely send a copy along with the lists.

But from look of things, the Church wants us to go ahead with the school project. This is because the Secretary General asks me to show him a simple of the enrollment form. He appreciated the simplicity of the devotion.

Furthermore, for the fact that we give Crucifix sometime to be placed in some of the class-rooms where there is none is something he admires so much.

Added to the above, the Carmelite fathers shall begin training for some members who wish to wear the Scapular on May 2nd through July, 2009, in my Parish. Those who completed the training section shall officially be invested with the Scapular on Saturday July 18, 2009, to mark the Feast of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel. I will send you detail of the program when time comes.

Ave Maria.......
Paul E. Ekpe

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Dear Mrs. Patti Melvin,

Thanks a million for your letter of December 22,2008 which I received last month. Thanks a lot too, for the scripts calendar and Sacramentals. I am most grateful for enrolling me into the Universal Living Rosary Association. My number is 11721. And my Decade is the CRUCIFIXION.

I started my decade prayer on the day assigned -19.03.09. Since then, I have been saying my decade everyday for the assigned intentions included.

In order to get more members for the Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena (ULRA), I made many copies of the leaflets carrying information about ULRA and GARMENT OF GRACE, and I shared them to many of my friends, family members and colleagues in and out of Cameroon. I want many people to know about and join the ULRA.

Please, I like you to do me a favor of sending me the biographies of St Philomena and Pauline Jaricot. It is very necessary to know about them so that I will be more explicit to all those who are interested.
My address has changed. I now work in Douala, instead of Buea.

Sisters of St Therese, Makepe
West Africa
Dearest Patti,

Greetings from the Philippines! I'm very sorry for my long silence. It’s just that I can’t open my email add. The last time I viewed it was last Jan ' 09. It was only this week that my 10 y.o. niece surprised with such news. But I had been praying to God to please have it opened because it’s my gateway to the other side of the globe.

Anyway I have received all the packages you sent me. One pack in Ipil, one in Dumaguete and lately a box again in Dumaguete. I will be sending you a long list for the members. I got groups from the catechists, a group from the youth, a group from the parish workers, medical professionals and etc. It’s just that the box you doesn't have enough scapulars...but still I gave them out for I want them to start praying.

I will be sending pictures too just wait for it.

Don't you know our Redemptorist missionary whom I asked to bless the contents of the big box was the one directing how to hold the pictures and where we will stand with the stole around his neck...Oh that was fun, because I never thought that our Irish Redemptorist missionary is that cooperative. He was transferring the big flower vase in front of the image of "Our mother of Perpetual Help." and was putting the box in front of it and said "Here!" So my friend starting shooting pictures.

Another picture of our diocesan priest from Ipil who was blessing the package. Oh I can’t wait to send them to you.

There were enormous miracles on the oil of St. Philomena I will be writing some of them with my letter.
Our Perpetual dawn Rosary members had been asking for it and since we cannot distribute it that much because of its amount we asked them to buy a bottle of baby oil then we pour at least three droplets on it and let them shake it.

When your box arrives I was so happy to receive a lot of St Philomena oil and we will do the same in distribution...drops of it in every bottle.

In this poor country like the Philippines and the due cost of the medicine we always lean on gods help and intercession of the saints and Mama Mary (this is how we Filipinos call her)

Until my next mail. Please wait for the letter....

Again, our deep and warm wholehearted thanks to you and the association.


In Christ,
Maribec F. Ruiz

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Dear Patti

Thank you so much for the Box of Holy Oils which I asked for. There were a total of 47 little packages of Holy oils together with the St. Philomena cords and leaflet. Including your letter and other reading material, and the 2009 Calendar’s. Thank you very much for sending these. I am most grateful, to receive all Sacramentals and to be doing this wonderful work. God bless you and family.

Best regards

Jennifer February

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Greetings in the lord,

I a seminarian and also a member which to thank you for your hard work in working in the lords vineyard I would like to request for a full package of the Sacramentals and newsletters as I prepare for my six weeks apostolic work. I also wish to inform you of my success in bringing in the association into our archdiocesan minor seminary. Well, all glory be to God. I would be glad if my request is given due consideration.

God bless.

Dear Patti,

Belated happy Easter too. Six forex boxes received a day before the holy week.

Our first year anniversary in the launching of St. Philomena devotion and the living Rosary is fast approaching which will full on May first.

We have plenty of plans. One of our activities is showing the life of St. Philomena, Rev Fr. John Lagdamen, our chaplain, suggested to me a DVD about the life of St. Philomena.

If ever you can send us, I highly appreciated and be thankful all about it.

Vestment and other Sacramentals will be turnover on this date to our Bishop. The celebration will open and begin with a concelebrated mass and the main celebrant will be the bishop and company.

Living Rosary will be the next activity to be lead by children.

Then the third activity will be the showing of the life of St. Philomena.

These plans are tentative. Bishop Jose Advincula Jr. and Rev. Fr. John Lagdamen informed me about a farm lot which they name "St. Philomena Farm". Later they will develop that into a religious place which later it will be a pilgrimage for the people in our diocese.

Hope and pray for the realization of all these. God Bless!

Carmelita G. Baric
San Carlos City
Negros Occidental

Monday, April 20, 2009

Dearest Patti Melvin

My name is Aubin Naomauri.

I am a sickly seminarian from Solomon Islands who is currently studying in Fiji, Pacific Regional Seminary.

Just a couple weeks ago, I have learned something special which I wish to treasure as a part of me. That is the Universal Living Rosary and The devotion to St. Philomena. This I learn from Raffa, one of the members of the Universal Living Rosary and the receptionist of the Pacific Regional Seminary.

However, in doing this Devotion, I find it very useful to my Health, Studies, my relationship with others and above all my Spiritual life.

In recognizing this I dearly wish to become a member of the Universal Living Rosary of St. Philomena. With this also, I as a sickly person also beg from the bottom of my heart, if you can give me the Cord and the Holy Oil of St. Philomena. Please do remember me in your prayers, so as I will also remember other sickly and needy people, the Conversion of sinners and the Souls in Purgatory in my daily prayers.

Thanks you, for your understanding….And thank you St. Philomena.

Yours faithfully in Christ,

Aubin Naomauri
Solomon Islands
Dear Mrs. Patti Melvin,

Thanking you for all your short information through the e-mail. Although, I do not have regular communication with you, I and the members of the Living Rosary are always faithful to their Decades of the Rosary and pray for you as well as for all the other members of the Living Rosary Association. What sad news to know that you are not as well now as it was in the past. Be courage, Patti our Director, I sincerely keep you in my daily Mass and Rosary, especially on every Wednesday. May you recover from your health as soon as possible and continue the wonderful work of the Living Rosary Association.

Dear Patti Melvin, if it does not offend you, would you like to do a favor for me. At present, besides the work of the translation and typing, I was appointed also to look after a large village which is three miles away from the Pastoral Centre. The village has five quarters, one hundred and fifteen families, and one thousand and twenty Catholics. There are also a Primary School and St. Paul’s Home for the poor (orphans) children under the guide of St. Francis Xavier’s Sisters. So, it is sine qua non for me to go to that village on every Sunday and on the occasional Feast for the masses and other liturgical functions. Perhaps, due to my health and advance age, it is very hard for me to go on foot to that village regularly. Therefore, dear Patti, if you know some thoughtful benefactors or agents either from among our members of the Holy Rosary or from other organizations, would you kindly suggest them to help me in order to be able to buy a Motor Cycle for the apostolic work. Nowadays, in order to buy a presentable Motor Cycle, it will cost around 3,000 (three thousand) dollars in U.S. Anyway, if my request is granted, I will take all the full responsibility entrusted to me according to the intentions of the donors.

Thanking you for your anticipation and God bless! Hope and pray for the answer!

Yours in the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Fr. Paul Maphroi
Thanks mum! I am just back from the mission! Very far! About 500 km from Nairobi, in far village called Nyabodo in Kisumu Diocese, I drove my car to and fro, and it was wonderful but hectic!!!

We said three masses!

Many secondary and primary schools were enrolled and some sisters and priests were interested and I explained to them about St. Philomena, Ven. Pauline Jaricot and Immaculata with the three big banners!

Some places where the car cannot reach I trekked with rain boat in the mud areas! The parish priest Fr. Clement welcomed me and gave me opportunity to say masses and explain the devotion to the Christians!

I will send about 4,000 names with photos by Thursday this week!

I gave them the scapulars, they were happy because already they are used to scapulars! Invested the legionaries and talked to them!!

I will write more let me go and have rest now after driving for 10 hours!!

Viva Patti

Ave Maria

Fr. Patrick Mary Filomena

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Dearest Mrs. Patti

I want to share with you about my life and Living Rosary mission in Ukraine. The first of all I want to let you know that Ukrainian Catholic Church celebrated the Easter last Sunday therefore last week we have the Holy Week and we are preped for the Easter Celebration. The last two weeks I heard so many conversions and today I feel that it is so blessed gift of God to help the people to give the remission of sins and help them to go to the heaven but I feel that we must work more and harder to save more souls.

The center of Living Rosary Associaitoin is working still tomorrow and we will be back to the work on Monday and the rest of the week we will have the holydays. Also I want to inform you that this week we launched two more centers of Universal Living Rosary Asscociation of Saint Philomena in central and eastern Ukraine. I have more new member’s lists to send you and I will be able to do it. Now we launched the sms information service which we use to inform our local leaders about the news and current events which take place with Living Rosary Center and we are able to transmit all the requests and information from you.

It helps us to more diligent and to use less time to inform all our local leaders. Now almost 200 people visit our web page every day and they get enroll to the Living Rosary. This makes our mission more effective and smart.

I spoke to the bishop's office and the office manager says that the bishop is going to take some time in order to get some ideas how we can collaborate for the spreading of Living Rosary. Also I want to tell you that Living Rosary's newspaper "The Voice of Living Rosary" is on the one of the top the best catholic newspaper in Ukraine and more and more people are willing to read and receive our newspaper. Also now I am trying to target the hospitals and medical care departments in Ukraine where we are able to work with the sick people and welcome them to join the Living Rosary.

Almost 85 % of the people who are become the members of Living Rosary because they have some health issues and this is very important to launch such Living Rosary stations in the hospitals. We have very good example of such mission in Ternopyl and Berezany cities where the chapels have the special corner where the people are become the members of Living Rosary. This week I run out of the Ukrainian decade’s cards and now I need to print them again. We printed 50,000 new decades’ cards where I added the web page address which the people will be able to use in order to receive more information about Living Rosary work. Also other good way which helps us to continue our mission is that we inform our members that every person who become the member of Living Rosary can arrange the Sacred Masses during 30 days and if they need some emergency prayers then we try to provide this prayers by using sms service information.

I am looking forward to hear from you dearest Mrs. Patti with the prayers and respect father Ivan Kolodiy

P.S. I will start to celebrate the Triduum of Sacred Masses for Mrs. Luz tomorrow morning as you asked me

Father Ivan Kolodiy
Dearest Mrs. Patti Melvin,

Today I have posted the Triduum Mass Cards to your office. I have already celebrated the Mass for the given intentions and very specially prayed for their family. The date of the celebration of the Mass is mentioned in the enclosed letter.

Being a student and not pastorally engaged I can celebrate Triduum Mass for the intentions. This will really facilitate my studies, as I have no Mass intentions here. I record my sincere thanks to you.

Thank you so much for your concern and love towards the ministers of the Church. As a younger brother, I can only assure my prayers to you. Please pray for my studies in Rome as well.

Thank you so much for your spiritual awakening message in the spring issue of the ‘Dedicated Decades’.

I continue to pray my appointed Decade daily. God is giving me enough spiritual reward.

I pray for the benign blessings from Heaven for the success of your ministry.

Ave Maria!

Fraternally Yours in Jesus and Mary,
Fr Tajo Leyon, Rome
Instituto degli Oblati di Maria Vergine
Dearest Patti

Thank you for the expedition dated Apr.8.2009.The copy of expedition for parcel arrived and the new leaflets. Congratulations are too little to say to you. This is a very SPECIAL booklets who give us o lot of courage. God richly bless you and Our Lady protects you every day. Because we need you so VERY MUCH.

Thank you Lord for Patti !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dear Patti

First and foremost receive my warm and tender greetings from Malawi the warm heart of Africa. Secondly I would like to thank you for the wonderful gifts of Sacramental and an enclosed note of $20 which will assist the orphans the less privileged. These gifts were not within my expectations really. These precious gifts will really enhance deepen our spiritual life within each and every member of the Living Rosary. Realizing that Sacramentals play a vital role in an individual’s way of living, therefore it is my hope, feeling and belief that many people are going to be saved and have an eternal life for as long as we regard and believe that a DECADE is the most precious gift of Life from God.

For instance, long time ago I was indeed far much behind in my Christian way of life. But these days am always overjoyed because my affinity towards Jesus Christ is so strong and keeps on growing day in day out. I have really improved my relationship with my God.

I believe with Sacramentals and other literatures will assist Africa, Malawi and my district Mzimba to come closer to our Almighty through Prayers thereby escalating our way of living through Rosary. A Gift box has just come at the right time when we are within the Lenten season. I distributed some of these precious gifts to many during our Way of the Cross which was attended by thousands of people including non Catholics. We covered a distance of 8km.

Lastly help me pray for every member of my community and the orphanage to understand the essence or the Rosary. Our Lord Jesus Christ always protects us from dangers and will always lead us into salvation. I have also written Fr. Kasawa and am just waiting for his response. Patti how can I contribute to some publication?

Clara Mphande
Dear Patti

Thanks very much for such a quick response and indeed your commitment & sacrifice to save souls are empowering me too to support you. Don't you think of establishing a centre in South Africa? --- there are institutions & religious houses named after St Philomena. They might be a starting points. Please, think about it. I am concerned because it is about Mary's weapon of salvation.

Ave Maria!

Sister Irenata N Gloria Biyela (FSF)
University Of Zululand Internal
Kwa Dlangezwa
South Africa
Dear Patti Melvin.

Peace and love of the Risen Lord be with you. Thank you ever so much for the 3 emails and a postage letter sent to me. I am so happy to have received from you the two CDs on the Life of St. Philomena. I was quite busy last week preparing Christians to receive Jesus resurrection spiritually and failed promptly to inform you of the reception of your letter and all that is enclosed in it.

I was so happy to read newsletters about Sudan. You have captured my heart when I saw some photos of my Christians I served so well which were very familiar with me.

I worked in Rumbek Diocese-Sudan and Wau Diocese; Northern Bahr El Gaelic did my pastoral experience in Rumbek Cathedral for 2 years, Warrap Parish in Wau for 2 years and Gordhiim parish near Aweil for 2 years. So Kuajok and many other places were parts of my territory and many Sudanese Christians still recall my name and my priestly service.

Since then, I did not know of st. Filomena's movement.

I can coordinate with you interns of spreading st. Filomena's love to humanity within Dar es salaam and the Tanzania as a whole. God gave us different gifts and we are to use them freely for the salvation of the world.

May you send some prayers and st. filomena's oil to: Sr. Henrika Henry, in Moshi-Tanzania? She has requested some prayers too from you. She is suffering from Back pains and Heart problem. Pray for her.

The oils of St. Filomena got finished already. I have used them to many sick people and will post to you the photos on how many people are healed miraculous through anointing of St. Filomena's oil.

I wish you Happy Easter and May St. Filomena strengthen her ministry already started through you and the co-workers. May you all be blessed by St. Filomena.

I remain

Yours in spreading st. Filomena's ministry,

Rev.Fr. Henry J.Rimisho
Catholic Priest-Dar es Salaam

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dear beloved Sr. Patti,

I am very happy to write to you. The gift of UPS air lift reached me safe. The small amount from that was sent to Internally Displaced Persons’ areas and the some other I will send to bishops. We will reach out many as possible. I celebrated the Holy Easter Triduum and in each of the service I remembered you and all the members both living and diseased.

May God bless us and Mother Mary helps us in all our needs and endeavors. Amen.

Your brother in Iesu et Maria,

Fr. Andrew

Rev. Fr. A. Uthayadas
Sri Lanka
Dear Sr Patti,

I had a wonderful group last two days. I interacted with them and explained to them very clearly during the mass (homily) and after the mass. They were very happy and here is their group photo.

Praying for you. I hope you are fine

With Easter blessings

Fr Arun Kumar SJ
Jesuit Residence
Ateneo de Manila University
Quezon City, Philippines
Fr Arun Kumar SJ, Quezon City, Philippines.
Fr Arun Kumar SJ, Quezon City, Philippines.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Dear Apostles of the Living Rosary,

Recently, someone sent to us a review that appeared on the internet which described a Rosary which is made in Italy and distributed through luca of Web Trade Inc. and reputable Catholic companies in the world. The review detailed certain symbols on the Rosary, many of which can be seen only with a magnifying glass and are dubious at best. The Rosary is called the NEW AGE Rosary.

Please click here to read the whole document>>>
A letter from Fr. Martino Ai Han Myanmar! Please click here to read >>>

A letter from Fr. Ambroise B. Bayiha, SAC, The Pallottine House of Formation, Merrivale, South Africa. Please click here to read >>>

A letter from Fr. Patrick Ezeonu, Kenya, Africa. Please click here to read >>>

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Dear Sister Patti,

I am happy tell about the arrival of the recent air lift. It is very cost effective as well time effective from this side too. Thank you very much and we will do the best to spread the LR. My Easter blessings are with you and all the members. Even today celebrated a Holy Mass for the all the members of LR as well as for you and other chief promoters.

Thanking you once again I remain yours in Iesu et Maria.

Fr. Andrew

Rev. Fr. A. Uthayadas
Dear Patti,

Just thought you might want to consider creating a book that would be of selected articles from the Dedicated Decades magazine and calling it "Becoming Dedicated to the Mother of God" or "Becoming Truly Blessed by the Mother of God". Be sure to tell people in the book how to order the Dedicated Decades magazine.

You may also want to feature in the book how to become consecrated to the Mother of God through the St. Louis de Montfort method and other ways to be blessed by Mary that you have run across.

Sincerely Yours,
Jeff Schuller
United States

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Dear Mother Patti,

I wish to inform you that I encouraged one of our promoters, Lilian Shuka to go to Bamenda Central prison and begin enrollment there last year.

She accepted and today Living Rosary is operating in the Bamenda prison. Today she sent 330 names enrolled.

On that note I will be sending her a box just after Easter Sunday.

Also, I told her to take pictures and the impression of the prisoners and the prison officials for onward publications.

Back here in Yaounde, the Catholic Prison Commission has also affiliated the Living Rosary as one of its members. That is to say that I can attend any conference or seminar that the Commission may organize. Wishing you and all our staff a very happy Easter in advance.

Paul E.Ekpe
Mum I am sending you a splash page on Machakos Church bravo. Click here to see >>>

Fr Patrick Mary Filomena

Monday, April 6, 2009

Dear Mother Patti,

The Dedicated Decade for this Spring is so good in its title"Fatima Our Promise and Hope". I gave some to the enrolled members of my Parish yesterday including our three Priests. They so much appreciate them. It is rich in information and inspiration. What make it more exciting is the information and pictures from Cameroon.

I hope some people will write to you. Please, do remind them to visit our center.

Wishing you and all our staff all the best during the Holy Week and happy Easter in advance.


Paul E. Ekpe
Dearest Mrs. Patti,

I thank you very much for your understanding and support of our mission. I am very grateful to God and to Virgin Mary for the blessing of Living Rosary. Also I am very grateful to your support and care. Without your assistance and support as our mother and leader, your experience and very good and smart advises all such success of the mission will not be possible. You help us a lot and we are very grateful and I and all our members express our fidelity and loyalty to you as our Leader and Mother. On Monday I will send you almost 1000 new members for March. I forgot to take the file from the office. I am looking forward to hear from you and Mary God bless you dearest Mrs. Patti with the prayers and respect father Ivan Kolodiy.

Father Ivan Kolodiy

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Dear Universal Living Rosary Association and the Blue Army,

The TAN BOOKS' booklet "Our Lady of Fatima's Peace Plan from Heaven" gives a great message of making Reparation to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Could you possibly consider trying to encourage people to make Reparation to the Immaculate Heart of Mary through the Fatima Peace Plan? I feel you would be helping take thorns out of Our Lady's Immaculate Heart if you do so. The Peace Plan has the following requests (1) Penance and Reparation, (2) The Daily Recitation of the Rosary, (3) The Five First Saturdays, and (4) The Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

I would like the Universal Living Rosary Association to consider what The Blue Army -, says about this booklet and if anything is lacking in it. Then the Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena (ULRA) could consider translations of "A Fatima Peace Plan from Heaven" written by the Blue Army from English to other languages. I really wish The Blue Army will consider creating a booklet and allowing The Universal Living Rosary Association to feature it on their web site and translating it into other languages. The booklet could also be featured on The Blue Army web-site.

Could The Blue Army and the ULRA please consider getting the booklet from TAN BOOKS and seeing if it is complete? Bulk discounts on the book go down to 50 Cents per booklet. TAN BOOKS website is

Please take care of Our Lady's Immaculate Heart and allow her to once again bring her Son back into people's lives. Could you seriously consider promoting the Booklet through your Ministry to Clergy and to Laity? It really will bring peace.

Your Friend,
Jeff Schuller

Friday, April 3, 2009

Dear Patti.

Yes indeed I did attend Majors address....It was great judging by the huge applause he received almost on every disclosure he made on the History of The Holy Rosary Generally and the Living Rosary in particular...The books you have been sending us are rare very rare. So to most in the Congregation all was news....Thank you for updating us.

I am getting drier sacramental wise....there is more demand now especially as new Catholics both for Sacrament of Confirmation and First Communion.....There are many converts from Protestant Sects and many returnees to the Catholic us still more to pray that the inauguration of Living Rosary, in Mbale Area will spread us in that vast and sturbborn area.

I am processing new entrants to Living Rosary and will soon send the lists...HAPPY EASTER, DEAR PATTI


Thursday, April 2, 2009

Dear beloved sister Patti,

I am happy to inform that today 460 new members i.e. 30 new groups were sent to you. The airlift/UPS is very good for they delivered it to home. But it may be expensive to you over there. We are going to print St. Philomena's book in Tamil, reprint of Indian one. Then reprinting a book on Mother Mary for May devotions lastly printed in 1956 in Sinhala and it will have an ad for joining to Living Rosary as the last page. Pray for the efforts. My Easter wishes to all the members all over the world, promoters, and benefactors. May God bless you all in abundance.

Yours in Iesu et Maria,
Rev. Fr. Andrew
Sri Lanka
Dear Patti,

We thankful, we thankful for help of you, oh we tell this recent miracle from MM. A pregnant lady Sophia deliver good baby in forest after run away from home because fear from rebels iof Kony, last yesterday she fear for death when she suffered 10hrs of labor, a friend of her had a medal we gave her, took away it from her heck and gave it to Sophia to tie around neck but as she finished tieing, abruptly the labor pains stopped and all was to cry of baby boy. Thank you sending us medals, where is Emmanuel, when he come to us again? We need more medals; we have seen Mother Mary will help us in problem.

All people great you from forest, good things are better now, these days rebels not attacked.

Dear Director Patti,

May God be praised in everything we do...

I just arrive from Bicol Region...I am welcomed by the forex box that sooth my tiredness...Thanks so much.

I will make a small package, out of this, to send to Flores, Indonesia. Our sisters there are also interested to promote ULRA. Actually, I already sent just 200 Rosaries two weeks ago. I am really touched by these Rosaries, especially this time that I am living for Mindanao. Our postulants who will come with me are willing to help me promote ULRA in their localities.

I found one blue ball pen inside the box, that must be yours. I'm happy to keep it for myself, at least some of your things is with me...Thanks for that! Thanks for everything. Thanks for the beautiful posters of Mama Mary & St. Philomena. Some of our sisters are already asking some of it to be placed in their chapels.

May God bless you with generous donors to continue this wonderful works He entrusted to ULRA...May He keeps you always in good health so you can serve more, we need people like you...and May He keep us always inspired for Him.

With all my prayers,

Sr. Maria Corazon A. Lendio
Daughters of Virgin Mary Immaculate
Mindanao Ave., Ayala Alabang Vill.
1780 Muntinlupa City

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Dear Mrs. Melvin

In 2007 I was transferred from Highflats, to be the student master but life there was not good for me so I got ill for about a month then had to be under great care. Thank God I am fine and I can communicate to you my new ministry which is to do translations for the Foundation and give retreats. I pray that you well and continued to spread message God has entrusted to you.
I am promoting the Rosary now in two parishes where I help for weekend masses.

God Bless

Happy Easter

Fr. Sibongiseni
Catholic Bible Foundation
South Africa
Dear Dir. Patti Melvin,

We are so happy when last Monday a packet containing several cards and sacramentals arrived to us. The sacramentals, the cards and the literatures are already distributed to all the members. We are happy because finally we can start our assigned decades on May 13th. We'll recruit more members and we hope that we may become helpful in spreading this devotion of Saint Philomena our patroness and protectress and of the Universal Living Rosary.

I made a mistake on one of the names of the members. Could you please change Juliet B. Agbay's name to Juliet B. Alverio? Enrolled in Rosary #475320.

Thank you so much and God bless you and your family always.

Love and Prayers,
Mrs. Maljurie B. Agbay
Dearest Mrs. Patti

This is father Ivan. I would like to ask you the forgiveness for the long silent but this weekend I was very busy having the meeting with the Bishop of Ivano - Frankivsk diocese talking about the official letters of the blessing to continue our work and our mission. Let me to make clear the entire situation. For this time the Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena (ULRA) is growing very fast and now we have very good and important success in the development of ULRA but as you know I want to have more new members and to bring the Living Rosary in every parish and family of Ukraine. I have initiated to receive the official approvals from the bishops of Ukrainian Catholic Church to continue to spread the devotion to the Rosary and establish the Universal Living Rosary Association throughout the whole of the Ukraine.

Also Tomorrow I am going to send you the rest of the decade’s cards which were printed in Ukraine and then I will check out the post office box tomorrow for the letters with the documents and the flash drive in order to publish the leaflet for Living Rosary. This is very busy time because we are enrolling almost every day twenty new members and more and more people are willing to take part in the spreading of Living Rosary devotion. What I feel that our devotion it is like a fire which is spreading very fast and our phone is almost in the fire from the phone calls of the people who are willing to pray the Living Rosary. The newspaper helps us a lot and the printing materials are helping us a lot. AT this moment I am going to participate in the two retreats which are dedicated to the devotion of Living Rosary. Also I feel that in this time more people in Ukraine lost their trust in money and power of this world and they need something more substantial like faith and devotion to Virgin Mary and saints and they write and call us. Also there are so many people who join the Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena because they or their family members have difficulties and sickness and they lost all their hope and want to be the part of this Universal Living Rosary prayer. There are so many people who are feeling that they need spiritual support and care and we try to give them it.

This Friday I was participating in the conference which was dedicated to Pro Life movement in Ukraine. I had a chance to meet with some pro life activists from Croatia and USA. I met with one man who is from Washington D.C. and I told him about the Living Rosary devotion. Also I showed him our newspaper and he told me that he would like to spread the newspaper - "The Voice of Living Rosary" among Ukrainian people who are living in USA. Obviously I told him about you and stressed that you are my spiritual mother and boss and if he wants to help in spreading the devotion to Living Rosary you will be the person with whom he needs to stay in touch. He answered me that He would love to stay in touch with you and I am sending you his e-mail to write him a letter and encouraging him to spread the devotion to Living Rosary among Ukrainian people in USA.

I thank you very much and May God bless you dearest Mrs. Patti. Please forgive me that I kept the silent but in every moment of my life I am working for you and Living Rosary!

With the prayers and respect,

Father Ivan Kolodiy
Pakistan Newsletter - January - March 2007.  Please Click Here to Open (Slide-Show Requires Microsoft Power Point) >>>














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