Past Missionary News From Around the World, April 2010

Thursday, April 29, 2010
Dear Mother Patti,

I wish to thank God for given Rev. Fr. Verant, the Rector of Mini-Basilica, Yaounde, the grace for has granted us the opportunity to launch the ULRA group in his Parish. Fr. Verant is a Pallottin Father. The Mini-Basilica is called Our Lady Queen of the Apostles. Our Holy Father visited this Basilica during his visit last March, 19 through 21, 2009. The Living Rosary was presented in all three Masses by Madam Thérèse.

As you can see in one of the photos a table was placed at the entrance of the Basilica to afford Christians the opportunity to come and enroll. Both young and old were enrolled, while others enrolled their families and friends who were not able to attend Mass. The President of the group Madam Therese was delighted to see many people coming to enroll. Meanwhile, many other Parishes has invited us to visit their

Parish too.

Ave Maria!

Paul E.Ekpe
St. Joseph's Anglophone Parish


Tuesday, April 27, 2010
Dear Universal Living Rosary,

A friend of mine's daughter is undergoing treatment for cancer. She is quite young and after her surgery she took a downturn and her intestines began to quit functioning. I had sent them Miraculous Medals that you had given me and as soon as her father took the Medal and placed on her bed she began to make a miraculous turnaround!

She wears the medal wherever she goes. Thank you again for your ministry and thank goodness for the intercession of Our Lady and Our Lord's healing power!!!

Fr. Brent Keith
Archdeacon, Diocese of the Central Gulf Coast
Headmaster, Cathedral Academy
United States

Dear Patti,

I am thank you for all, I wish to tell you with the benefactors about how we survive the last elections, you will excuse me for bad English because I am for Arabic and no one this time help me express that what I wants to do most!

I do this on behalf of those all that have found help with MM. I wrote to you our worry for the last elections that take place from 11th April and you accepted with all your energy and time to arrive at us in Darfur! I am report to you that we up to now we never got a lot of problems! These are minor one but not so serious, all those that benefit from the dispatches you send us before elections are so thankful for the miracle that you have help do. Surely according to what we see before elections, how the janjaweed were determined to fight us non-Moslem is surprise! Dear benefactors, you helped us survive the monster of Satan that has been near us, we saw yesterday the president reinstall that he win elections, and we are surprise that no much violence was come!

Everyone here has it on lip that it must have not been any human help that bring this, it was the hand of Mother Mary under title of Immaculate Conception, We are so thankful of all of you the benefactors and our director, that help us in hard times you are helping us for the other time, we are your children, we have understand that you love us, like Jesus! A parent can’t bad do anything on your children but good! This is what you done, everyone confirm that you are heart of us, and have found good parents! We tell you, everyone is surprise including Moslems; our people have gained much Mother Mary's medal!

So we now thinks without delay that we to be protected during most times, Nevertheless, we hereby kindly again begs you to helps us with more MM and oils, they prove much protect for the population that never had any protection before! We are so much happy and encourage that non- Catholics are pick much interest in this! Also we we still have just small percentage with protection of this, we asks you kindly to helps us protect more souls with more MM! There are so many in demands for MM, this time non-Catholics demand more! This is good attitude because they say that they came from Catholics!!One lady that asked for medal when I have not, told me that she know that Catholic is most pure of all and said that she has right to demand MM, unfortunate, I has not!

So many miracles favors reported by non- Catholics that have MM, surprising, women escape rape and etc.

We rely on you, and we say you that we love you well!

Dear Mother Mary, protect benefactors of us!

Monday, April 26, 2010
Dear Patti,

I want to acknowledge the receipt of a great parcel of Sacramentals which was sent to my two weeks ago, i must say that it was a great surprise to us as we were not expecting so great number of Sacramentals. I pray that the Good Lord will continue to strengthen the work you and you team are doing at the Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena (ULRA) office.

My acknowledgement would have come earlier but i am trying to reach all our members to schedule a day to meet so that we can distribute the materials. I believe that this will take place on the second Sunday of May. I will still communicate with you to let you know how it went. Once again i am very grateful and i promise that the materials will be put into good use.

From all of us here in Abuja, Nigeria, we wish you a happy Easter season.

Thank you and may the blessing of God be with you.

St. Philomena, pray for us.

Christopher Agoha


Saturday, April 23, 2010
Dear Sr. Patti,

Thank you for your letter dated 18th March and nice parcel. I got it yesterday at Kalay post office. I had youth course in my parish and help another parish for the same course. My subject is Prayer and devotion. Purposely I talked on Our Lady and Holy Infant of Jesus. I translated Family Rosary Booklet from English to my own language-Tedim dialect. I want to inform you that I offered requiem Mass for your beloved sister Mary Francis. I am trying to get Invitation Letter from my friend. If I get i could visit you. Please keep on praying me.

I do pray for you,

Sincerely yours in Jesus & Mary,
Fr. Joseph Mung


Monday, April 19, 2010
Dear Mrs. Melvin,

I am back from Mariamabad. Here are some pictures. I will try to send you the pictures taken with one camera (then remaining tomorrow as there were three cameras with different persons). I will send you complete report later on.

Yours in Christ and Holy Mother,

Afzaal Anwar Khokhar

Dear Mrs. Patti

I am so privileged to be ordained in this year of the priest. Also ordained with me were some living Rosary members: Rev. Fr. Armel Abessolo, cmf: Rev. Fr. Andrew Esua, cmf: Rev. Fr. Elisée Abé, cmf. Please pray for us.

Do not hesitate to send us your intentions so that we pray for you at our masses. For now, I am praying for all the Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena (ULRA) members, living or dead. I pray for the repose of the soul of your sister.

God bless You

Immaculate Heart of Mary, Be my salvation.

Rev. Fr. Jude Thaddeus Langeh Basebang, cmf
Théologat Clarétain,
Central Province,
Republic of Cameroon,
Central Africa
Dearest Patti,

Warmest Greetings from the St. Philomena’s House in the name of Jesus and Mary!!!

So happy to inform you that I have this afternoon posted to you the lists of 2,100 new members in the Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena (ULRA) who are to begin their assigned decades on April 26TH, 2010, the feast of our LADY OF GOOD COUNSEL.

Thank you so very much!! Patti, by your great help and quick response I was able to get Rosaries, Scapulars, Miraculous Medals, Dedicated Decades, leaflets etc. for all these newly enrolled members. In fact each and every member shall receive Rosary, Miraculous Medal and Scapular as well as leaflets and Holy picture together with his or her Assigned Decade Cards from their packages. And we always try to add some few newsletters, large Holy pictures, books etc. into each package for the whole group. We usually do the packages according to proportional division.

Please here are some few poor photos of the start of the packages and the end. I am sure you will see the contents of each box. By God’s grace and your kind support all the boxes for these new members were also posted this afternoon, through special express mail, so it may take only three working days to reach the new members. Thank you for all you do for us. May God bless you more abundantly. Patti, peace be to you!!

Yours in Jesus and Mary

Anthony Foster Oduro
West Africa

Saturday, April 17, 2010
Covenant Community
Pagadian District

April 17,2010

Dearest Patti,

May the peace of the Risen Lord and His Divine Mercy be with you!!!

First and foremost receive my deepest condolence for the death of your sister MARY FRANCESCA, may God our Father give her eternal peace with Him in heaven.

Receive also my sincere apologies for the delay in replying your letters and all the devotional items sent to me last April 14, 2009 which I received last May 8, 2009. We have already distributed it to the different places in Mindanao particularly in Barangay Paradise, Barangay Kaiangan, Barangay Poblacion West and East, in the municipality of Ramon Marsaysay, Barangay Monte Alegre and Barangay San Miguel, in the municipality of Aurora both in Zamboanga del Sur. We have also given some to the Holy Infant Seminary in Barangay Balangasan, Pagadian City for the seminarians who want to be a priest.

Our community the Bukas Loob Sa Diyos Covenant Community who has a Prison Apostolate Ministry in Oroquieta City were also helping us in distributing the rosaries and devotional items to the City Jail inmates and taught them to recite the Holy Rosary.

During our cenacle prayer meeting which is a MARIAN MOVEMENT, we are able to distribute some rosaries and devotional items to the participating community in Barangay Tabok Sur, Oroquieta City. I am really happy to inform you that people who received the said items were very much thankful to you and to the Universal Living Rosary through the intercession of St Felomena.

I have attached in this Email letter some of the pictures we have taken during those occasions using our outdated cell phone cameras. I am very sorry for the pictures were not so clear but I think it can be useful to all of us.

Lastly, dear Patti, we still need more items to be use in proclaiming and spreading the Holy Gospel through the recitation of the Holy Rosary thereby saving more lost souls. So if still have some extra of this items especially statues of the Virgin of the Fatima which is used in our Cenacle Prayer Meetings, please do send us some. Thanks and God Bless!!!

Yours in Jesus’ Divine Mercy,

Pagadian City, Philippines

Dear Patti,

We are pray for you here in Goma jungles, we are not good at all why? We are waiting for help mama of us from you! Ohh! Don’t abandons us our mama, we are on life only because of MM and oils that protects us so well, we are in more fighting of rape and killing by rebels that are use the rain season to kill and rob us! Dear madam our mother, we are kind pray you send us oil, Ohh! last two days 124 peoples are kills and others rape in village, What surprise is miracle of those that have MM, they not harmed, 29 were have MM in village before attack, and are all safe!

Mama of us help us we heard Emma is back in Uganda, help us we prays you.

This morning a village of Mapeko is attack by rebels and chaos is on, rebels and government soldier against civilian!

We call you mama, we help no one from!

Dear Patti

I was absolutely overjoyed when a box from the Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena (ULRA) arrived yesterday! Thank you so much to everyone who made this possible.
You are always in our prayers.

God Bless

Sybil Adams
Cape Town
South Africa

Wednesday, April 14, 2010
Dearest Patti,

May the peace of the Risen Lord be with you!!

This is to inform you that I am in receipt of your large box posted last weekend through the quick services of UPS Express. Thank you very much for the contents of over 1,100 beautiful Rosaries and some thousands of Miraculous Medals, booklets and some Holy Oils.

May God richly bless you for all. Anyway together with the Rosaries already in our custody here we could be able to prepare packages for the over 2,000 new Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena (ULRA) members we are enrolling now. And immediately after this batch of enrollment we hope to tackle another batch of over 1,300 new ULRA members as the names are coming often and often. And we shall by all means need many more Rosaries to carry on the work.

Thank you very much and may God richly bless and keep you always.

Patti, Peace be to you!!!

Yours in Jesus and Mary

Anthony Foster Oduro


Our Dearest Director Patti Melvin,

Happy Easter 2010 to you and all the Staff members of the Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena (ULRA)!

First and foremost please receive my apologies for the delay in replying to your letters and all the devotional items received during the month of March on 25th 2010, due to various pastoral reasons in our Mission which I could not avoid such as: the instructions of the catechumens, for the sacrament of marriage, seminars of different Catholic Movements of Action among which we have our new movement named: “Movement of Saint Philomena” under the name of “Children of Light” with the devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary the movement which is really starting with a bit of strength since most of our Christian Catholics are from other mushrooming churches such as Makane Yesus, Kalehiwot among others, hence these people really need a lot of catechism and instructions about the catholic faith and the devotions of different kinds. In fact, one of these instructions that I put forward for our new movement during the Lenten season was to organize the coming together as a group for the daily Rosary prayers which took us throughout the 40 days of lent starting from ash Wednesday to holy Wednesday of the holy week and was only possible at the parish level whereby at least I could get some time for them after the apostolate in the outstations and we really remembered you in daily prayers. So I am really sorry for that and also I take this opportunity to present to you my sincere condolences in particular and from our new movement in general for the death of KLOTZ, Sister Mary Francisca which occurred on January 28th, 2010 may her soul rest in peace and Dear PATTI as you know God gave her to the people and God has taken her away from the same people, this is with a purpose so please remain strong always with Mom in prayer and let me assure you that we shall keep praying for you and your dear family. We pray God that He may always shed His light upon you ,your family and all your staff members so that His Will may always be done for those who suffer in the spirit and in the body while advocating to our beloved Mother Mary through our dear Universal Living Rosary Association of St. Philomena.

I am really happy to inform you that we received the beautiful rosaries (275), medals (275), small images of St. Philomena (288), Blessed oil (2 tins),small catechism of the catholic religion (3), printed colored papers dedicated decades (15 + 2 booklets spring 2010),and finally booklets + leaflets for mysteries in Amharic (39). We really appreciate you very much indeed, dear Patti keep it up and I promise to send you our group photo very soon before the end of this month, because by this time it is not available still in the studio with the photographer. I would also wish to inform you that in the first week of may I will be through with my pastoral experience in Ethiopia of one year and go back to Nairobi-Kenya to finish up with my remaining 2 years of theological studies. So for this reason I would wish to propose to you the name of the father or sister working here in our parish as your future collaborators, could you please help me to choose from among the two before I leave this place?

Dear Patti we still need more items from you to strengthen our people in terms of catholic faith such scapulars, big size holy pictures, statutes of our mother Mary among others.
Wishing you all the best in your daily activities and good apostolate in everything you do to the people around you.

Yours in the Risen Christ,
Brother Romeo Kabikula Kapepela, A.J.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010
Easter Greetings to you from the ULRA HQ,

I feel that I have to report to you Patti on the progress from my parish and local church.

My Parish is Tangarare, and the name of the local church I am now representing on behalf of all the Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena (ULRA) members is Vasatiro local Church just within the above parish. This is in the west of Guadalcanal Island Province, However, it is the same Island that the US Army fought during WW2 1942.

Anyway, our members here are very fine with their prayers as we always met every Mondays Wednesdays and Sundays to say prayers together. For your information we are a small group but we are very much together in terms of prayer meetings and most of our prayers are very successful. There are plenty of people from other local churches gave requests for to go and help them pray for their needs and some even go as far as requesting us to teach them how to pray the Rosary. Having seen this significant progress we started to organize ourselves and just after 5 years after, today we are one the strong and vibrant members who are leading the army of mama Mary around in this l/church. I know you've sent us packages of Rosary last year 2009, there we are able to carry on till today.

In our Daily Decades program, we also include the groups'/members' saying of the fifteen Decades, the Dive Mercy prayer and the sacred Heart devotion.

Patti, its very good and awesome the prayers of the members here that requests continue to come in almost every day. What a blessing. Thanks to the beautiful little St. Philomena’s personal touch and guidance that helps to carry us to the feet of the BL Mother which makes it easy to obtain divine providence and blessings from Her Son- Our Risen Lord.

Also we congratulate you for the fine work on behalf of all the members in other parts of the world. And believe us or not we are part of you every day in our prayers and hope all the best through this year and the future to come

Wish you God's blessing including your family

All wishes and greetings all the way from Solomon Islands members especially for the Vasatiro local church ULRA members

Yours in Jesus & the BL Mother

Coleman Vuke
Solomon Islands

Franciscan priest prays for all Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena (ULRA) members and their loved ones through Easter at the Tomb of Our Lord in Jerusalem.

All throughout the blessed Season of Lent and the glorious weeks of Easter, I have united my prayers with yours everyday in the traditional Way of the Cross along the ancient Via Dolorosa and the Holy Rosaries at the different shrines in Jerusalem. You are all here with me on Holy Land. During this holy season of Lent, I have offered a Novena of Masses for you, your families, your departed loved ones, the sick and suffering.

I celebrated the Solemn High Mass at the Tomb of Our Lord on April 6 for the members and benefactors of the ULRA of St. Filomena
Fr. Angelo Beda Ison, ofm
St. Saviour's Monastery
P.O.B. 186-91001

Please click here to view a copy of his letter to all of us >>>
Dear Patti,

Greets you from Malakal, I knows you want to know more about the elections.

Thanks to God that we have not have so far a lot of violence as we predicted, this is surely a miracle and must have come from the mercy of Mother Mary! Thanks you indeed for protecting us and we are so value you and the benefactors!

About elections, we see the worst of what is called elections, and we are afraid that all the people that have understanding cannot accept this! They were supposed to have ended yesterday but by then only a negligible fraction of what had been cast by those interested; led the Islamists government to extend election date up to next Thurs! This too many is just useless because everything is complex and many people not interested!

Most voices say they will shed their last blood come let next Jan referendum, thus this is why we call upon you to help us Emma return to us soon as we prepare for the worst. We know Mother Mary will protect us, we have now proved what Emma sings about. We never know that we would reach today with no war, as every Islamist had said to start fighting for "God" as soon as elections start! We are by thread of life from Mother Mary and you our mother, we need now to protect more, MM is like hot cake here, people are originally not strong believers but miraculously, they are coming up!

We pray for you always

Dear Patti

Thank you for the parcel sent 03.30.2010.It is absolutely wonderful and welcome. God bless you always.

Fr. Ernil called me today from Baia Mare where he was to get the Statue of St. Philomena sent by you. He thanks you very much.

The Post sent to him the document of the parcel after one month from the parcel arrived in Ro.Fr. Ernil can take the parcel only from Baia Mare because from outside Europe we need to go at the capital of the district.

But Fr. Ernil was so much happy for the statue of St. Philomena, you cannot image. He has not possibility to give a telephone call from his Moliset Village because it is not signal. No internet...It is an isolated village.

Fr. Ernil will celebrate a NOVENA for Sr. Mary Francisca and a Triduum for the all you mentioned they are helping you in this important mission. Also as many prayers for you as they can.

Specially greetings and prayers from Fr. Pop Traian who was in Cluj and called me to tell you about him.

He is Parachuted into another isolated village named Valea Ungurasului where is also difficult to have a contact.

So, today we had a lot of messages in many ways. Thank you Lord for allow us to know about each of others.

We send you our LOVE and we continue to pray for you and for our benefactors and for those in a deeper necessity as us. We pray for all our sisters and brothers in Christ.

Ave Maria Gratia Plena!


Monday, April 12, 2010
I write for two reasons, and I hope that you will be able to understand in spite of my poor English of mine here in the Goma jungles!

Before I do this, let me say to you that Mother Mary and St. Philomène prays us much and it’s because of them I continue survive! I am sad to say to you that I was escape attack by rebels and good I escape with injuries but many people were killed when we were attacked in last one and half week.

We don’t know, the world has forget us it’s only you and the Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomène (ULRA) that is doing good work to help protect us.

I do thank you on behalf of all who suffer here in jungle, as I write, the wounds are painful and I have to write and rest and then continue like that! I was injured in leg when rebels accuse me of misguiding refuges to ask God for help. Rebels accuse that they have bring in harmony and why is it I tell people to pray much for peace. It was a miracle that I escape because I had a scapular, Miraculous Medal and Rosary on me. The seven peoples that were killed in front of me had come to ask for sacramental and St. Philomène oils! Sad they never got it; rebels catch us when they were pleading with me to share with them whatever small St. Philomène oil or sacramental I had. Thus they spent much time pleading, which is why we were caught! I am suffering with no medicines because we have not medicines. Sans Frontier that uses to treats us, oils are also not here anymore since December.

I want to tell you that we here in Goma province are in continue of silent war that is kill so many millions without world to see, however, we are thankful so much to Dr. Joseph Sheehan for donating the MM. This sacramental effect us well and send away attacks, Mother Mary is help we here, many of us are still alive because of MM. its life of us here and that is why we need to protect everyone with it. You see, those that have come to collect feel it that they are near Mother Mary. All that shares this medal have courage to suffer, until God will help them to go out of it we are get many requests of know when Emma is send us more! All populations without MM in fear of continue attacks! We dearly assure you Dr. Joseph of prayers from us.

We share with you many miracles that are all crowned by protective effects of MM. May God blesses you for us! Anyone with MM is miraculously turn courage to wait death anytime, it help us to soften our hearts in spite of lack of priests near us to affect confession, so vital us for and now we have nothing we are safe not!
At one place, rebels flee as soon as they attack, this is because all people that hides in grass house were have MM, they call Mother Mary without sin to protects them, the rebels fail even to set it on fire throw down the match box to be used!

Dear Dr. Joseph, we values you much, help us with more MM to protects our more population, even if we fail to eat for how many days we can but we can’t wait for a day without MM, Mother Mary of Graces comes to protects us through your hands, please we asks you to send us more now, we are still have a tiny protected population.

Will Emma brings us more this week?

We count on your mercy! Today is feast of Mercy, we have pray specially for you but heard some people were kill in morning!

We pray for you dears; Dr. Joseph and Patti!

Let’s hope for help again!

Dear Pat Melvin,

I am glad to inform you about the safe arrival of the parcel that you send to us recently. Thank you so immensely for your inexhaustible effort of bringing these Sacramentals to encourage us in our work to the B.V.M. Please there is no oil and cord inside the parcel you send. Kindly do us a favor by sending it to us because we are really in need of them. Thanks remain Blessed in the Immaculate Heart.

Yours Apostolate,
Br. Emmanuel Obele Maria
Assumption Catholic Church
Warri Oil City
Delta State
Dear Patti,

We hope that you are aware that Sudan is in elections that started yesterday, there is a standoff, the southern former rebels are accusing the northern Islamists of the rigging, already there are some clashes in some states where the ballots have never arrived and voting is to end tomorrow. So the former are saying that the election exercise must be extended, ballot papers are incomplete; material not at polling stations, the whole exercise in mess! Our gratitude goes to you for a timely visit of Emma to us, we have felt more protected and we urge you to give more of this indispensable protection!

What we experience as of now is that everyone of the population with instructions from Emma is taking them seriously! They are praying fervently for peace! We don’t know whether the voting days will be extended but on the other hand the main oppositions of the Islamists pulled out of the elections because of the well outlined rigging patterns!

A true southerner is waiting only, for next year's referendum for the cessation of the south as a new country!

More blood is expected then. So we hereby kindly put it to you as mother of the Sudan, to urgently organize so that your emissary can return to us here to equip us with Mother Mary's powers so that we will smoothly go through these dark days that are beyond us! Even some people refused to go to the polling stations because they know the possible outcomes but wait only for the Jan 2011 referendum as their determinant.

To protect Emma from any pre- referendum consequences we kindly pray you send him earlier, four months to referendum, we need his services to make us firm, and He has the best works not the politicians. His soothing words about the Mother of God will help us and be a channel through that turbulent time!


Friday, April 9, 2010
Am back it was a fruitful trip! I met my promoter and we met a priest of voi and the priest was happy and i gave some rosaries, he will arrange next month may devotion to spread the devotion of decade in his parish!

Also next month we shall have many seminars!

We shall pray for your brother Christopher! Anoint him with the oil of St. Philomena!!!

yes i forgot to tell you that i got all your Easter gifts, a special box arrived last week with special items, rosaries, packets of special decade rosaries, nominal veils, stoles, special books, medals , oils, cards and so many gifts! Wonderful! Be blessed! I used them for the trip to voi and Mombasa and I shared with some Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena (ULRA) members and there were very happy! Viva Patti!

Be blessed! Many many more yes to you! Ciao!!!

Viva mum

Ave Maria

Fr. Dr. Patrick Mary Filomena


Thursday, April 8, 2010

I am very happy with her work because just today at school campus I enrolled addition six hundred people but I will be traveling sixty five kilometers from the city of Monrovia the remainder of the people enrollment in the Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena (ULRA) so please try and send the sacramental material to continue my work I will be sending your list of one thousand and nine hundred new ULRA members next week from Liberia or more thank generous gifts of material to Liberia may Saint Philomena do her work

West Africa



Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Dear Patti,

Greetings to you once again from this beautiful country of Fiji!

Oh I must say HAPPY EASTER!!!

It's been a year or so since you have heard from me. But praise the Lord to see how hundreds and hundreds of the people in Fiji who are devoted to St. Philomena and on top of that a lot of healings has been taking place.

When I hear people talking about the little saint I thank Almighty God for it.

Again I have this friend of mine who belongs to this particular sector in a parish named St. Philomena and she asked me to contact you and ask if you have a photo screen of St. Philomena that they can print on their T-Shirts for their patron saint feast day 11th August.

Thank you so much Patti and hoping to hear from you soon. Once again I thank you for the tremendous works you are doing from the Universal Church. God Bless you and keep up the good work.

I Love you Patti

Love and Prayers



Monday, April 5, 2010

Dearest Patti,

How are you and family? I am now in the center of the city of Kupang, at the internet cafe now to open my mail box, and the news of your dear little sister's death came to me and family as a shock. You have our sincere and heartiest sympathy in your sorrow. I know you will feel it deeply, for you always thought so much of your dear little sister and loved her so nicely. Her death must be a terrible grief to your mother too. Please assure her of our sincere sympathy. I will tell my family when I get home from internet cafe, and i will also ask y friends, the members of Living Rosary, priests to celebrate the Holy Mass for Mary Francesca’s eternal rest in heaven. I and family will write her name and intention and stipendium and put it on the holy altar before the Holy Mass. She will be in our Rosary daily prayers too.

Dearest Patti, I would like to let you now that the spreading of Living Rosary is going well here and many people are very happy to pray their Decades daily. I go to meet the people and introduce to them how to say the chaplet of St Philomena, and Scapular, and how to pray Rosary. Many people came to my house and asked Rosary, chaplets, and Saint Philomena Oil but unfortunately we are run out of them. Many times I went to the Post office to check but no Sacramentals came. Please forgive me for being absence to write you for it. My health was not very good, high cholesterol, diabetic, kidney problem, and had a pain in the site of the hernia operation too. I didn't take all the medicines because I was scared of its side effects, so I placed all my worries, difficulties, problems to Sacred heart of Jesus, His Blessed Mother, and our lovely Saint Philomena. The Sacred Heart of Jesus, Blessed Mother, and our charming Saint Philomena are always there for me and have helped me so much over the recent years. Se of them was miracles for me but the latest and greatest one is a wonderful recovery from a severe coronary heart disease, kidney problem, and diabetic. Few days ago I had my blood checked, at a clinic, and the result showed that my cholesterol, diabetic and the other one were in normal levels. I thank to Saint Philomena for her intercession for my recovery.

Dearest Patti, Being too many people came and asked Rosary’s and other sacramentals,could you possible send us some more rosaries, chaplets, Oil(the small and some big ones)?Many priests from other parish also rang and asked me for these Sacramentals. I and all members of Living Rosary will be very happy if you can send them to us. Could you send us so Agnus Dei St. Pius XII?I would be very thankful if you could help send the Sacramentals, and if you think it possible, could you give us some financial help just to ease for transportation, and we thank you very much for your kind help. We keep on praying for you and family, your mother, you’re Staffs, and all benefactors, The Slater’s in our daily Rosary prayers. Happy Easter to you and family, all Staffs, all benefactors of ULRA, the Slater's from me and family. May Our Blessed other and saint Philomena protect us.

Our union in prayers,

Melikior Kari,
Jln. Amabi
Kelurahan Oebufu

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Dear Patti,

Warm greetings from Goroka in the Eastern Highlands Province of Papua New Guinea.

I was delighted to receive your most welcome letter, St. Philomena chaplet, the Blessed Oil of St. Philomena, St. Philomena cord, Rosary beads and devotional literature of The Universal Living Rosary Association.

God bless you for your care and kindness. I have distributed them amongst the parishioners of our parish.

Several parishioners of our parish, Mary Help of Christians, have requested a small bottle of The Holy Oil of Saint Philomena and the St. Philomena cord. To my surprise and delight one of those parishioners, Michael, produced a crumpled holy card of St. Philomena. The title and prayers of the chaplet of St. Philomena on the card were written in ‘Pidgen English’ – Santu Philomena, Was-Santu Bilong Living Rosari …. (St. Philomena, Patroness of The Living Rosary), Santu Philomena, Was-Santu Bilong Ol Pikinini Bilong Santu Maria (St. Philomena, Patroness of The Children of Mary) and Pre B’Long Helpim Mipela (Pray for us).

If you are able to donate several bottles of The Holy Oil of Saint Philomena, the St. Philomena cord, and the holy cards of St. Philomena written in Pidgin English I would be most grateful. When the small bottles of Holy Oil of Saint Philomena, the St. Philomena cords, and the holy cards of St. Philomena arrive I will give them to these parishioners. On their behalf I offer you our gratitude and a remembrance in our prayers.

I am a Christian Brother (Irish Christian Brothers) ministering as a pastoral carer to our brothers and sisters who suffer from a mental illness. Part of my ministry is also assist and share in training programs for Papua New Guineans in the care and treatment of persons with a mental illness. We are also developing a mental health program in the local and rural communities and already good things are happening, thanks be to God. We appreciate and value your prayers.

Wishing you God’s blessing in your ministry, and looking forward to hearing from you in due course, I remain,

Yours sincerely

Br. Ambrose Tottenham cfc
Papua New Guinea













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