Past Missionary News From Around the World, January 2010

Friday, January 29, 2010

Dear Director,

Wishing you God's abundant blessings throughout this New Year 2010 and beyond. May the Good Lord continue to bless you with good health, strength, wisdom, knowledge, and all the graces you need to continue to carry out this wonderful apostolate of bringing souls to Jesus, persevering in it till the end. I do admire what you the Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena (ULRA) are doing for the people of God from afar. May God reward you from His abundance. I am sure it is because of the good work of some good people like you that we are breathing. Thanks immensely. I am praying for you all.

I joined the ULRA in 2007, I find it very wonderful, healing, bringing peace and tranquility to individuals and families, and I love to pray it and to help others to pray. Since 2007 I have been a promoter of the ULRA and will continue to be till God calls me to be with Him. I am a promoter under the direction of Rev. Fr. Joseph Ayeah of Archdiocese of Bamenda. I am here in Kumbo Diocese, three hours drive from Bamenda due to bad roads.

I want to thank you immensely for all the articles, Rosaries, Miraculous Medals, Dedicated Decades Magazines, St. Philomena's Oils, Cords, and above all the Stature of St. Philomena which I got from you through Fr. Joseph. I am indeed grateful for all. We can never thank you people enough. God alone will reward you for us. I love St. Philomena. I was healed, my nephew succeeded in his exams through her intercession. There are still other favors that I am asking through her intercession, I believe they will be answered.

I am short of Rosaries, and all the materials that concerns this great Apostolate of the Living Rosary. The people of Kumbo love prayers, they love Devotions. I want to help them and encourage them to continue to pray for the world. We have Communities in Nord Cameroon. My Sisters who are there have been asking me to send them Forms and Rosaries to enroll people and I don't have to give them. What Fr. Joseph gives me is not enough to supply all these people right to the Nord of Cameroon.

Please, Director, I shall be very grateful if you could kindly supply me with materials that will enable me to enroll people and help them to pray and be drawn to Jesus. I do find joy in helping people to pray and to know Jesus and Mary Immaculata.

Another soul searching, healing pamphlets are the Dedicated Decades Booklets which we get for every Season. They are indeed healing. When I read them and pray the prayers that are in, I experience a kind of tranquility and healing within me. Please, kindly make me one of your subscribers for every Season. I read about obtaining the greatest indulgence for souls in Purgatory by praying with a Rosary that has the "ABCD blessings from the Dedicated Decades of Spring 2007. Please, could you kindly explain for us what ABCD means. I shall be very grateful if you could send me one of this kind of Rosary.

Thanks a million times for all the work you are doing for God and for understanding me. Thanks in advance for responding to me. Rest assured that I am praying for all of you over there.

Thanks a lot.
God bless.

Sr. Mary Florence Angwe
A Tertiary Sister of St. Francis
Bui Division

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Dear Mrs. Melvin,

Here is the book "Pray the Rosary Daily", it is ready in Urdu. Now the newsletter is under process. I hope to send both the books till 10th of February.

Yours in Christ and Holy Mother,

Afzaal Anwar Khokhar

Click here to download the Prayer Book >>>
Dear Patti Melvin,

I would like to thank you for the nice job you are doing in helping people to see the way to eternal life through the intercessions of St. Philomena and our beloved mother the Blessed Virgin Mary. Many people have been saved in different ways through your wonderful job you are doing. Thanks so much and may the Almighty God give you good health. May He also bless all those who are working with you.

I attached a file of the names of the prisoners of Zomba Central Prison, School girls of St. Mary’s Secondary and Christians of Dedza Diocese. All these groups have shown interest to be members of the Universal Living Rosary Association of St. Philomena. May you register their names. Each of these groups has a particular day of meetings for the sharing.

We request that you assist us with some more Rosaries, Scapulas, Spiritual Books and any other Sacramentals. Remember also to send some more numbers of Rosary groups. All those you had sent to me last time are finished. Thanks once more for all the services you are rendering to us. Many souls have benefited from your services. Be assured of our constant Prayers for you all.
In God We Trust!
Evans Sakala
St. Peter’s Major Seminary
Central Africa

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Dearest Patti,

In the Love of the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, receive my warmest greetings from Ghana.

I think it may interest you to know that apart from organizing retreats for adult members in various Parishes, I do same to the youth members. We have named the youth members as Friends of St. Philomena and it is so lovely.

Last weekend we traveled to the ST. GEORGE'S PARISH at Kuntanase in the OBUASI DIOCESE to have a retreat with the children who are called the FRIENDS OF ST. PHILOMENA.

They came in their numbers for this retreat and they were so very happy to hear more about the Holy Rosary, Our Lady and St. Philomena. We were very grateful with Rev. Fr. Charles the priest in charge and Rev. Sr. Beatrice Ugwu, the Leader of the Friends of St. Philomena at the parish.

Patti, here are some few pictures of the whole show at the St. George's Parish. This including the photo of Mr. Bonsu, the mechanist who repaired my car/ van.

We shall be very happy and grateful if the photos of the Friends of St. Philomena could be featured in our next Newsletter, Dedicated Decades. Thanks and may God richly bless you.

Yours in Jesus and Mary
West Africa

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Dear Patti,

Many thanks for the message and prayers i am indeed grateful. I have been down with Malaria but please God I am better. Did send lists of names to you for registration and hope you have got them. We are in need of Sacramentals; rosaries holy oils cords novena prayers etc. Many thanks for everything you and staff are in my daily prayers.


Fr. Joseph Ayeah
Catholic Mission Bambui
West Africa
Dearest Patti,

In fact I cannot begin to give testimonies on the Miraculous Medal, Scapulars, Rosaries, St. Philomena Medals, Holy Oil & Cord as they are really uncountable to me.

Patti, I think you could remember that between 1990 and 1992 I sent so many testimonies on the above mentioned Sacramentals and many were published into our Newsletters, Dedicated Decades.

Yes, I can say that miraculous medal resembles it's name without question. It always works miracles. The more you distribute the higher the miracles go. That is why the Miraculous Medals are always in great demand. We do share them in hundreds free of charge to Adults and children without discrimination. Almost every where we distribute the Miraculous Medals, miracles happen. The sick heals, moslems and pagans convert to the Catholic Faith and many Catholics return to the Sacrament.

During the feast of the Nativity of St. Philomena, on January 10th we distributed so many hundreds of Miraculous Medals to people at our St. Peter's Cathedral Basilica here in Kumasi, yet they were not enough and some people couldn't get some. A young girl who was among the unfortunate ones started to cry bitterly for one and so one Frafra man who felt so sad for the sorrowful girl, rather handed over the Miraculous medal he received to the young girl and went home empty. As soon as this Frafra man reached his house and opened his door to his room, surprisingly enough he found the same miraculous medal with that red rope on his bed. It had miraculously been replaced!!

Patti, I one time visited my orange plantation and discovered that some of the trees that produced fruits have began to die. Not knowing what to do, something inspired me to pray and consecrate the farm to our Lady and St. Philomena and hang miraculous medals on each dying tree. I did so and left the farm. After some few months, when I revisited the farm, to my great surprise I discovered that all those dying trees had regained their strength with healthy flowers and green leaves and ever since then been producing good fruits abundantly.

Patti, it is our prayer that God may bless and reward all our great benefactors a million times for providing us with all these precious and wonderful sacramentals which are bringing back so many souls to Christ by great great miracles from heaven.

Thank you very much for your advice, encouragement, support, kindness, love and prayers. May the good and merciful God bless and keep you always. Peace be to you, Patti.

Yours in Jesus and Mary,

Anthony Foster Oduro

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dearest Patti,

Greetings in the name of the Lord!!!

Thanks for your prayers!!! We returned safely from both our trips to St. Thomas Parish and Immaculate Conception Parish last Monday and yesterday respectively. Everything was successful.

Patti, I am very glad to inform you that the Car/ Van could now move alright. I pray there would be no problem whatsoever. We shall very soon tackle our next batch of enrollment of new members in the Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena (ULRA). Thanks for your prayers and support always. We are with you in prayers. Continue with Zeal and courage. Peace be with you!!

Yours in Jesus and Mary

Anthony Foster Oduro

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dearest Director Patti,

Heartfelt greetings from Rwanda. Thanks a million for the box full of Sacramentals, oil and Kinyarwanda booklets. We were really in need of oil. We couldn't even find even one drop while evil spirits were not decreasing. Saint Philomena's oil helps us during our prayer for the sick. These booklets are going to be shared by people from the corners of our country. Prayer to Saint Philomena delivers physically and spiritually. Let us continue praying for one another. Saint Philomena Pray for us. Once more thanks a lot.

Fr Longin Niyonsenga
Janja Parish
Ruhengeri Diocese
Dear Mrs. Melvin,

On 15th, we had Holy Mass in our chapel. Rev. Fr. Younas Riaz from Sargodha came for Mass. He was very happy to see all the setup of Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena (ULRA) office and chapel. I am sending you some of the pictures.

On 17th, I went to Sargodha to go to Bhalwal from there. I took my brother's motorbike to go there (I usually go to Sargodha on motorbike if possible). But on that day there was heavy fog and I had to reach there before 10AM. While I had crossed Chiniot, I met with an accident. Three trucks were on their way. Suddenly, first truck stopped, then second and last of all the third one also put brakes. I was behind the trucks; I also had to stop but could not stop in time and got stuck in the truck. Bike's headlight was broken with some other loss. Thanks be to God I was safe.

I started my journey again but once again I don't know how but the motor bike went off the road to left side. There were lot of plants and place was very uneven. I was riding at a speed of 90/Km. It was very difficult to control but again Our Lady protected me and I was safe.

Now I am preparing for Karachi. I am going there today and will return back on 24th. Please keep me in your prayers. Also pray for Mr. Qamar who is having kidney stone and is to be operated on Thursday.

OK, Good Bye and God Bless You,

Yours in Christ and Holy Mother,

Afzaaal Anwar Khokhar

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Dear Patti,

Blessings and peace to you!

I am very grateful to receive the forex box you sent! I never expected that you will be sending that much.

They are very helpful to me and to many people here in Camarines Sur. I shared the rosaries to some of our sisters, to the University of Nueva Caceres (Campus Ministry), to the catechists of Minalabac where my mother is the coordinator, to my students in Village Montessori School, Peña De Francia College and in some schools in Catanduanes. Your association is giving joy to many people. Thanks a million! May every family cultivate a great love and devotion to the Eucharist and to the Blessed Mother.

Rest assured of my prayers to you, your loved ones and to the Association.

Sincerely in Jesus and Mary,

Sr. Rosa Bella B. Tosoc, DM

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dearest Mamma Patti

Thank you so much for your mail, yes this DVD was taken in this summer at the village of Bechwat (Bekaa), at the shrine of Our Lady there, it was the feast of the Assumption of Our Lady at 15 august. Every year they come to the feast of Our Lady thousands of believers to celebrate Her feast for many days with masses each hour, the reciting of the Holy Rosary all the times, the prayers also are given to our patroness Saint Philomena. the owners of this church if for our family Kayrouz who serve Her all the times, all the days, all of the people of this little village is of the family Kayrouz, it is a big honor to us, to our family to serve Our Lady in this way, and give Her the honor and the glory all the end of our lives. Yes Jean Rohme is one of my promoters there; he was there and took this DVD. I will give you after more information and details about the shrine of Our Lady there and about the hundreds of the miracles who are doing always Our Lady with Her children.

I weep with the people who are dead and suffering of the terrible catastrophe in Haiti. I am very sad and pray to the souls who passed away or the survivors, they are very poor. I don't know, I ask Our lady, why happened all that in that poor country? She cannot save them if it this the will of God? but I will put that all in the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and I ask Her to treat all the victims like a martyrs and save their souls, and take them directly to heaven, this my hope, and I ask Our lady, that by their suffering and the blood who they should, may She will save all the souls in the world, because they sufferings are very great. I send you my love and prayers. Mater Dolorosa pray for the people in Haiti and for us.

Your Son,
Slave of the Immaculata
John Kayrouz
God Love You

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A new document was added to our library section today - With Mary, Everything! Without Mary, Nothing!
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Thank you so so much for the beautiful box that you have sent us. We just received yesterday.

My mom is so excited to take all the items to Mexico City. She is going to the "Basilica de la Virgen de Guadalupe" on July 21, and she will donate the other items on the big ceremony for Saint Judes in Chihuahua on October 28th.

Everything is so so beautiful. Thank you for the "escapularios" and for the beautiful medals.

God Bless You All!!

Gisela Braner
United States

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Dear Patti,


Thanks a lot for the packet of devotionals which I received 2 weeks ago. The devotionals arrived the time I needed them most. Please keep up the good work of spreading this beautiful devotion. Your reward will surely be great in heaven. Through the intercession of mother Mary, may God continue sustaining the ULRA organization and may he awaken in every member the spirit of selflessness. I feel so ashamed that I have never sent any donation ever since I became a member despite all the blessings God has showered on me. On top of that, I was even demanding that you send me the dedicated decades magazine without sending anything for postage. But because you have a caring heart, you sent not only the magazine but the holy oil, St. Philomena cord and other items as well. God will surely bless you for that. Starting this month end I’ll be setting aside some coins for the spread of the devotion.

Thank you!

Chibesa Ndawa
Dear Patti,

I met a warlike situation in Sudan, people in the south are fearing a return to the civil war as I have been always posting you, in light of this, many people in their local centers that are far apart are calling me to go to visit them, just before the close of this week I will be in a remote part of Yei where transport is mostly on hires motorcycles! 9th January was the 5th year since signing of peace, I saw guns assembled and soldiers say that if Islamists don’t give peace to the south in referendum next year, civil war is inevitable!

However, there is some improvement in transport around radius of most of the major towns stretching to three miles; this is an achievement that was not there before, however, transport to service my needs still predominantly with quickest means! Sad that the buties of the towns are getting defaced as most mango trees that lined the nonexistent roads are hallowed out creating a semi -desert in the South. Here in Yei we used to walk distances and getting protection from the mango shades that are now no more. Leaders claim to be giving way to developments! Corruption is going up and the poor are suppressed more! Thanks to the Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena (ULRA), we are partners.

I will write more tomorrow

Emmanuel Kitandwe
ULRA Liaison

Dear Patti Melvin

I write to acknowledge the reception of the box of rosaries, medals, Holy Oils, the book and other materials. I am very grateful. Our Philomena Group here in St Peter's Cathedral Parish, Mzuzu Diocese, Malawi is very grateful. I will send by surface the form of members.

Attached are some of the pictures of our group.

On another note I wanted to ask if it is possible for me to celebrate Mass for the intentions of those people who ask the Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena (ULRA) for Mass. I will more than ready to celebrate those masses.

May God Bless you in our fruitful ministry.

Rev. Fr. Joseph Moloka-Sikwese

St Peter's Cathedral Parish
Mzuzu Diocese
From the Universal Living Rosary Association Center in Romainia

Monday, January 11, 2010

Dear Patti,

Thank you so much for your wonderful worldwide ministry, we appreciate it very much.

Venerable Pauline Marie Jaricot, Mother of the Living Rosary, Faithful adorer of the Most Blessed Sacrament, Comforter of the afflicted, pray for us.
St. Philomena, Virgin, Martyr and Wonder Worker, pray for us. O Lord, you know all our needs.

We are grateful to God for their lives.

May the Holy Family bless you abundantly for all the wonderful works you do and the Protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary be with you, always! Thank you, Father. In Jesus' name we pray with faith and thanksgiving. Amen.

Happy New Year! You are very dear to us, we love you.

We pray and hope that 2010 brings you many blessings and great joy.

A New Year resolution is to open our hearts and minds to the Holy Spirit, to listen to Him every day and ask Him to constantly be our companion, guide, and strength daily, and trust in Him joyfully even in hard times "Rejoice in the Lord always" (Ph 4:4).

Peace, love, joy and prayers always.

Maria and Laszlo Boros
United States
Dear Patti,


Thanks a lot for the packet of devotionals which I received 2 weeks ago. The devotionals arrived the time I needed them most. Please keep up the good work of spreading this beautiful devotion. Your reward will surely be great in heaven. Through the intercession of mother Mary, may God continue sustaining the ULRA organization and may he awaken in every member the spirit of selflessness. I feel so ashamed that I have never sent any donation ever since I became a member despite all the blessings God has showered on melon top of that, I was even demanding that you send me the dedicated decade’s magazine without sending anything for postage. But because you have a caring heart, you sent not only the magazine but the holy oil, St. Philomena cord and other items as well. God will surely bless you for that. Starting this month end I’ll be setting aside some coins for the spread of the devotion.

Thank you!

Chibesa Ndawa

Friday, January 8, 2010

My dearest Patti:

Thank you for your prayers, Masses and Rosaries that you have said for our "special intentions".

My husband and I have been members of the Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena (ULRA) since 2004 and we have so loved every minute of service to this GREAT ASSOCIATION! We have ran to The Holy Family & The Holy Souls every time the need arises; IRS audit (big time) secure for me a job, stability in my husband’s job, successful total hip replacement surgery & rehabilitation...the list goes on and on! Through the prayers and sacrifices of others we have learned; Trustful Surrender to Divine Providence in a big way. Patti, the articles that you send and the stories in the Dedicated Decades are true "reality checks"! The beauty of the faith of our dear members in war-torn countries is a true testament to Our Lords and Our Lady’s love for each of us.

Patti, thank you for being there for each of us, you keep us "connected" through Our Lady’s daily Rosary.

In prayers


Sal Slater
United States

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Dear beloved Sister Patti,

I am happy to note that I have posted to you an additional 840 new Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena (ULRA) members. 56 groups. Many more on the way. Thanks. God bless you.

With love and prayers.
Yours is Iesu et Maria,
Rev. Fr. Andrew

Rev. Fr. A. Uthayadas
Sri Lanka

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hi there,

I just want you to know that you are by far the greatest thing that I am a part of.

It is such an honor to be a part of your army of 11 million Marian soldiers.

I spent my adolescent life in psychiatric hospitals and jails and spending an eternity in hell but our Lady got a hold of me. I fell in love with the message of Fatima and the Rosary and St. Louis De Montfort’s true devotion to Mary. If we would have listened to our Lady there would not have been World War II no communist Russia and China. No Vietnam War No Korean war.

I love the Rosary I try to pray it unceasingly. It is such a mighty weapon

If every Catholic lived as Lucia Jacinta and Francisco in perfect obedience to our Lady's requests of the Rosary, prayer, sacrifice, and reparation, I have no doubt that Communism would be no more, Islam would be vanquished, protestants, heretics, and liberals would no longer be a threat.

Let me know how I can help. What kind of virgin olive oil is okay to donate?

I will recruit as many soldiers as possible. Even my Mother who is protestant and against the Rosary is willing to take five minutes a day for the daily decade. After all, the Hail Mary is right out of scripture therefore it is the inspired word of God. One of the most beautiful and powerful verses as far as I'm concerned.

"One day through the Rosary and the scapular I will save the world"

"In the end my Immaculate heart will Triumph"

God bless you
Pray that I do Gods Will
Your brother in Christ, Matthew Louis James

Monday, January 4, 2010

My dear Patti,

May the Blessings of the Little Child born for us at Bethlehem abide with you now and ALWAYS!

With all my heart, I thank you for accompanying me with your prayers all through my stay at home for research work. It was a very intensive and sacrificial experience but at the same time fulfilling and truly enriching!

Thank you for sending me The Priest, His Dignity and Obligations by Saint John Eudes. What a masterpiece! The Saints possess such Wisdom that our world knows nothing about!

All through Advent and now Christmas period, I have always remembered you and all your intentions at the Altar of the Holy Sacrifice. Only in Heaven will you sufficiently realize how the Lord and His Blessed Mother delights in what you are and do for the Salvation of Souls!!!



With love and blessing,
Fr Michael Uche AKAIGWE
Parrocchia Gesù Buon Pastore

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Dear Patti,

I have received the material that you had sent me so thanks a lot. Let us spread this holy devotion to many more people. I take this opportunity to wish you a joy filled New Year!

With love and prayer
Jegan Joans Reegan
Colmenar Vijeo
Dear Sr. Patti,

I am happy to send my best wishes and prayerful greetings to you and all at ULRA universal centre and our dear benefactors.

It is indeed not enough the words with which I say thank you for all the wonderful gifts of Sacramentals we are gifted with. I understand the financial difficulties at the universal centre and I offer the sacred Masses for the well being and the spread of the LR. Thank you and May God bless you.

Rev. Fr. Andrew
Rev. Fr. A. Uthayadas
Living Rosary
Sri Lanka
Dear Madam Patti,

Belated Merry Christmas and a happy prosperous New Year!

May a gift of life be our wishes from God and to all of us.

Four forex boxes received last Dec. 31, 2009 AM.

Thank you for your untiring support of all of these things. May we can bring almost every souls to God.

By the way we are sending all our grateful and heartfelt thanks to all the benefactors and donors and my warmest thanks to you especially.

Carmelita G. Baric (ULRA)
San Carlos City
Negros Occidental

Friday, January 1, 2010

Dearest Mamma Patti

today I am very happy, it is a very nice gift and blessing to me and our poor country, I received safely the relic of Saint Philomena, really she is my bride, I kissed Her so much, gave Her many huge, she is a big consolation to me and a my helper and friend in my travels, especially in the dangers places where there are the terrorism Muslims regions. I thank you so much form all my heart; I prepare the lists of all the new members of the Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena in Lebanon, the photos and the translation of the newsletter. I wish you a very holy and good new year of 2010 full of joy, peace, sanctity and saving the souls through the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the decade and the Sacramentals of Saint Philomena and Our Lady. Happy new year to my dearest benefactor, from me and my sister, to Mr. Dr. Thomas and his dearest family to our heart with you.

Ave Maria.

Your son,
Slave of the Immaculata
John kayrouz
My dear I am feeling great. I came back from the hospital in Blemfontein on the 22nd December. Everything is in order. You see the operation went on very well the tests also went well. The cancer did not touch the vital organs. They said that they are all normal and no problem with them at all. I do not feel bad at all. The only thing is the would which needs to heal up. I feel a big difference now I feel that is healing up. I do not think that this is my time to die, not at all. The doctors at the cancer unit in Bloemfontein said that is going to be arrested easily as it was just beginning. Today I can type well. I do not feel such pain. I am going to stay in Roma as they said working will not be a problem for me. I do rest allot now as the wound is still very new. Do not be afraid that something is going to happen to me no, dear. I think this has been the cause of all my troubles and since I took a chemo therapy I feel stronger that before.

I hope that you still remember me in sending me some Sacramentals, especially the Holy oil and the scapulars. My promoters are still working hard and they are registering people.

Do not forget to send us the new books. People are already enquiring about them. Know that you are not going to forget me in the New Year. I need your prayers and I also pray for you.

Happy New Year and many God’s Blessings

Sister Clara Rapholo s.c.i.m.
South Africa
Hi Patti Melvin,

Happy Christmas & Happy New Year Greetings to You All.

Now, 2010 is a very crucial year as I kept in touch with this Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena (ULRA). Last year was a wonderful year with your ministry and all the members here in Solomon Islands we were really blessed with this ministry. Our prayers for this Christmas season to New Year 2010 were remembering your ministry and the members throughout the world.

The entire new enrollment received towards end of last year, 2009 will be sent over to you early this New Year.

Next year I will open the centre here in Gizo Diocese, Solomon Islands.

Thanks & Best Regards

Peter Londeka
Solomon Islands
Dear Patti,

I pray your Christmas was blessed and the New Year will bring with it peace, robust health and many many blessings.....

St. Philomena has done it again thru her holy oil....a protestant pastor s father was very badly off.....couldn’t move. But had heard of the power of St. Philomena’s oil. So he sent for Simon, our promoter nearest him, who came immediately...doctors had diagnosed cancer of the scrotum. after application of the oil, the old man was getting better....unfortunately his relatives believed in the power of the witch doctors and called for him....the administered their drugs on him and the patient, named William esilu, immediately got so bad they had to ferry him to major hospital.....after sometime, the doctors gave him up as hopeless case....William all the while had his hope on the oil carried by our promoter, Samuel, who indeed was called for. After application of St. Philomena’s oil......the man completely cure can even ride a bicycle. Blessed be god through the power of St. Philomena

Lawrence Esiangu
Living Rosary Centre
East Africa
Dear Brother Emmanuel,

I was so glad that Mrs. Patti Melvin forwarded your note to me. The poor people in the Sudan and on the northern areas of Uganda are fortunate to have you to be traveling and helping them as you are able. I have been to Uganda twice. The first time was the first mission trip that I ever did in 1988 - right after Idi Amin left power. I spent a month in the jungle near the equator in Uganda. I was amazed by the strength and courage of the people. Although what I did was very little in view of the need, nonetheless, I did what I could by God's grace. I witnessed physical healing miracles and know that God honored the great faith of the people in those villages where I worked.

Please know that your prayers are greatly appreciated. I know all of your prayers must be with our dear St. Philomena continuously as she presents them to the Blessed Virgin and to our Lord. I praise the Lord for such soldiers and spiritual warriors in His service as you. I have prayed for the Lord to send extra angels to assist you and the people - also asking that the Holy Souls accompany and help you and the victims of persecution and violence.

How I wish that I could send more! If this is helpful to you and the God's people for three months, then what a tremendous investment in God's work! Please know that you and those you help will be in my prayers very much over the next three months. Perhaps you can write of the needs of the people and we will help as we can.

Dear brother in Christ, please be careful, but yet I know that you will be humbly bold in doing God's work. May He light the path of your travels with Christmas graces, joy and peace. May the New Year bring great relief and happiness to the people you help!

Dr. Debra Cole













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