Past Missionary News From Around the World, March 2010

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dear Patti,

I write to share with you the last concluded visit of Emmanuel to us here in Sudan, First and foremost I want to report to you his superb plan of work that he has executed more than ever, he worked tires sly and we even feared for his health! He penetrated village chapels where he talked for long hours; sometimes he would tell us that if we are tired we inform him to stop. On top of this, his eating is so limited, and most times he would only eat once; during evenings!

What we have gained from him, he has gone to the grassroots where the Rosary is hardly known! People were so happy for him because he used the talk to touch each age lifestyle! I was one day ashamed when a lady accepted that all that he talked were in her home, she identified the source of the problem to be lack of prayer! Emma has not only taught about the decade, he involved it with hygiene that is poorly observed here! Telling us a slogan the CLEANLINESS IS NEXT TO HOLINESS! And the reason why at every parish, missionaries put a clinic or hospital. We have been happy he has taught our people the dangers of not using a handkerchief! Oh! Everybody is happy for him and the benefactors that allow him to come here!

We are most especially grateful to you, thanks for initiating the spread of Mother Mary' prayers that were not known! Emma's coming here has enticed the pastoral department in the diocese of Yei to start imitating what Emma sings about, at first they were not caring but now what surprised the pastoral coordinator was going around talking of the Rosary, what wasn’t there before! It’s a very big step forward, Emma should continue coming, the harvest is still on, and many of us are still spiritually behind and thus need more work!

Emma has encouraged us with MM and rosaries, promised that if we bind ourselves on the Rosary, we will pass through the forthcoming elections well! He has given out tens of thousands of MM to protect us, even the non Catholics took! This is so good.

We pray for him, however, dear Mother of Sudan, we request you to send him back soon before the Jan.2011referundum of the south whose grave clashes signs are easily seen! In our widely located chapels, we see you as our salvation; we see more help from you more than anyone else! Send our love to Emma and the benefactors.

You are especially at our hearts, and we continuously pray for the repose of your sister's soul!
John Taban

Cher Patti,

I write here in diocese du Dungu in N.E Congo where we have little chance now of write. I have spend much time to told you that Emma reaches us with beautiful box of sacramental, we are in much need because Kony rebels of Ouganda has begin again to attacks us here and in S.E of Central Africa republic and we see more refuges come out. We thanks you so indeed for consider us to sends us more sacramental and we happy to say you now that the box is gone all and needs more but we heard that Emma wanted back to Ouganda!

MM is helping us to repel the rebels and we so value the Saint Philomena oils.

We pray for you!


Monday, March 29, 2010

Dear Patti,

I have taken long without writing to you, hope that Emma told you our poor situation that is facing Sudan, we thank you much for sending him to us here in Malakal he was so vital to us especially as he arrived amid tension when a man who stood for the forthcoming elections was shoot dead! There was chaos but I wonder how Emma became firm and even encouraged us to pray and stay calm. That day there was multiple shooting because the dead man's supporters brought chaos and everyone went that way to revenge because we all have guns here!
It was found out that the Islamists from the north sponsored the killing and we are now in tension, however, we are so happy, Emma instructed us well, we feared for his life but he was more firm than us!

What a wonderful man you have, hope that he is a true representation of the Living Rosary., humble and full of humility! He was so good to tell us the meaning of the Rosary and importance and how the ULRA works, sad he never met the Administrator but promised to meet him next time he will come,

He brought us the oils and two precious sacramental boxes to protect us, Oh! We have now given all out. People have come in anticipation of the war thus need most of these things for protection! The problem we have got in distributing, some people want to take these precious things by force, we have been militarized for a long time, some of our people don’t know humility because they have grown up in the bushes without any home training, Pray for us that Mother Mary will help us to change, we need her more than ever! She is the only one to save the situation!

Soldiers came to me demanding oils for their wounded colleague by force at gun point; I told them what Emma thought to tell all those that want to take sacramental by force!

" First go back to your place and cool down , then you will come when you are settled, you will only be helped by Mother Mary and the little saint if you take THEIR sacramental by force"
Oh! This has worked well with me, and now people know they will not get any blessings if force is involved!

We are now seeing nothing more here; however we are happy you have protected a percentage! We are going to embark on Emma's instructions. He told us to pray a decade of the Rosary every day, he is so critical on it, we will need him again, and he has just started with us in a region most deficient in prayer.

We pray for you dear Patti and be assured of prayer, we are facing a future of uncertainty if Mother Mary doesn’t come!

We pray for Emma also, I sent him mail and he said he has mild malaria!

George Bol Madut

Saturday, March 27, 2010

In Memory of Sister Mary Francisca, Please Click here >>>
Dear my sisters of Filomena,

How are you for a long time? Hopefully you are all fine and doing well in the mission of Universal Living Rosary Association of Santa Filomena (ULRA). Am fine and doing on well with ULRA missionary work in Spain.

I was born In Kenya and am a catholic religious sister working in Spain with this school children have taken photo while opening and giving them the presents of Rosary, Filomena stamp, etc. which you send them to me. They are very happy as you can see them and we always pray for you.

I wish to request you for more white Rosary (which has light at night) chains, calendars, etc. They help me in my missionary with children in school and in parish where and also with youth.

Hope to receive the rosaries anytime.

May God bless you.

Hope you will enjoy seeing me with our school students.

Sister Patricia Mueni,
Missionary Sister in Spain

Friday, March 26, 2010

Dear Patti and the Benefactors,

I thank you so much for the concern and deep love you showed when I was for the just concluded mission in Sudan. May the Lord bless you abundantly! Allow me to share with you;
This time things were different from those of the proceeding visits, I met a charged situation that
Portrayed break into war at any slight political mistake between the northern Islamists and
South’s former rebels!

Your generosity towards the needy is indispensable! You have helped Mrs. Patti in dressing hundreds of thousands with MM, Mother Mary's priceless and protective sacramental. More than ever, I braved through villages delivering it to the most in need! I fell humbled when I remember the little children that courage and braved across the river to present themselves for a medals! You are doing a good work all these children pray for your everyday; Nonetheless, I sorry to inform you that it’s the tip of the iceberg that is dressed, millions still need the same right opportunity to help them shun off Islamists threats and the civil war impact

I was left helpless when I called up Patti send us more MM for the Congolese that are sharing related problems! She has bluntly told me that she is also helpless, nothing for the missions! This is a grave problem because we count on your donations.

I thank those that have so far donated, call for more and also let this note and photo touch anyone with a flesh heart full of mercy, to come to our rescue! Poor Patti is waiting for you patiently but for us here we are pestering her for sacramental every time.

We will be happy if you call her up to add to missions Miraculous Medals.

God bless

Emmanuel Kitandwe
ULRA Liaison
Hi Patti Melvin,

Happy Easter!

May the Redeeming Christ's blessing be with you and your love one!

Hope everything is OK for you and your office!

Sorry for the delay of sending of the new members in the Living Rosary.

I have been touring village after village for Eucharistic Celebration and Confession as the Easter approaches.

So it is so difficult for me to fine time for the enrollment of new members. I will do it After Easter.

The first Package of Rosary you sent for my parish have been of great treasure, yet all the articles run short before I was able to distribute all the parishioners.

What I mean is, the Our Lady of Fatima Parish still needs some more Rosaries and Big Holy Pictures.

As good news after distributing all these Rosaries and other holy articles, I have got some news Catechumens (New convert to Catholicism) to which I attribute to the power on the prayer of Rosary.

I will let you know more about my parish situation later.

Assuring you and all your co-workers of my prayer and love,

I remain.

Alfredosanctino Jemu

Monday, March 22, 2010


I had a wonderful Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena (ULRA) mission yesterday! the people were touched! the parish priest invited me to a station but by providence i went to the central parish church! In fact, i said Rosary with the faithful before the mass and then i gave a full time homily on repentance, decade, and Rosary, Immaculata, Fatima and St. Philomena etc! After the mass the people were following me with passion and desire for decade and Hungary for god! They were thirsty just like the time of Christ! i gave them all! This was my first time in Kenya to meet such crowd following me like a sheep without shepherd!!!

Now i have about 3,000 names! You will get it soon after Easter! the priest was so happy and the Christians got decade, were in line and i invested them one by one with scapulars of mountain Carmel and urged them to love St. Philomena and say their decade and Rosary and to pray for the triumph of Immaculata and patroness of Santa Filomena!!! To pray for peace and love in the world!

It was wonderful! We need more rosaries!

Viva mum! Viva ULRA!!

Ave Maria

Fr. Patrick Mary Filomena
Dear Patti,

Greetings, we had a problem of flight because of sand cover in the sky from the desert, so I am have now to tell you that i will leave for Uganda tomorrow, flights have been suspended since Fri. last week, and I arrived in Juba yesterday!

Thanks pray for me, I leave my heart in Sudan!

Emmanuel Kitandwe
ULRA Liaison

Friday, March 19, 2010

Dear Mrs. Melvin,

I received two large boxes of your materials and sacramentals, one English and the other Spanish. It seems that when I have your materials the Lord brings opportunity after opportunity to share them with others. I look forward to distributing literature, Rosaries, etc. for the Universal Living Rosary Association. May we all be Children of Mary, Apostles of the Latter Times!!!!

Pax Christi,

Fr. Brent Keith
Archdeacon, Diocese of the Central Gulf Coast
Headmaster, Cathedral Academy
Selma, AL
United States
I sent the powerful account of glorious work our dear late Sr. Mary Francesca did for the centre, and groups are praying for her dear soul. Our vicar general, mnsg. john eriau is remembering her during our daily masses........i pray for mama Dorothy to recover from that shock........and for dearest Patti to get extra grace to cope up with the heavy work that the dear Sr. handled so tirelessly....may the lord rest her soul in peace......

Lawrence Esiangu
Rosary centre
East Africa

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dear Patti,

God bless you .thank you very much for the funds .may the blessed virgin reward the kind hands that made its provision possible.

St. Philomena has done it again......litt ingwau Philomena was in comma for five days suffering from acute malaria plus typhoid(see picture above) mother and some of our members in Kumi hospital continuously kept praying to St. Philomena, using her chaplet ,her holy oil and .....Philomena the relief and jubilation of all the onlookers( see the second picture holding her memento thank you St. Philomena and thank god for allowing sinful us to receive such kindness)

I sent the powerful account of glorious work our dear late Sr. Mary Francesca did for the centre, and groups are praying for her dear soul. Our vicar general, mnsg. john eriau is remembering her during our daily masses........i pray for mama Dorothy to recover from that shock........and for dearest Patti to get extra grace to cope up with the heavy work that the dear Sr. handled so tirelessly....may the lord rest her soul in peace......

Lawrence Esiangu
Rosary centre
East Africa

Monday, March 15, 2010

Dear director,

Compliments of the Lenten season. Find attached the old list with their numbers attached.

We wish to thank God and ask you to also thank God for his miracle in the life of my Mother in Law. She is hypertensive and diabetic. This situation became complicated when her kidneys fail and she was admitted to hospital.

We asked for the intercession of St. Philomena and my spiritual director, Rev. Fr. Leonard Ojiene went to visit her in the hospital with the full weapon of exorcism of the Catholic Rite. He spent about 3 hrs with her and my Father in law and after confession, she received communion and onwards, situation changed.

The kidneys started picking up and the dialysis that was programmed the following day was postponed. However, to fulfill all tests, it was eventually carried out. She was giving 2 pints of blood before the dialysis and her blood level rose to 7.5. She lost a lot of blood during this exercise and to complete the tests, she need to go for another dialysis 2 days later and of course needed blood having lost a lot in the first dialysis.

We paid for the blood and the doctor instructed for blood level test to ascertain the quantity to be given to her but alas, her level was 8.5 which the doctor doubted and ordered for another test and it stood at 8.5. The doctor said medically, this was impossible, which is true but in her case, the Arthur of Life was working.

She was discharged yesterday.

What an awesome God. Praise be to our Lord Jesus Christ, through Mary our Mother.

God bless you
West Africa

Friday, March 12, 2010


May this holy season of Lent be a good occasion for our first time acquaintance and keeping us for further communication?

I feel so pleased to communicate with you and keep contact for strengthens of my spirituality and to grow in spirit well through the intercession of St. Philomena.

My name is Sr. Hewan Teame Ursoline sisters. I live in Asmara the capital city of Eritrea. I do my pastoral activities outside Asmara about 17 km far from the city. I try to bring the people to have well understanding of their faith by providing the Gospel teaching and helping them to live the genuine life.

I have got this all information about you, from sister Mihret meharena Uroline missioner in Tsorona. She has done a lot for the people live in that area and enabled them to share the mediation of St. Philomena.

She made me push to contact with you, for she know that it is use full in my pastoral activities. Every week end I have to go to the above mentioned area and teach for the youth, children and sometimes with the adults.

When Sr. Mihret Meharena told me something about your dedication to St. Philomena, I found it very interesting, to my spirituality and for my pastoral activity too.

Our people have great thirsty of spiritual follow up. Here in Africa you know, the life is a beat hard which demands now and then giving the word of consolation and reinforcement, to overcome the recurrent rough life situation and to be stand firm in faith.

Catholics are the third percentage of the population here in Eritrea. The majority of the people are Orthodox and Muslim. So, you can imagine easily from this, how we should be our life among this various believers and religious denominations.

Looking your positive response,

Wish you all the best, I remain in Christ

Sr. Hewan Teame

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Warm greetings from Korea! Let me introduce myself first.

My name is YOO, SUN-TAE. I presently serve as a volunteer at Sunday school of the Catholic Church for students suffering from autism, emotional disturbance and retardation. There are about 629-659 students from nursery to middle and high schools at my Sunday school. I would like to express a wish. Would you donate holy gifts such as a statue or picture of the Blessed Virgin or of Jesus, Virgin Mary, Sacred Statue, Statue a crucifix, desk crucifix, a Rosary, a bracelet Rosary, a key tag, Jewelry, Pendant a candle stick, icon, holy icon, fold up icon, desk icon, Jesus Christ table desk, Holy Mother table, etc, Sacred Heart of Jesus, Holy Family, Way of the cross, stations of the cross, Holy Family manger, Manger, Medals (Medaille), Family manger Statue for my students? I would like to give my students holy gifts of your country to show that God always loves them.
In my parish, there are many young students with different disabilities who can't come to church.

They can't attend Sunday Mass and they can't even think about participating in a lot of church activities such as Sunday school, summer camp and retreat. I think they should not feel that they are isolated and discriminated against in the church. I hope I can help them to find they are equally and abundantly loved and cared for by Jesus Christ and His Holy Mother.

Therefore, I want to give them holy items from the shrine of the Virgin Mary's Apparition and other well-known shrines. It can be a chance for them to experience God's Love and Grace. If you can kindly donate some holy items to us, they would make great gifts for the handicapped students. I believe the gifts you may donate will become a sign of His Love beyond race, religion, language, class, physical or mental handicap and country. Your gifts will be hopeful signs of friendship and love in the Church. And I am sure they will also encourage my students to live with joy and trust. It would be tremendously appreciated if you can donate holy gifts through which the students with disabilities can feel the Love and Grace of Jesus Christ and His Holy Mother.

I guess that you may have been a bit surprised about the big number. In fact, there are a lot of handicapped students and their families in my parish. Since Cardinal Kim Stephen passed away, the number of people who come to Mass has increased. (Cardinal Kim was the former bishop of Seoul and he was so much loved not only by Catholics but also by many non believers. His funeral turned out to be a national mourning. His life and faith was illuminated during this mourning inspiring many people into Catholic Church.) Besides, there are some old senior parishioners who are not able to come to Church as they are so weak and feeble. I hope that the holy items you are donating can help them feel connected to the community and, more importantly, connected to love and care of God and Holy Mother. That's why the approximation of the number is so big.

I understand that I am asking for a large number of holy items. But it is purely for the maximum benefit of the handicapped people and their family in my parish. It would be really generous that you may understand this situation in a considerate way.

I hope that the non handicapped and the handicapped can live harmoniously without any discrimination in the love and grace of Jesus and Mary. Though I am also a handicapped person, I have volunteered for other handicapped students in my Sunday school for several years. I know you may find this letter offensive. Hopefully, you understand I am doing this with a pure and innocent heart and willingness to share joy of faith, hope and love of Jesus and Mary with the handicapped neighbors in this Holy Catholic Church. Those who are suffering in my parish will be tremendously happy if they can receive holy gifts from holy shrines. They will be so delighted with the friendship of the Church. So please be considerate and generous about this letter.

I need your help. I implore God for mercy. Sacred things I hope to have your support.

Sun - Tae, Yoo
Gurogu Gaebongdong
Jatjeol - Gil
South Korea

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Dear Mrs. Patti,

We thank you very much for the great gift of life. I have received the parcel today this afternoon.
It has arrived safely. Once again i say thank you very much, continue praying for you. Two weeks ago, i went to one of our parish here in Windhoek to meet a group of people who were about 50, wanted to hear about the life of Saint Philomena and Pauline Jaricot. They were touched and want to become members of the Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena (ULRA).

God bless,

Sr. Elizabeth Haingura
Roman Catholic Hospital
Dear brethrens,

I wish to express my happiness and appreciation on the good work you have done. Am really touched by the news in the book "the future of the church depends upon the faith and the virtue of our youth." am Zambian and catholic by faith.

May the good Lord continue blessing you.

In Christ
Mum i have since built this grotto in different parishes where i worked! Now here in my parish it will make it three!

I love our lady and St. Philomena! they are making it but i need you small help to buy cement and iron to protect and i will make a seat where Christians will seat or knell and say they decade! I hope you like it??? You help little!!!

It so beautiful!!! Bravo Immaculata!! Bravo Santa Filomena!!!

Ave Maria

Fr. Patrick Mary Filomena
Sorry mum!

I shared it with you last two years! It was a miracle of St. Philomena! I was a student and a visiting priest by then!

I remembered in one occasion i visited the parish i asked the Christians to say novena to St. Philomena just the way i did in Machakos and they did, up till now! And so it happened!

Now mum it was a project started before i became the parish priest! I visited them and with faith i told them to say decade and that Immaculata and Santa Filomena will do it! I enrolled those 5 years ago!

Then we helped them to write a project and as god hard their prayers and cry then, providentially, last year when i was made a parish priest the money arrived and with the bishop and the Christians we completed the miracle of Santa Filomena!

Again i asked another station to pray for a hospital and they did and St. Philomena miraculously gave the money!

I engaged people to be doing it while i supervise otherwise i was 2 busy with my exams but now exams are over mum! I can now share everything with you! It was the bishop who kept the money and i just go to collect when i need materials to buy just the way i did with you at Machakos!

There are many miracles!!!

Yester night a big snake came and stayed at the door of my room at brothers of charity because i do sleep there every Monday before going to the parish!

the door was half open but photos and banners of St. Philomena and the oil and cords on my door did not allow the snake to enter and it stand still at the door without moving until i came out and kill it! I did not know why it refused to enter! Photos of St. Philomena and Immaculata were on all parts of my room!

Another miracle- a mother told me about a child who was always sick but after anointing him with the oil of St. Philomena and also saying her novena, the child went back to school and even did well in exams but before he never passes any exam!

In another occasion some people looking for job and school and i asked them to do novena to St. Philomena and to take a decade and they did it and they got school and job!

Another woman told me that the doctor said she will die and also that she will be operated but after using the oil of St. Philomena and cord and novena fact now she is back at her work and so healthy! She never stays a day without saying her decade! Viva Santa Filomena viva ULRA!!

Ave Maria

Fr. Patrick Mary Filomena
Dearest Mamma Patti

Thank you so much for your understanding me, my situation, and my work

I have one meeting with the Catholic TV here, there is one only in Lebanon, we have here one Catholic TV and one Catholic Radio, at the TV, there is a program for the children and youth ,who share with them some stories of the Saints and other prayers and experiences, so I gave them the story of Saint Philomena ,with Her oil and relic and Rosary ,and I asked them to put Her story at the TV, and share Her Life and sanctity with the children and others, so they were very happy to know about Her ,and soon they will put Her program and about the Living Rosary and the Scapular Brown at the Catholic TV, who called: Nour Sat TV.

I keep you so much in my poor prayers, at the morning mass and the evening mass, with the Holy Rosary, and especially your dear brother Mr. Christopher John and your dear mom and ours. I send you my love and gratitude. note: at our center and home here, I put many photos and statues to Our Lady and Jesus, so I honor one photo of the face of Jesus of Saint Veronica not that one who you gave it to me ,but another one from paper, so I discovered since one week that the little photo is full or contain of oil, and the place where I put it ,is far of the Kitchen or any oil can arrive to it, so I was very happy and I thanked God and Our Lady for this sign who is very nice and consolation to me and our work here, I will take a photo very soon and send it to you.

Ave Maria.

I keep Dr. Thomas and his wonderful family in all our prayers and we send to him and his dear family all our love and gratitude, I and my sister.

Your son, slave of the Immaculata

John Kayrouz

Monday, March 8, 2010

Dear Sisters Aracely, Raphaela, and Blanca,

I wanted to tell you that I was packing a box of items to be shipped to Nicaragua in a month (it takes about four to six weeks to get there). Mrs. Patti Melvin has a wonderful heart for the poor and administrates a ministry here in the United States by the name of "The Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena." She has sent me devotional items many times over the years that I have taken to various countries, mostly to Nicaragua. She has sent me some items that I was sorting through and packing yesterday with my sister Nora.

We were overjoyed to discover that she had sent us a beautiful statue of the "Infant of Prague." That is, Baby Jesus. She also sent several robes for Him, as well as two priestly vestments to take part in the Devotion to Him. There is also a page written in English with the specific devotion to Him on it. MARCOS, PLEASE TRANLSATE THIS FOR THE SISTERS WHEN IT ARRIVES.

It will come to Carolina's house. She is a friend who has helped in the past. Carolina, it is marked as to which boxes the statue is in as well as the vestments. It says to go to the Franciscan Sisters in Quezalguaque for their Chapel at the home for the elderly.

Sisters, please get Marcos to take a picture of your Chapel with the Infant Jesus in the Chapel when it arrives. Please send it along with your acknowledgement of thanks to Mrs. Patti Melvin at

Patti, these are the three Franciscan Pilgrim Sisters of the Immaculate Conception that are now in the house for the abandoned elderly that we have built in Quezalguaque (a poor village in western Nicaragua). They will be working to get together a group of secular Franciscans to care for the elderly. They are devoted to teaching the Catechism and to evangelization in the area at the request of Bishop Robelo Vivas.

Carolina, I will be sending more instructions when I return from a trip as to the distribution of the rest of the items. There are some boxes marked "Priority Mail" contained in the big box with religious devotional itmes and literature in them. Please be certain that the Franciscan Sisters get Boxes #1, #3, #5 and #7. They can use this in their evangelization. Sisters and Carolina, BOXES #6 AND #8 SHOULD GO TO THE BISHOP OF JINOTEGA.

Please join with me in our deep gratitude to Mrs. Patti Melvin for such a beautiful and unexpected gift!

Pax y bien - Dra. Debra Cole
Dearest Patti,

Lord, grant us the grace to fear Your Name and Walk in Your Footsteps Amen.

This is to inform you we have today posted to you by Air the lists of 1,005 new Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena (ULRA) members who are to begin their Assigned Decades on March 19th 2010, the feast of St. Joseph, spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Also the nice packages of Devotional Items we prepared for these new members were posted to them through their respective Leaders in various places, as usual, by Special Express Mail, this morning. Hoping the packages would reach them before the scheduled date/day.

Patti, as you already know and have been seeing pictures from here, for over 22 years, since the formation of the ULRA here in Ghana in 1988, we have been preparing nice parcels of Devotional Items and letters to all our newly enrolled members both far and nearby sharing with them proportionally everything available in our custody. In fact this habit has been helping the growth and the nurture of this precious devotion here in Ghana because each and every new member gets his or her Rosary, Scapular, Miraculous Medals, reading materials etc. out of the parcels we mail out to them through their respective Leaders before even they start their Assigned Decades as official members. Of course this habit has helped us to produce staunch and active members throughout the country at all times. We have been travelling throughout the country, going from Diocese to Diocese, Parish to Parish, church to church preaching the Living Rosary Association, the Holy Rosary, Our Lady and St. Philomena and then appointing Leaders to represent the ULRA at any particular place we may be. We always leave the Association at the care of the Leaders we choose, so that the Leaders may send us later the names of the interested members for enrolment at their own convenient time and free of charge. That is why we have so many devoted members in the Association here. They always got to understand the Living Rosary Association, the holy Rosary, Our Lady and St. Philomena before finally submitting their names for enrolment, free of charge.

Patti, what is most encouraging is that, for the many thousands of people already enrolled throughout the country everyone received his or her Assigned Decade Card together with Rosary, Scapular, Miraculous Medal, Reading Materials etc. before the scheduled date/ day for their Assigned Decade and this is due to the Packages of Devotional Items we do prepare locally and mail them out by special express. Although such packages of devotional items we prepare every now and then to mail locally to our members do cost so much, it helps greatly the fast spreading of the devotion and generate active and strong members into the Association. Therefore its better we pray so that we can continue with the mailing of packages to our local members. Nowadays, we have been receiving so many names of new members for enrolment through postmen-mail, Fax and telephone from various places through the country, especially Parishes and churches we had already visited.

Patti, we are always very grateful and thankful to you and all our dear benefactors for your constant and great support. This encourages us so much for us to continue to work tirelessly and faithfully at our St. Philomena's House, the beautiful Storey Building put up here at our St. Peter's Cathedral Basilica, Kumasi, by our own local funds purposely for the work of the ULRA.

Patti, you could remember, some years back, you appointed this our great and famous centre in Africa to take care of many Countries in Africa both English and French speaking ones and I think we did our best. We made thousands of Scapulars and Rosaries to share with many African Countries, all by your great help, directions and encouragement. Then some few years later due to financial constraints we could not continue with the high cost of postages on the many parcels and letters we ought to mail from here to other countries in Africa. However this great appointment made our center a unique one. Also, my visit to some African Countries in 1998 helped me to experience a lot about some Centers and their works. I pray that every country could have a national center where the Association could very easily be located with Representatives working so faithfully to the glory of God.

Patti, thank you so very much for the honor done our Center here. It is really unforgettable.

May God bless you!! Now Ghana like any other African country is facing economic crises but at the moment very critical.

Patti, I think you may be surprise to hear that last month (February) after paying out our telephone, water, Electricity and other Bills at our Centre, St. Philomena's House, what we were left with could only be used as postage to mail out packages of Devotional Items to only 1,005 members we have just enrolled. For that matter we have to leave over 2,000 more names of new members unregistered as there are no more funds at the moment to post them their packages when they are registered. More over too, we may need so many Rosaries and Miraculous Medals before we can do with them.

Patti, as I had already informed you, things are getting worse and worse in our country. Bills, postages and essential commodities have been badly increased, some of them about 300%. It is our prayer that we get enough funds every month so that we can enroll so many people and to be able to mail out their packages as they are so eager to them for this has been our practice for good 22 years.

Patti, how funny, sad and shameful to hear that even Vehicles applying on our roads were charged to pay 08Gp at each toll booth but just two weeks ago it has been madly increased to 50Gp by the Government in power. What fraction or percentage is this??

Patti, remember, as our center was once caring for many countries in Africa, we may still have correspondence with many. Even now as I am writing this one, I have just received similar letter from one rev. Fr. Theabald Mwanisawa from Mbeya-Tanzania, east Africa, requesting for 1,200 scapulars from our center here in Ghana. It is good to help him but how can it be; as according to the poor situation at our center now. Anyway “God’s time is the best “We hope to do our possible best at all times. We Know, "To Philomena Nothing is refused". And with God all things are possible!!

Patti, by all means you have to send us so many more Rosaries and Miraculous Medal to continue with the precious work at the most possible time. Thank you for your great understanding, Love and generosity.

May God bless and reward you more abundantly. Peace is to you, Patti.

Yours in Jesus and Mary

Anthony Foster Oduro
Dear Miss Melvin and all those who work with the ULRA for God's glory through our Dear Saint Philomena,

Thank you so much for the decades, the chaplets, the cord, oil and medals. My mother and sister and I pray our decade together daily (on our chaplets) and I have my cord on and have not taken it off since receiving it! My family became Catholic a few years ago while I was "away" from them for a while due to issues we'd had, but now that I am back I am starting towards becoming Catholic myself, slowly but surely, and having our decade to pray together each night has been wonderful. It is an amazing thing to know our prayers are joined with the prayers of so many others around the world!

We became aware of Saint Philomena due to a dear baby with many, many health problems being born to some friends who named her Philomena Rose. All your prayers for her and her family would be appreciated.

In the love we share for Christ, our Mother and their beloved little Philomena,

United States
Dear Patti Melvin

Thanks immensely for your prompt response to my request which inflamed me with great delight and the joy of going out to capture more souls for Jesus and Mary. Accept my heartfelt gratitude. I am indeed grateful. May the Good Lord reward you abundantly for the wonderful and great work you are doing for the greater glory and honor of His Name. I received the box on the third of March 2010. It was in tack as you parceled. It was OK. You can airlift a larger box by the same address that is my address.

Please, Patti, accept my heartfelt condolences on the occasion of the loss of your Sister, Mary Francisca. On first Friday the 5Th I prayed the Stations of the Cross, and I prayed the fifteen Mysteries of the Rosary for the Repose of her soul. I will continue to pray for the repose of her soul. As you rightly said, to die is to fall in the arms of Him who loves us most, so, with this in your mind be consoled that death is not the end, it is only a passage to Our Heavenly Father, our home land is in heaven. So, know that Franciscan is in Heaven.

Dear Patti, you have a wonderful gift, keep it flourishing for the greater honor and glory of Our Lord Jesus Christ. I do enjoy and admire the enriching and soul searching reflections you write in the Dedicated Decades and also in the leaflets and pamphlets. Thanks so much for all.

Thanks for the Saint Philomena Oil, Dedicated Decades, the 2010 Calendar that carries wonderful reflections for every month, Rosaries, pamphlets, leaflets, the ABC Rosary, etc. Thanks for your letters, and for the sacrifices you make every day for the people of God. Courage! I will continue to pray for you. Thanks to all the Priests and all those who are working with you and to all our benefactors. May God bless and reward you all. I will keep praying for you all. May God continue to bestow on you strength, wisdom and knowledge, and all the graces you need to continue to carry out His work. Thank you a million times for all.

I am praying for the healing of your mother. Let us hope and trust that Our Lady Health of the sick will channel our request to Her Son Jesus Christ.

Please, Patti, are the Rosaries you sent already blessed or I still have to give them to a priest for blessing before I give out? Another question that people are asking is about the Luminous Mystery, will it be added with time?

Wishing you a very wonderful and fruitful Lenten Season. Stay well.

God bless.

Sr. Mary Florence Angwe
(Tertiary Sister of St. Francis of Assisi)

Monday, March 1, 2010

Dear Director,

I just received the two parcels of religious articles from Bangkok. They are beautiful and much appreciated. As I am going for pastoral tour I will be able to share to people. These will make them happy and more prayerful. Villagers always love to have something from their bishops and these are the best gifts. How much

I love to give an item to each of the many Catholics.

I thank you very much for this beautiful participation in my Mission, works of evangelization. I know the troubles you are taking in gathering, packing and mailing.

Many thanks also from each of the recipient of your gifts.

Now that I have an Auxiliary we will be able to share and give to people.

Yours in deep gratitude and appreciation, God bless you and continue to give health and peace!

Mary protects you and help in all your undertakings.

Sincerely yours,
+ Sotero Phamo
and Auxiliary Stephen Tjephe
Bishops of Loikaw













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